What I Hate About Facebook #3 - Sexist Posts

Yes, I'm bored again. Plus I can't even sleep due to that 12 frickin' hours I spent on taking a 'nap' on daylight today. :"> And even worse, I tried to sleep just now, but I just can't. Because there's like a supernova snoring buddy next to me. I gave up on getting my eyes close so here I'm back with another fukken entry out of boredom.

And yes, it's about facebook again. There's just too many shit I can make out from there =))

I mean, facebook's good. It keeps us knowing how good our buddies were doing. But hey, it also keeps us knowing the fact that there's just too many shit people give when they were depressed on something. I know, I get depressed too and sometimes I do post something to tell people to show that I am depressed. But for me, I keep it controlled. And I keep it to myself.

Yes, because I know my friends are watching and I don't wanna be kinda annoying to them and end up being hidden by my friends. Especially Kamil. Aku cuak btoi klu2 ang hide aku wakaka.

Have you ever get so bored and you were like browsing and refreshing through your live feed in your facebook all the time? Well, I do that like everday :">

And guess what, there really IS plenty of shit I can make just by observing there. No kiddin'.

This time, my point for today is just about sexist posts.

USUAL (not ALL) persons = ABSOLUTELY girls and a bit from the gay ones.


"Aq panas hati hari ini. Kenapa sume lelaki mcm ni ha??? Dorg igt dorg lelaki dorg bole soh aq buat mcm2????"


"Lelaki ni memang suke mempermainkan pompuan eh? Aku xphm btol lah. Pompuan kan diciptakan dr tulang adam, so jaga la baik2."

or even worse

"Lelaki? PUKIMAK!"

haha I kid the last one.

Well, that's just some certain posts I just made up =)) but hey, those kind of statements telling how much they hate boys and how bad guys are, just really exist, right? I know, I know, the female readers would go like

Ada! Don't ever deny it, you losers.

To be honest, every effing time I found that kind of post, I will go like RRRAAGGGEEEE again and nak aje aku tulis balik ape yg aku trime from this certain someone. Yes, shame on her and that guy because they just have to live with that ugly truth as long as they stay together. But hey, I'm just not that kind of sexist person. Because I know, not all girls are like that, and so, not even all guys are like the kind of person you've been exaggerating.

The best part of it was, when I look into the every girl who actually turns out being the sexist ones, no offense but you just have that look in your face that every man in this world (except the blind ones) would think of you as the last women in the world they would want to sleep with :"> tee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee. yeap, a long giggle this time.

So, why bother? No need to be THAT mad. No wonder that guy dumped you.

p/s : I'm watching How I Met Your Mother and I kinda thought Ted Mosby has the same characteristic like I do. Overthinking things. :">

What I Hate About Japan #2 - Inggerish Komyunikasyun

Since we were kids all we heard about Japan was how great they are and other such great things they made. And I remembered every bit of it, because I once thought that Japan was really an interesting and fun place to go.

"Klu la aku study Jepun, pergh fun jgk ni"

But that's just me before 3 years ago :">

And hey, you Malay readers, aku yakin ko pnh dgr ayat ni kat mne2. Just anywhere, in the class you study, ceramah2, and hey, even in Kedai Kopi Angah Sidin kat kampung.

"Cuba tgk macam org Jepun, dorg tak belajar pon Bahasa Omputeh, tp ha cb tgk. Dorg la paling maju kat dunia ni"

Hate to say that is true. :"> But I'm just gonna bash them again.

Well, since I came here, the English here are just the worst shit you'll ever find. I mean like, the accents, it's just shows us how low their English Education are. As you can see, no matter how 'ceruk' you live in nowadays, Bahasa Inggeris tetap menjadi kewajiban utk dipelajari JIKA kita mempunyai pandangan yang jauh utk lebih maju di masa hadapan. Bukan?

Plus, we do know that English is the international language. Yes, that is the ugly truth. Live with it, faggot.

I mean, like being here, you go out with your friends walking around in the shopping complex, and jumpa t-shirt smart xhengat jgk la, tp tgk2 belakang, ade tulis some kind of cool phrase BUT it was written out wrong spelling or doesn't make any point to even look cool at the first place. True story.


Bean just saw a t-shirt with a 'Call Us Stupid' written on it. Now what the FUCK does that has to do with being cool? What an epic FAIL.

Can you imagine yourself being an I-understand-English person over here and when you go speaking with them like totally in English, they replied in English, too BUT! oh yeah, there's always a BUT you can never understand what the hell they were saying? True story.

Like when I was in my english class here and we were doing some examples of checking in a hotel conversation with our partner,

Me : Hi, I have a reservation for Azusa Hiruma.
Shibata : Retto mi chekku. Oh, yes, Ms Hiruma. Wi habbu yu bukkud ing e daburu ruumu ong e sumookinggu furuuwa, as yu rikuesuted.
Me : .......
Shibata : tee hee :">

Sometimes you just have to say it. And hey, don't forget to smile.

Now what the hell was that? I bet even Englishmen don't understand it as well.

Weird. Just to be one of the greatest nation in the world but the English here are just the same like other 3rd World Countries. Hairan dan Pelik.

Like in this video.

well, it is funny when you first watched it, but I just had to say that they are making fun at their own weakness :"> pity them.

BTW, the video IS entertaining. Well, fuck it. It's already lame. Don't upload it over and over again on facebook.

And hey, that's not all. There's plenty of stuff to bash around but for now, I'm writing only these :">

p/s : Shibata : Let me check. Oh, yes, Ms. Hiruma. We have you booked in a double room on a smoking floor, as you requested. (in case you wanted to know what he really said)

Random Shit Story #2 - We Were Touched!

Yes, another shit story. It's been a while since my last entry. I'm just bored with the remaining idea inside my head. I HAVE the idea, ok? I just don't know how to elaborate about it yet. :">

So sementara menunggu tu, let's just hear this out. Just really a simple one.

It happened at this one time when I was hanging out and window-shopping with my friends back in Sakae. Zarina, one of my buddies had a DSLR camera hanging around her neck. N mcm biasa, DLSRs are heavy, so dibiarkanlah DSLR tu kat leher kan. Watpe nk pegang, berat.

And when we were walking around heading to the Hard Rock Cafe over there, ade la kena henti jap kat lampu isyarat kan. So kat ctu la jdnya cerita ni. :)

There was two Japanese guys next to us, and one of them were carrying a box and we never care what was it and we didn't wanted to know :) But these two guys were just friendly enough to approach Zarina. I didn't hear much about their conversation. All I know was both of them also had a DSLR in their box and they were just interested to talk with Zarina sbb die pon ade DSLR kan. And turns out they were some kind of professional photographer over here in Japan.

And there we walk together talking with them :) they're just friendly, why not?

Well, that's not the point. In fact, we did enjoyed having a chat with them. And FYI, it's really hard to get a Japanese YOUNG person approaching you foreigners over here without any reason. But, they just did. And hey, we were kinda laughed together with the jokes they made :)


Dalam gelak2 byk2 tu.

Ada satu gelak xikhlas.

Rasa sedih ada la.

Jap1 : so, where are y'all from?
Zarina : oh, we're from Malaysia, came here furthering our degree.
Jap1 :
Us : Hahahaha. Yes yes, Malaysia. (wow, dia tau!)

And for a moment there, we all was somehow glad that he knew Malaysia, our beloved country :)
and that's why we were getting along quite good with them. Yela klu tak, org jepun bkn tau sgt. Celaka btoi. Aku ckp aku dr Malaysia, mmber aku jwb 'eh katne eh tu?' xpon die igt Indon. WTF? I haz a sad.

So we all thought like

"Gile ah, xsangka die ni kenal Malaysia! Terharunya!"

and then after we gladly laughed about how 'well' he knew Malaysia. He just replied to us, konon2 nk buktikan la yg dia tau kan :) biasa la, some countries pny 'lambang'.

And he said

Jap1 : Haha yes, I know Malaysia of course. SAWADIKAP SAWADIKAP! :"> (with a really over-confident look on his face and hey, even gaya smbil sebut sawadikap tu pon die tiru)

yeah, this one.

Us : .............*speechless*.................

WTF man.


p/s : Why is this happening to me again? I've had enough.

Life #3 - A Week of Blogging.

Well it's only been a week since my first entry for this shit blog. And it kinda felt good, you know.
Like I've said before, I really had no idea even the slightest bit about having my own blog one day. Turns out it became another kind of entertainment for me. To know your friends around the globe reading your masterpiece :">, somehow it DOES give me some kind of inspiration and joy to continue writing about anything, just anything. As long as it's rated shit =))

You see, I really don't have any target or anything about being the best blogger ever. I'm just writing to express my feelings just about everything that came to my mind. I make fun of people and I tell random stories. And it's like a diary of your life, just you have to make it a bit interesting. So that your readers would think of it just as mildly interesting as it is and then keep coming back to read every now and then.

And hey, all this week long half through my last few days before schools start, I noticed myself have been thinking a lot about interesting things to write instead of being alone remembering all those sweet days and felt bad about it. So this really is a good effect to me myself.

Plus, I'm also slowly became less addicted to other things 'fappable' like DoTa, other games, movies, youtube, and all those porn you can get in the internet :"> and hopefully, I'll overcome them and give more focus on my study.

Ain't that any better? Thanks to you guys, I WILL continue writing until this shit blog thing turns out being lame one day.

Words of advice.

and FAMILY are just everything.

p/s : babi bajet sial mcm la ramai sgt reader ko :(

Your Internet Childhood

Do you remember the days when you were first introduced to the internet? I mean like when you was a kid, and your dad just put a "brand-new" internet connection at home, and family ko stok 'happy gile' dh ade internet so sume pakat nk gune apa2 sje berkaitan dgnnya. Yeap, what I meant by 'happy gile' was 'Batak' :">

Well, for me, I first knew the internet when I was like 12-13 years old. I went to a boarding school somewhere in Taiping and hampir stiap hujung mggu time outing, ha time tu la aku belajar pergi cc dgn mmber2 n dr ctu aku belajar n tau kewujudan internet dan kegunaannya yg byk membawa faedah kpd kehidupan :">

Hey, I'm serious. The internet DOES give us many advantages.

N bile aku pulang ke rumah stiap kali cuti, tgk2 tgk2 mmg dh lama terpasang internet stok dial up 1515 pny tu. LOLWAT. Yeap, bukan streamyx ok. Haha ko igt lg x?

Yeah yeah, the super extremely slow one. Up all night and all you saw was only 8 wimmen.

The sound was like


Just imagine it like you care, guys. I have no idea, too, about what I just wrote :(

Well, my point is, aku sje la nk tulis pengalaman aku zmn2 bru2 kenal internet dlu =)

And at that time, my friends and I were so obsessed with making new accounts for the e-mail, friendster, myspace, circles99 (WTF?), and many other websites. Yeah, you know friendster and myspace, right?

Well, off topic, but have you ever heard about circles99? Haha, that websites was somehow like a 'Tempat-Mencari-Jodoh-Bagi-Budak-Sekolah-Yg-Kegersangan'. =)) Situ la sume tempat cmne bdak2 STAR dgn STF boleh saling kontek-mengontek. /example Full of craps, and groupies to show how 'bersatunya' y'all. That's where Kimon met her Atin. :"> yes, her atin, not my ex ok.

Let's get back to the topic.

And because we were just kids and have nothing to think about instead of using lame names as our username, well that's what it got funny when we think about it today.

As for me, I use 'zerg_00789@yahoo.com' as my email since f3. Come to think of it, even I don't remember how the hell the name 'zerg' came out. =)) And all I remember was like the number '007' was kinda cool with the James Bond thingy, and the 89 was my birthyear. So it became "zerg_00789@yahoo.com". I don't care if it's lame for you, but it's definitely cool for me. Fuck you. What's your email then?

like 'hmm_ntahla_89@yahoo.com' by WangSang. pfffft!

plus 'mzbm_saiya@yahoo.com' by Zul Atok. tee hee :">

and email Shanti yg dulu 'putera_aftuscyber@yahoo.com' =))

And hey, guess what was my first email password? Haha at that time my sister was guiding me on how to manage those emails and stuffs and when it comes to passwords,

Eika : ha ni kamu boh je ape2 nama yg kamu sorg je tau. Jangan kasi tau org2 lain tau.
Me : ...................


My first password was.


Yes, fuck me. Haha hey and I did change it for after a while because I was somehow scared if at certain situations other people would ask me what my password is because they have to use my email for some kind of urgent business and well, that would be very VERY embarassing, wouldn't it?


How stupid I was :)

p/s : My batch's cooking for tonight.

Life #2 - Judging People.

There's many way you can judge other people without talking to them.
From their love life, from their career and study life, and even from how they talk to their mom.

And of course, from how you write your blog :">

It's just you need to know people even deeper without realizing it. Even if you don't give a shit. That's how the world we live in works.

Like me, I've been living in this world about nearly 21 years, and I know, I may not be the one who have the most experience to even start talking about this. But, just give me a chance to point out my opinion okay? Love you guys :)

First of all, it's about shit again.

"You may judge others by looking at how they use and keep their toilets clean" -zedRadzai-

And, yeap, that's my point.

Like when you went to your boyfriend's house, and turns out his toilet was your nightmare. I bet after that you'll definitely dump him because that's not a person you would like to live with.

Er, no? Ok, sweet love. I know. Fuck you.

I mean come on guys, what if at certain situations when you just have to use other's toilets, and aha! Aku nampak kesan kencing terabur! Hurray! =))

For people like me, I may sound a bit gross and disgusting because I talk about shit all the time without getting embarrassed. And maybe I'm not the cleanest person in the world, and my room and my closet isn't that neat. But hey, I'm like a toilet person. And I give too many shit about it. Please keep your toilets clean.

Klu masuk2 toilet awam kat Malaysia, believe it or not, aku akan jiruskan air ke seluruh toilet kecik tu sblm buang hajat. Coz you know, public toilets are just dirty, and I hate them. Tp xde la smpi xnk pakai lgsg :">

Or even worse, klu nmpk dlm jamban ade org xflush, sumpah aku xnk berak ctu. I'd rather save it up and take a massive one at home.


see what I'm talking about?

Because it's just really disgusting, guys. To show off your 'urine sample' and poop to other people, that's like the worst human being you've ever known in your fucked up life. Yela, kadang2 terlupa kan. BUT THAT'S YOUR SHIT, DUDE! Butoh ang la nk lupa2. Be responsible about it, God damn it!

I'm really grateful because my housemate, Shanti pon jenis jaga toilet jgk. And he keeps his toilet cleaner than I do. Everytime I went to our toilet, I just think of you. Wangi gile kut! So really happy to be housemates with you, buddy. Thank God.

Just a simple entry,

  1. Jgn lupe lap kesan apa2 lepas gune jamban.
  2. Please and please don't forget to flush the toilet.
  3. Be a man.

So that's just another way to judge others. :)

p/s : People tend to judge others without thinking for no reason. So try this. Borrow his shoes and walk a mile away from him. After that who cares? You're a mile away and you have his shoes! WIN!

What I Hate About Facebook #2 - So My Friend's Your Gf..

Well, this is no big deal. Don't give too much shit about it. I'm just a bit obsessed with making fun of people in my blog. And this time Seli Waha (bukan nama sebenar) is officially another victim of mine.

He's not my stalker. He's not even my friend in the real life. And, of course, he's not my mom. We also never had any conversation in facebook. But when I looked at his profile on fb, turns out our mutual friends was like 118 peoples. WTF?

And yeah, he's a HE. If it was a cute girl, maybe I don't need to go about this far to keep ranting about it with my buddies. Maybe. :">

He just happened to be my friend's new boyfriend. Well, not so recently I suppose. It's just this thing have been flowing around my head since a year ago. He loves my friend, well, that's not a problem with me. You finally found someone you love, so good for you. And I don't even care.

The problem is, ko igt ko dh couple dgn mmber skola aku, ko boleh add sume mmber2 awek ko? Haha hey, I'm not that pathetic okay. Yes, you can add us, but what's the point of adding us if you don't even approach us or introduce yourself who you really are to us. What's the point?

I know, I know, you think when you add her friends, it shows that you are just really friendly with people and impress her. Yes, I understand, I also did that a while ago :"> and now I'm about to delete those who I never had contact with. HAHA

And you can be proud with how big the number of your friends in your friends list. And MAYBE, both of you just had conversation like

Waha : Hey, look, dear! I just added all your friends! :)
His gf : Aww, how sweet! You don't have to get worried about me okay. (-.-")

Then you realize how protective you are and somehow, you don't give a shit about it. As long as your girl loves you and ONLY you, right? :) at least, she's loyal

But hey, a year ago I just deleted him fom my friends list. Yela, xtegur lgsg, watpe? And guess what? All this time until now, he tried again and again to add me and I keep on rejecting it. It was like about 8 times. And the last time was just now. THAT's why I'm pissed off.

I mean like, everytime he adds me, I just felt weird and I told pam all about it. (pam's also like, never gave a shit) Why is it so hard to understand?

Siap pam cadang cara mntp lagi.

"Ang accept je request die, then msti kua notification kat dia kan kata ang dh accept kan? :) ha lps ang dh approve, ang TERUS je remove die dr friends. Tee hee :"> tak ke best bile kte bayangkan die buka notification kata ang dh approve, pstu die bukak2 je profile ang, tgk2 OPS, bukan friend dh rupanya. Aww."

Haha pam, ur such an asshole. Tp aku buat je ikot cara ang smpi skrg :">


And aku igt aku n pam je dok ngutuk2. Rupenya yasser pon sedar jgk. Xgune btoi.

It's just cool to add people you don't know in facebook, but if there's no interaction, won't it be better off deleting them? In fact, I use facebook to keep in touch with my buddies. And all 550 friends I had were just my old friends, my school friends, my AAJ friends, my seniors and juniors. and some sihams perhaps :">

And I know we can just block the guy and he can never add us again, but that would be less fun, wouldn't it? XD

So that's my point. I know, getting a bit butthurt is normal. :">

Tu jela, cannot write anymore coz gotta be ready for the bowling night.

Bak kata pam

"Dah la huduh, bodo plak tu. Pantat btoi."

But that's just another story. Not referring to this one actually :)
I wonder what Tuan have been saying about me?

p/s : plz don't give too many shits. It's only facebook. And it's just how I feel. And, for girls, feel free to add me :"> I promise I won't delete you.

Hahaha. Hey, updated. Read my newest entry, guys.

What I Hate About Japan #1 - Awkward Looks

Ever since I got here a year ago, I've been noticing quite some things I hate about Japan. And it would be easier if I say that only Japan has this kind of thingy that makes us foreigners felt really uncomfortable to even go hang out with our home country buddies anywhere. Selagi ade manusia Jepun berdekatan kat mana ko tgh lepak2, maka smpi bile2 la hati ko baran je, xsenangg je tgk dorg.

And yeah, I'm talking about their weird, awkward looks to us.

Try imagining this.

It was somewhere at midnight. Me and my friends were kinda starving and we decided to go eat some Udon yeah you know udons at the nearest 24hours restaurant available. We were like 4 bros and just as we arrived to the Udon restaurant, it happened to be only another group of also 4 Japanese boyband-looking dudes in it, sitting at their tables, and immediately gave us 'that' look as we step inside. Yeah, that fucking awkward look. Ugh.

Yeap, this look. From every each and one of em. Fucking losers.

I mean, what the hell's their problem? We were just normal guys like em hanging out with buddies at midnight where ever we want. Hurm, tp yela myb la sbb WangSang muke terrorist sgt kut. Tu pasal dorg wat muke palat cmtu.

Klu time awl2 ktorg masuk kdai tu dorg usha pelik cmtu skali tu je xpe jgk. Ini tak, like when we sat down and waited for our orders, they still keep giving us that look. And at certain times, we heard whispers and chuckles and noticed their thumb-pointing to us and of course, what else would you think they were talking about instead

Loser 1 : Hey, look at that dude. Muke mcm lahanat.
Loser 2 : Heheh, totally. Mcm pukimak.
Loser 3 : Mesti dorg ni otai sial.
Loser 4 : Otai ape jadanya, kita lagi cool!
*laughs and giving each other Hi-5*

So, we got mad. We talked with each other about how mad we are, and how far we're willing to go. Just to make em stop. Fukken losers.

Acap Tabako time tu dh smpi thp

"Haish babinya bdak2 ni, nak aje aku bwk kerusi ni hempuk pala dorg sekor2."

I mean, c'mon man, like hell we didn't noticed that look, but after all, we decided to ignore em and act normal. And it just didn't went well. Because of those looks, our mood were spoiled. And till the end, we were talking all about em. Jadi xfun.

Sket2 kua 'fuck' dr WangSang, xpon 'lancau anjing' dr Kamil. Yeah, ko igt ko sorg boleh ckp blkg2 cmtu? Haha.

Cmne pon, yela ktorg phm jgk la kan. Klu kat msia pon, klu ko nmpk Indon Rempit kat KLCC pon pandang slack jgk kan. Tp tula, bile dh kena kat btg hidung sdiri, baran gak ah.

Xabes lg cite die. Ktorg abes je mkn2, and nk byr sume n nk kua dr kedai pon dorg usha mcm haram jadah. Mata kepala ikuttttt je pergerakan ktorg. Ape kebabinye perangai cmtu?

Xpela xpela saba jela zed. *sigh*

Seriously, man. Do you have to be that inappropriate and rude to foreigners? It's not like we came here to rape their mom. We came here with one and ONLY one purpose. To study :">

And there's another situation with me and WangSang had when we were kinda confused nk naik tren mana satu kat subway. But this time, I laughed hard all about it. =))

So kat sblh2 tu, there was this one guy with earphones on his ears. We didn't want to go in the train without making sure if it's the right one or not, so WangSang went to approach that guy from behind.

WangSang : Er, excuse me?
Japanese Dude : *didn't notice*

I mean the guy was wearing earphones, so I doubt he heard what WangSang said at first. So there he went with his 2nd attempt dgn suara yg lebih kuat dan pendekatan yg lebih menakutkan. It's like an angry-looking motherfuckerstranger suddenly approaching you without you expecting anything.

And then he looked back and up towards WangSang's Gangster Face and for a moment before he helped us, he was like

Heheh. Poor bastard.

p/s : I wanna study hard and get better results. Pray for me guys.

Sampah #1 - Legendary

And hey, btw I've changed my layout. Tunggu masa je nnti nk rajin2 kasi alter ape2. Skrg malas lg.
Plus the noob look on my blog. Ignore it, I AM noob. :">

well, your mom's noober. er noober?

p/s : It's gonna be legendary. -Barney Stinson-

Random Shit Story #1 - It Is Shit

Yes, it's really some random shit story I had. Just promise me you won't tell your mom, okay?


You see, I'm from Malacca and the people over there are so fond of hot and spicy food. It's like they can never live a day without stuffing chili paste or chili powder or whatever-hot-and-spicy-element-there-is chili something up their mouth, just to show off how much they love spicy food.

And as for me too, aku suke makan pedaih :">

Yes, I do love them. And me being here in overseas just make me miss all those spicy foods I can get back in Malaysia.

Yang lagi best, aku jd lebih suke plak men gigit2 cili kat cni. Dlu kemain aku dok tgk je kakak aku potong cili padi sje2 nk gigit skali dgn nasi lauk sume kan, aku heran gile, ape jada? Tak takut appendiks ke?

Sorry eika. Gurau je.

So, turns out I do love chili just like my sis does after all. Tp pedas2 pon, ade jgk la slack die kan.

And about my story, you do understand how FUCKED UP it feels bile ko tgh gile babi pukimak pedas xhengat pedih2 lidah, then ko g tibai minum air panas2.

Btol tak btol tak? Cam fuck kan? Ha, cuba bayangkan perasaan itu sampai abes entry ini ok.

Well, the story happened when I was spending my holiday at Bean's house. And at that night, it was my turn to cook dinner for my friends. So off I went to the nearest convenience store to buy noodles and stuffs because all I thought at that time was to make some fried noodles. Haha yeah. :">

Then bile aku kembali ke dapur, aku start la masak2. Potong2 bawang, cili2 nk kasi tumis kan. Mula2 aku kuarkan 6-7btg cili padi tu. Sbb aku bajet nk masak utk 3org kan, so tu kire ok kut.

Then from that moment, the nightmare starts.

Tiba2 aku rs cm xbest.

"Eh, mne cukup ni 6-7 cili. Klu 3org makan, baik aku tumis 10-12 cili. Msti lagi sedap. Aku suke makan pedaih :"> Yummy!"

Pny la mangkok hayon aku g tibai wat sume tu. 12cili. Masak2, then panas2 penuh keseronokan aku g tibai mee tu panas2 ofkos la panas2 kan! sedap kot! dgn Bajau.

First suap rasa ok. Boleh tahan lg. 3-4 kali mule le meremang bulu roma.

Sedap memang sedap. Tp pedas mcm gampang. Dah la panas2 bru masak. Aku pon xthn. Nanges2 aku mkn.

Lidah trasa pedih, perut trasa azab neraka. /hiperbola

Tp ape2pon, ttp diabeskan la. Bknnya xsedap lgsg. Dh penat2 masak, sian aku :(

So dh mkn, kenyang, senang hati, lepak2, then last2 tdo.

And esok paginya, mcm biasa, bdn manusia melakukan proses menukarkan makanan yg lazat di dlm perut kepada tahi2 yg wangi. So I went to the toilet that morning.

And FYI, toilets in Japan are not like in Malaysia. Myb la ade satu dua, tp mmg aku jarang sgt la jmp. Pnh jmp skali je la pon rasanya kat Malaysia jamban cmni. Jamban duduk, and die mcm ade button2 kat sblh kanan ko, and when you're done with all ur shit, you can touch that button and kuar la pancutan air dr dlm jamban yg pancut NOK HOROM pny kuat smpi berdarah juboq bak kata nazef kat buntut. Yes, straight to your asshole.

And even worse, at that time it was really2 cold over there, even in the house was cold, so the water temperature was kinda hot, yela nk kasi selesa kan. But hey, I mean, quite hot. No. Really hot. I just dunno why. Mungkin Tuhan nk tunjuk and bagi balasan.

So, last night I ate a whole plate of extremely hot and spicy made mee goreng and today I have to uh, you know. tee hee :">

And kepukian tu mula la berlaku the moment the first shit dan seterus2nya came out from ur asshole, ha time tu la trasa pedih juboq. Seolah2 mcm ko tgh makan bnda pedas. Bezanya kali ni makanan tu kuar dr mulut ko :"> And still, juboq ko rasa pedih xhengat. Well, you know what I mean, losers.

Penuh cabai. Pedih and rasa pedaih. Mcm gmpg. Puki.

Pastu nak2 plak dh abes berak sume, tanpa tahu ape2, tekan button air panas pancut. Maka terpancutlah ia menembak lubang juboq anda.


And that's why I asked y'all to be very very clear about imagining how it feels when drinking hot water time mulut tgh kepedasan mcm gmpg.

Yeah, the same feeling, but this time, it happened to your asshole. Yes, YOUR fucking asshole.


p/s : Ignore the harsh words. Sometimes I use it to show how passionate I am.

Internet Life #1 - Trolling.

Now what is 'Trolling'? Yes, this is kinda old shit. Well, I don't care.
Klu rajin2 usha /k/ di lowyat forum, dr situ kita dpt lihat dlm Malaynya adalah 'Pentoyol'.

So ape signifikasinya toyol dgn troll?

Because clearly from Wikipedia it gives different meaning for both of those.

A Toyol or Tuyul is a mythicalspirit in the Malay mythology of South-East Asia (notablyIndonesia, Thailand, Malaysiaand Singapore). It is a small child spirit invoked by a bomoh(Malay witch doctor) from a dead human foetus using black magic. It is possible to buy atoyol from such a bomoh.

A troll is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology.

So from that we know that both of em are totally different creatures right? So why in the hell does 'trolling' has gotta be 'pentoyol' in Malay?

Just forget about it, losers. I'm not writing about that.


Back to the main story, let's talk about trolling.

For nerds and geeks like you who are always being online to read shit blogs, watch vlogs on youtube, read stuffs on the internet, most of you would have maybe about 30-40% of facing the term 'trolling'. Yes, I just made that up. And maybe all of you already knew about it, but I don't give a shit. Just let me tell about it again. Fuck you.

Here goes.

Troll (Internet)

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room orblog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into anemotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Yeap. Kira apa yg kita phm dr kenyataan di atas adalah troll ini seringkali membuatkan perangai pukimak di mana2 pon di dalam internet. Yg penting ade org sakit buntut mendengar. Heheh, yeah baby!

As an example, when you just post a love poem you wrote yourself with full of passion in it as your status in your facebook, I do always use facebook as my reference, ain't I? then suddenly your guy (the troll) wrote a comment about it. And it goes like

Fuck you.


Who gives a shit? Go die, and burn in hell.

or even worse

Your mom's a whore.

Tidakkah anda rasa teramatlah pukimak bebeno wat prangai cmtu? Cuba bygkan diri korg pd tempat sang pengepost, then xpasal2 ade troll palat anjing bole plak post komen cmtu.
Rasa mcm gampang kan? Then you go like RAGEEEEEE again in facebook and at that night, one person have been deleted from your friend list. Awww.

Yes, I know. It feels awful.

But seriously, man. Come to think of it, when you imagine yourself BEING the troll, well, it kinda felt awesome, though. The feeling, ughhh, was really good when you know your victim gettingbutthurt for no reason just because you said awful words like above :) while you only intended to do it for the LULZ. haha poor old man.

And as for me, I do get trolled a lot, and bile aku paham kesenian trolling tu, aku pon mula jgk la nak wat prangai pukimak kat facebook yes facebook again and all of this shit I learnt was from the greatest troll of all time ----> Shakaff The Angel.

And his young paduan ----> Kimon The Grappler

Yeah, bro. Thx to you. Plz guys, read his fukken awesome blog.

And the best part out of it is when you have your buddies and they're cool about being a troll, it's much much fun and awesome to suit up together, and go trolling with em like an army. You could all laugh and mess around about it with each other and hell yeah, cara itu juga dpt mengeratkan silaturrahim di kalangan troll. Let's look into the bright side :)

And hey, please do it just for the LULZ.

Off topic.
This maybe lame, but for the love of God, behold

OMG, she's really really sexy.

p/s : I'm actually busy right now. My juniors just arrived here, and they're busy cooking dinner for us seniors, while I'm here in front of my laptop just finished writing my shit blog. Ain't that just fun to finally become a senior?

Brix #2 - Lame-Ass Jokes.

Do you happen to know the scientific term called 'Lame-Ass Jokes'?
heheh scientific terms. I just did one lame joke, baby! Hurray!

No, no seriously :|

Do you understand all about it? It's all about showing how lame you are when you're just trying so really REALLY hard to impress your friends with your so-called HELLarious jokes of all time.

It's like a joke when only kids would laugh hard. Yeah, they're kids. Pity. :(
And hey, your mom would also laughed insanely about it! haha.

I mean like, how to say huh? Kinda hard to explain but, uh lemme Google fer ya losers :)

"LAME JOKE - An attempt at humor which is perceived to have been used previously to the point of being cliche, or was never funny to begin with."

You see what I mean? It's all about not-supposed-to-be-funny jokes.
Like in Malay, just think of it simply as "Lawak Ulang Dari Ujang dan Gila-Gila"

I know, I know, y'all have been telling each other lame jokes since 3rd grade. And somehow maybe you'd be offended by this entry. WIN!

haha but frankly guys, it's same for me, too. I have no idea about any lame jokes since I woke up this morning. Yeah, that's a lie, losers.

But would you really wanna do it again and again just to show how funny you are to other people?
I'm not saying I'm THAT funny, but I do know my limits.

Here's an example.

Kambeng : Haha weh, jom2 kite g makan Udon (makanan jepun mee mcm laksa tp sup mcm mee sup. sedap!)
Us : Jom2 :)
Pedo : Ala, xnk2. Aku nk makan Udin.
Us : ...........*speechless*.............

Hey, did he said Udin? Some kind of lame Malay name right? Yeah, totally.

Now that's a lame joke. For you losers out there who kinda laughed about it, kesiann :(
To simply change one letter to another doesn't mean you can make jokes and expect it to be funny.

But still, guys. Because of Pedo, we all laughed about it. True story.

And the best part is, you losers also tried tickling ur friends or someone you kinda admire in the facebook!

Here's another example.

Picture a situation where some cute girl has just uploaded her best cam-whore pic in her fb account, and a tree or car or chair or whatever-makes-you-happy thing just happened to exist behind her and we all can see it.

I mean she IS cute. But when you scroll down, you'd see some shades-wearing-white-jacket-and-white-guitar-on-his-hand-just-looking-like-a-poser tee hee that's me :"> guy just dropped a comment saying

Dzulhafizi Dzainal Abidin ehehe comeyyynya..... kereta belakang tu! ehehe..

Fri at 8.54pm - Delete

Ugh. Better off leaving no comments at all about that right?

Crap, I need pictures!

P/s : A :: ko bdak uni mne?
B :: aku dok nagoya.
A :: oo nagoya tekstil eh? ehehe
B :: zzz.

What I Hate About Facebook #1 - Lovey-Dovey Couples

Yeap, facebook is your bestfriend. Now how did that happen?
You tell and write everything in it. You contact your friends all from there. You also got your new boyfriend and girlfriends from there! So thanks to facebook, and friendster and all such social websites for doing such good favors for you in your bloody, fucked up life :)

Well, that's bullshit.

The main point is, you even post shits like how much you hate your life, how much you hate guys/girls for treating you like you killed his/her mom, and how much you love ur bf/gf blablabla and shits as your status. Just shits. So, what do you expect?

And for the lovey-dovey couples out there in facebook, they do realize how romantic they are in facebook, don't they? And yes, you know it, and I know it, so's the rest of people in the entire world who joined facebook. It's like telling the world that their the only two persons who love each other. And frankly, that is much better than having an affair with someone else while you're already in a relationship. God, I hate liars! /tiada kaitan

And for now, I'm bashing people like you in the facebook haha. Better brace yourselves!

It's just annoying, man. Like I would care. Of course I don't care. Good for you to finally found your soulmate!

But for me, being here in Japan with the advantages of the high-speed internet and such, I may read all of it just by clicking at my god damn live feed in the facebook.

If it's only for one or two times, that's okay with me, and I'd totally understand, sweet love right? :"> But what if it happens to the same exact person all the time and without realizing, you just read all those loving xoxoxoxo shits and after you know it, you'd go like RAGEEEEEEE in front of your pc.

Then there goes ur laptop out of the window. haha i'm just saying.

Xpon ko gi copy paste link natang tu kasi kat mmber2 baik ko kat ym then, all of you laughed at it hard and suited up and go trolling as an army. Yeah, that would be superbly fun!

For people like me, I kinda like being online with my pc for more than 24 hours a day. So I'm like bored, and I get bored all the time, but I never post it as a status in my fb like

"Awww, I'm bored guys. Embrace me!" 2 seconds ago. clear

But that's just another story. It's cool to be bored anyway, right? :)

so back to the main story.

I'm not saying like because for now, I'm single, so I'm just jealous seeing those walls comments and stuffs. Hell no, I'm not!

Because yes, I do once had a long relationship myself, and I did love her as much as y'all losers do. I never did post in her fb like everyday saying how much she looks beautiful, how much I miss her, how much shit i'd give to see her, and so on. Guess I was a lousy boyfriend back then, huh? Haha but hey, I did trusted her okay? :">

aww, the sweet days. :">

But hey, I still hate seeing those. I just don't have any blog like right now at that time to write about it :)

We don't only have facebook nowadays, we have YM, skype, and that one thing we call uh, what was it? yeah, a MOBILE PHONE. You could go texting and calling each other for ages without letting anyone know anything about your personal life. Isn't that just cool?

So stoppit guys. Keep it low. Just enough with us knowing your relationship status. I'm not saying this to only one-two persons, but to all of you, including me. :">

It's romantic to say you love your girl in front of the world sometimes, but it would be romanshit if you post it out everyday. You hear me? =))

heheh romanshit. lame-ass joke.

p/s : and again, I'm not jealous okay. I mean it :">

Brix #1 - Slanga Pelik

Hoho not even 4 hours and I'm back with my new topic! Blogging DOES make my life busy!

But caution ladies and gentlemen, you're about to read a wild racist offensive entry like you never have ever read before.

It's like when you read this shit, you're about to breath in hot air of fart from WangSang's ass.


And maybe you'd see yourself offended and somehow blamed me for what I have done.

And maybe you'll get back home crying at your mom.

And maybe, you'll give up in life, commit suicide and went to hell. WIN!

*ah enough of the build-up, jackass. your blog sucks*



Slanga Pelik!

What do you guys think of accents? I mean like in Malaysia. We have our own Loghat Utagha, Loghat Peghak, Kecek Klate and so on. Yeah I don't know much about those accents tp tidakkah anda rasa benda tu mcm

'pergh gile babi ah aku suke gile loghat2 ni'


what, yeah? you really like it? well, i don't. haha losers!

Come on, man. What's with the weird way of saying something? Like 'air' jadi 'ayaq', 'telur' jadi 'teloq'. 'biar' jd 'biau'.

yeah, the last example was from malacca, my beloved hometown :">


Bukan ke lebih bgs sebut leklok? Mcm mencarut, we say 'Puki' as 'Puki'

yes, as in P-U-K-I. xde pelik2. haha ok2 sory :">

and when it comes to jokes, surprisingly we all and INCLUDING me enjoyed all about it.

Mcm video 'Bruce Lee Kedah' tu. Kuaq sketoi

'Ni babi ni dok jegil2 padia, bruce lee, toh pak ang!'

dlm pekat loghat utara aku pon gelak mcm gmpg.

Tp cmnepon aku nk pangkah jugak loghat2 ni. wakaka.

So try imagining this, one handsome rempit boy confessing his love to his friend, a sweet, cute girl having their so-called romantic conversation with each other.

Rempit : aku ada benda nk habaq mai kat ang. dh lama dh aku tggu ni. dh dua haqhi aku dok ligan2 dok caqhi ang.

Awek : eh awat ngan ang weh? dok raba2 bahu aku awat?

Rempit : aku sbenaqnya, sayang gila kat ang weh. aku nk ang jd awek aku, leh x?

Awek : alaa, that so sweett! *yes, quite some broken english over there* aku pon qhasa cmtu jugak. awat la ang xhabaq awai2 kat aku. aku dh lama tggu ang taw dok.

Rempit : *senyum* bukan apa wei. ang tau2 la aku cmna kan.

*so off they went kissing each other and lived happily ever after*

WTF wey? Don't you guys think there's something wrong in that conversation?

I mean come on, I'm not being harsh and racist with only loghat utara. I just know a bit in that accent, so ni jela yg mampu aku nk bhn haha :">

And it just. felt. wrong. yeah, WRONG.

Bendanya romantic kot. Tak pasal2 kuar loghat pelik2. Jadi xbest. Kita yg dok dgr pon xbest.

And wait, that's not all, fellas!

Try to keep imagining even further. And I won't be telling what kind of conversation they were having. See for yourself :">

Rempit : haaaaaaa, nk mai dh, nk mai dh!

Awek : aaaa, sabaq la dlu abg, ayang lmbt lagi ni!

yes, the font is in blue colour. ironic isn't it?


KAN! aku dh kata dh!

it felt weird. yes, really, really weird.

tapi sebenarnya bkn aku xsuka lgsg loghat2 ni wey. Mcm yg aku kata, klu nk wat lawak fun la kan. Btol x? Benda fun, kite nk gelak2, lepas tension, xjd masalah, bukan?

And it just sticks with the jokes only. ONLY the jokes.

Pity that girl and pity that boy. They just have to live with each other for the rest of their lives.

Sbb tu la aku pon xnk cmtu haha. Tp klu dpt awek kedah n kelantan stok pekat2 pny loghat xpe kut.

Xpe ke eh?

Hurm. Entah la. :">

So enough with the babbling, the moral of the story is :

Accent's are just better with jokes, but totally annoying with anything regarding romanticism.

do they even have the word 'romanticism'?

p/s : do you like new darts?

Life #1 - Hello Blog World. I love pink!

Yeah yeah, it's pink in colour. And I didn't expect to even have my own shit blog. But seriously dude, life sucks here and you have nothing to do besides finding your own crap and stuffs as your hobby to help make you yourself wondering

'Hey, I'm not alone :) I have facebook! And I can sing and I love movies! And now I have my own blog! Wow!'
*filled with colour of happiness. And joy*

but instead, you ARE alone. Ugh.

What, you thought I enjoy studying overseas? Hell yeah I do! The scholar I got here, phew! /sarcasm


No, I don't. Realizing how much money I got from my country, deep down my soul I feel bad. The responsibility I'll get afterwards and present, the everytime-you-spent-money-on-things-you-shouldn't-have guilty feelings. games,gitar letrik, pc nk mhl2,baju nk stylo. .hosuto.

The study and the language, GOD, it makes me feel awful and pathetic all the time.

And yeah, the PRIDE. heheh, totally. :">

But hey, it's more hurtful when you know you'll lose that chance of continuing your degree here eventually. Not that I meant it's me who will lose it. But. I'm. Just. Saying :">

No. I'm coping really good here!

Back to my point.

But, no matter how screwed up it is, lemme ask myself a question. How on earth did I even got here at the first place? Yes, it was me who struggled hard in the past.
It was me. And you. And all of you. And your mom. Tee hee.

Come to think of it, 2 years of that preparation was much much shittier than any shit that you would ever had. Not that I meant it wasn't fun, and I'm sure it was! But still, there will be no shit shittier than that :) I'm not saying shit too many times, am I?
So if I can get through those 2years of misery, and if my beloved seniors can manage to pass their degree in 4years, who the hell says I can't? Yeah, no one. Except Shakaff. Ang mmg sial.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about this. Maybe my first year here wasn't the best. Maybe it was just because I didn't cope well enough. And I was too busy spending my time without realizing the clock's ticking. And maybe I had my worst few months of total corruption. no pun intended.


Things have changed. I'm a new man now. And I'm really into Zara =))

I love blue, pink is gay.

I hate people who keeps saying that 'Guys all the same, girls all the same blablabla'. Fuck em.
And I hate myself for being such a sober. So fuck me, too :)

Well, 10days before my new sem starts. Better get my head straight to uh,... what's 'menghadapi' in english?' Crap, blogging sucks!

Oh yeah, to FACE. To face my 2nd year here.

Since this is my first entry, and I don't have much experience on writing one, so it wouldn't be as much as awesome like this one.

or this one

As if Shakaff's blog, haha yeah, when you read that blog, you'll think that that dude is just as satan as you see he is in his blog. But, outside the world, I meant the real world, he's a super-godlike-cute guy with a moustache. And yeap, he is fun. Need to learn from him more.
So that you readers would also think of me just exactly the same way you think of him :">
Cause I'm kinda satan too. Whoot!

So, no pictures. No interesting things. Just shits. And just some kind of motivation crap to get me back on track to SERIOUSLY get along with studying.

p/s : you guys really think that I'm gonna stick with this shitty layout? c'mon, it's a new blog, bro!
/offended by no one, just me alone :">