What I Hate About Facebook #1 - Lovey-Dovey Couples

Yeap, facebook is your bestfriend. Now how did that happen?
You tell and write everything in it. You contact your friends all from there. You also got your new boyfriend and girlfriends from there! So thanks to facebook, and friendster and all such social websites for doing such good favors for you in your bloody, fucked up life :)

Well, that's bullshit.

The main point is, you even post shits like how much you hate your life, how much you hate guys/girls for treating you like you killed his/her mom, and how much you love ur bf/gf blablabla and shits as your status. Just shits. So, what do you expect?

And for the lovey-dovey couples out there in facebook, they do realize how romantic they are in facebook, don't they? And yes, you know it, and I know it, so's the rest of people in the entire world who joined facebook. It's like telling the world that their the only two persons who love each other. And frankly, that is much better than having an affair with someone else while you're already in a relationship. God, I hate liars! /tiada kaitan

And for now, I'm bashing people like you in the facebook haha. Better brace yourselves!

It's just annoying, man. Like I would care. Of course I don't care. Good for you to finally found your soulmate!

But for me, being here in Japan with the advantages of the high-speed internet and such, I may read all of it just by clicking at my god damn live feed in the facebook.

If it's only for one or two times, that's okay with me, and I'd totally understand, sweet love right? :"> But what if it happens to the same exact person all the time and without realizing, you just read all those loving xoxoxoxo shits and after you know it, you'd go like RAGEEEEEEE in front of your pc.

Then there goes ur laptop out of the window. haha i'm just saying.

Xpon ko gi copy paste link natang tu kasi kat mmber2 baik ko kat ym then, all of you laughed at it hard and suited up and go trolling as an army. Yeah, that would be superbly fun!

For people like me, I kinda like being online with my pc for more than 24 hours a day. So I'm like bored, and I get bored all the time, but I never post it as a status in my fb like

"Awww, I'm bored guys. Embrace me!" 2 seconds ago. clear

But that's just another story. It's cool to be bored anyway, right? :)

so back to the main story.

I'm not saying like because for now, I'm single, so I'm just jealous seeing those walls comments and stuffs. Hell no, I'm not!

Because yes, I do once had a long relationship myself, and I did love her as much as y'all losers do. I never did post in her fb like everyday saying how much she looks beautiful, how much I miss her, how much shit i'd give to see her, and so on. Guess I was a lousy boyfriend back then, huh? Haha but hey, I did trusted her okay? :">

aww, the sweet days. :">

But hey, I still hate seeing those. I just don't have any blog like right now at that time to write about it :)

We don't only have facebook nowadays, we have YM, skype, and that one thing we call uh, what was it? yeah, a MOBILE PHONE. You could go texting and calling each other for ages without letting anyone know anything about your personal life. Isn't that just cool?

So stoppit guys. Keep it low. Just enough with us knowing your relationship status. I'm not saying this to only one-two persons, but to all of you, including me. :">

It's romantic to say you love your girl in front of the world sometimes, but it would be romanshit if you post it out everyday. You hear me? =))

heheh romanshit. lame-ass joke.

p/s : and again, I'm not jealous okay. I mean it :">


Shakaff said...

There's a saying,

an attention whore is an attention whore.
-shakaff ajaib-

zedRadzai said...

who gives a damn?

Anonymous said...

you know something funny..?
when someone keep denying several times that he is not jealous, means that he is! because if he is not jealous, he will never scare of people thought he is jealous.. hahaha~ so obvious man..;)

zedRadzai said...

oooohh wowwww, u really got me there.
btw, ever heard of the word butthurt? coz I kinda sense one now :">

Emora Valeria said...

Same like my previous entry bout dis.Seriously kadang2 rimas.

zedRadzai said...

@emora valeria
ya mmg rimas ya amat.