Brix #2 - Lame-Ass Jokes.

Do you happen to know the scientific term called 'Lame-Ass Jokes'?
heheh scientific terms. I just did one lame joke, baby! Hurray!

No, no seriously :|

Do you understand all about it? It's all about showing how lame you are when you're just trying so really REALLY hard to impress your friends with your so-called HELLarious jokes of all time.

It's like a joke when only kids would laugh hard. Yeah, they're kids. Pity. :(
And hey, your mom would also laughed insanely about it! haha.

I mean like, how to say huh? Kinda hard to explain but, uh lemme Google fer ya losers :)

"LAME JOKE - An attempt at humor which is perceived to have been used previously to the point of being cliche, or was never funny to begin with."

You see what I mean? It's all about not-supposed-to-be-funny jokes.
Like in Malay, just think of it simply as "Lawak Ulang Dari Ujang dan Gila-Gila"

I know, I know, y'all have been telling each other lame jokes since 3rd grade. And somehow maybe you'd be offended by this entry. WIN!

haha but frankly guys, it's same for me, too. I have no idea about any lame jokes since I woke up this morning. Yeah, that's a lie, losers.

But would you really wanna do it again and again just to show how funny you are to other people?
I'm not saying I'm THAT funny, but I do know my limits.

Here's an example.

Kambeng : Haha weh, jom2 kite g makan Udon (makanan jepun mee mcm laksa tp sup mcm mee sup. sedap!)
Us : Jom2 :)
Pedo : Ala, xnk2. Aku nk makan Udin.
Us : ...........*speechless*.............

Hey, did he said Udin? Some kind of lame Malay name right? Yeah, totally.

Now that's a lame joke. For you losers out there who kinda laughed about it, kesiann :(
To simply change one letter to another doesn't mean you can make jokes and expect it to be funny.

But still, guys. Because of Pedo, we all laughed about it. True story.

And the best part is, you losers also tried tickling ur friends or someone you kinda admire in the facebook!

Here's another example.

Picture a situation where some cute girl has just uploaded her best cam-whore pic in her fb account, and a tree or car or chair or whatever-makes-you-happy thing just happened to exist behind her and we all can see it.

I mean she IS cute. But when you scroll down, you'd see some shades-wearing-white-jacket-and-white-guitar-on-his-hand-just-looking-like-a-poser tee hee that's me :"> guy just dropped a comment saying

Dzulhafizi Dzainal Abidin ehehe comeyyynya..... kereta belakang tu! ehehe..

Fri at 8.54pm - Delete

Ugh. Better off leaving no comments at all about that right?

Crap, I need pictures!

P/s : A :: ko bdak uni mne?
B :: aku dok nagoya.
A :: oo nagoya tekstil eh? ehehe
B :: zzz.


Anonymous said...

nak tau satu lame joke?
someone yang buat muka buruk yang same nak kasi org gelak.. pastu kawan2 pun gelak la sebab nak jaga hati.. XD

zedRadzai said...

hahaha see? that's exactly what I'm talking about!
tp ikot jgk pd person, klu die mmg fun ttp fun :)

Shakaff said...

Why can't Hellen Keller drive?

Because she's a woman.

Does sexist joke counts as a lame ass joke?

If it does, gtfo.

zedRadzai said...

like I said, it all depends on who makes the joke.
If you think he's awesome, well, just laugh at his jokes. If he's not, then go post a gtfo in his blog.

pepam said...

your shitty face was never fun zaid..
its kinda. disgastink!

zedRadzai said...


pepam said...

perhatikan komen dari ciko lauhana

zedRadzai said...

WTF ciko.