Life #2 - Judging People.

There's many way you can judge other people without talking to them.
From their love life, from their career and study life, and even from how they talk to their mom.

And of course, from how you write your blog :">

It's just you need to know people even deeper without realizing it. Even if you don't give a shit. That's how the world we live in works.

Like me, I've been living in this world about nearly 21 years, and I know, I may not be the one who have the most experience to even start talking about this. But, just give me a chance to point out my opinion okay? Love you guys :)

First of all, it's about shit again.

"You may judge others by looking at how they use and keep their toilets clean" -zedRadzai-

And, yeap, that's my point.

Like when you went to your boyfriend's house, and turns out his toilet was your nightmare. I bet after that you'll definitely dump him because that's not a person you would like to live with.

Er, no? Ok, sweet love. I know. Fuck you.

I mean come on guys, what if at certain situations when you just have to use other's toilets, and aha! Aku nampak kesan kencing terabur! Hurray! =))

For people like me, I may sound a bit gross and disgusting because I talk about shit all the time without getting embarrassed. And maybe I'm not the cleanest person in the world, and my room and my closet isn't that neat. But hey, I'm like a toilet person. And I give too many shit about it. Please keep your toilets clean.

Klu masuk2 toilet awam kat Malaysia, believe it or not, aku akan jiruskan air ke seluruh toilet kecik tu sblm buang hajat. Coz you know, public toilets are just dirty, and I hate them. Tp xde la smpi xnk pakai lgsg :">

Or even worse, klu nmpk dlm jamban ade org xflush, sumpah aku xnk berak ctu. I'd rather save it up and take a massive one at home.


see what I'm talking about?

Because it's just really disgusting, guys. To show off your 'urine sample' and poop to other people, that's like the worst human being you've ever known in your fucked up life. Yela, kadang2 terlupa kan. BUT THAT'S YOUR SHIT, DUDE! Butoh ang la nk lupa2. Be responsible about it, God damn it!

I'm really grateful because my housemate, Shanti pon jenis jaga toilet jgk. And he keeps his toilet cleaner than I do. Everytime I went to our toilet, I just think of you. Wangi gile kut! So really happy to be housemates with you, buddy. Thank God.

Just a simple entry,

  1. Jgn lupe lap kesan apa2 lepas gune jamban.
  2. Please and please don't forget to flush the toilet.
  3. Be a man.

So that's just another way to judge others. :)

p/s : People tend to judge others without thinking for no reason. So try this. Borrow his shoes and walk a mile away from him. After that who cares? You're a mile away and you have his shoes! WIN!


DzULhAFiZi said...

i have a friend here, exactly like that..after die pee, msti ade crater2 kecik warne kuning kt atas toilet bowl nye lid tuh...ape ke tak clakenye mcm tu?

kalo lpas tuh ilang meruap ke ape ke xpe, ini die stay situ smpai leh jd garam...ahh aku xpaham sial org mcm ni...

Anonymous said...

lek dzul tu namenye penis die bengkok cam aku

zedRadzai said...

kat mne2 pon ade org cmtu jgk. bodo sial igt ade pencacai najis ke jd tukang lap. sigh.