Life #1 - Hello Blog World. I love pink!

Yeah yeah, it's pink in colour. And I didn't expect to even have my own shit blog. But seriously dude, life sucks here and you have nothing to do besides finding your own crap and stuffs as your hobby to help make you yourself wondering

'Hey, I'm not alone :) I have facebook! And I can sing and I love movies! And now I have my own blog! Wow!'
*filled with colour of happiness. And joy*

but instead, you ARE alone. Ugh.

What, you thought I enjoy studying overseas? Hell yeah I do! The scholar I got here, phew! /sarcasm


No, I don't. Realizing how much money I got from my country, deep down my soul I feel bad. The responsibility I'll get afterwards and present, the everytime-you-spent-money-on-things-you-shouldn't-have guilty feelings. games,gitar letrik, pc nk mhl2,baju nk stylo. .hosuto.

The study and the language, GOD, it makes me feel awful and pathetic all the time.

And yeah, the PRIDE. heheh, totally. :">

But hey, it's more hurtful when you know you'll lose that chance of continuing your degree here eventually. Not that I meant it's me who will lose it. But. I'm. Just. Saying :">

No. I'm coping really good here!

Back to my point.

But, no matter how screwed up it is, lemme ask myself a question. How on earth did I even got here at the first place? Yes, it was me who struggled hard in the past.
It was me. And you. And all of you. And your mom. Tee hee.

Come to think of it, 2 years of that preparation was much much shittier than any shit that you would ever had. Not that I meant it wasn't fun, and I'm sure it was! But still, there will be no shit shittier than that :) I'm not saying shit too many times, am I?
So if I can get through those 2years of misery, and if my beloved seniors can manage to pass their degree in 4years, who the hell says I can't? Yeah, no one. Except Shakaff. Ang mmg sial.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about this. Maybe my first year here wasn't the best. Maybe it was just because I didn't cope well enough. And I was too busy spending my time without realizing the clock's ticking. And maybe I had my worst few months of total corruption. no pun intended.


Things have changed. I'm a new man now. And I'm really into Zara =))

I love blue, pink is gay.

I hate people who keeps saying that 'Guys all the same, girls all the same blablabla'. Fuck em.
And I hate myself for being such a sober. So fuck me, too :)

Well, 10days before my new sem starts. Better get my head straight to uh,... what's 'menghadapi' in english?' Crap, blogging sucks!

Oh yeah, to FACE. To face my 2nd year here.

Since this is my first entry, and I don't have much experience on writing one, so it wouldn't be as much as awesome like this one.

or this one

As if Shakaff's blog, haha yeah, when you read that blog, you'll think that that dude is just as satan as you see he is in his blog. But, outside the world, I meant the real world, he's a super-godlike-cute guy with a moustache. And yeap, he is fun. Need to learn from him more.
So that you readers would also think of me just exactly the same way you think of him :">
Cause I'm kinda satan too. Whoot!

So, no pictures. No interesting things. Just shits. And just some kind of motivation crap to get me back on track to SERIOUSLY get along with studying.

p/s : you guys really think that I'm gonna stick with this shitty layout? c'mon, it's a new blog, bro!
/offended by no one, just me alone :">


huda lalala said...

what's 'menghadapi' in english?' Crap, blogging sucks! ->hahah

zaidRadzai said...

haha improving my writing skills!

Shakaff said...

this is the new shit.

zedRadzai said...

hopefully it will

nurlyana said...

huhu..kawan aku da da blog...boleh la ko bace blog aku plak tiap2 arie....huhu..n aku ade happy news nak gtau ko.......nanti aku ym ko ye

zedRadzai said...

haha ok2 bile2 buzz aku