Random Shit Story #2 - We Were Touched!

Yes, another shit story. It's been a while since my last entry. I'm just bored with the remaining idea inside my head. I HAVE the idea, ok? I just don't know how to elaborate about it yet. :">

So sementara menunggu tu, let's just hear this out. Just really a simple one.

It happened at this one time when I was hanging out and window-shopping with my friends back in Sakae. Zarina, one of my buddies had a DSLR camera hanging around her neck. N mcm biasa, DLSRs are heavy, so dibiarkanlah DSLR tu kat leher kan. Watpe nk pegang, berat.

And when we were walking around heading to the Hard Rock Cafe over there, ade la kena henti jap kat lampu isyarat kan. So kat ctu la jdnya cerita ni. :)

There was two Japanese guys next to us, and one of them were carrying a box and we never care what was it and we didn't wanted to know :) But these two guys were just friendly enough to approach Zarina. I didn't hear much about their conversation. All I know was both of them also had a DSLR in their box and they were just interested to talk with Zarina sbb die pon ade DSLR kan. And turns out they were some kind of professional photographer over here in Japan.

And there we walk together talking with them :) they're just friendly, why not?

Well, that's not the point. In fact, we did enjoyed having a chat with them. And FYI, it's really hard to get a Japanese YOUNG person approaching you foreigners over here without any reason. But, they just did. And hey, we were kinda laughed together with the jokes they made :)


Dalam gelak2 byk2 tu.

Ada satu gelak xikhlas.

Rasa sedih ada la.

Jap1 : so, where are y'all from?
Zarina : oh, we're from Malaysia, came here furthering our degree.
Jap1 :
Us : Hahahaha. Yes yes, Malaysia. (wow, dia tau!)

And for a moment there, we all was somehow glad that he knew Malaysia, our beloved country :)
and that's why we were getting along quite good with them. Yela klu tak, org jepun bkn tau sgt. Celaka btoi. Aku ckp aku dr Malaysia, mmber aku jwb 'eh katne eh tu?' xpon die igt Indon. WTF? I haz a sad.

So we all thought like

"Gile ah, xsangka die ni kenal Malaysia! Terharunya!"

and then after we gladly laughed about how 'well' he knew Malaysia. He just replied to us, konon2 nk buktikan la yg dia tau kan :) biasa la, some countries pny 'lambang'.

And he said

Jap1 : Haha yes, I know Malaysia of course. SAWADIKAP SAWADIKAP! :"> (with a really over-confident look on his face and hey, even gaya smbil sebut sawadikap tu pon die tiru)

yeah, this one.

Us : .............*speechless*.................

WTF man.


p/s : Why is this happening to me again? I've had enough.


syisyi said...

hahahhaa..sebab die tgk muke ko mcm siam kot weh?hahaha

pepam said...

u looked like a freakin thai pornstar i guess? a bad one though. those with low threshold for holding their orgasm

DzULhAFiZi said...

pak pau rings any bell?

zedRadzai said...

haha mana ada muka aku mcm siam

he didn't asked me, though. he asked my friend. so guess who looked like a pornstar?

pak pau? nope, didn't join gang 44 :">

Cik Buya said...

wuahaha sawadikap?? bila masa malaysia guna sawadikap neh?? ahahaa

zedRadzai said...

tu la psl weh, aku sedih btoi dok igt asal la dorg xknal2 msia :(
siam n indon jgk la yg dorg tau.
haha adoh la.

Lah said...

Weih lawak lahanat ar post2 kat blog hg ni. Hahahahaha. Siap ade gambar2 bangang lagi

zedRadzai said...

haha tension do plus bosan. lepas je ape aku panas =))
hey, promote it buddy. it's gonna be legendary.

EmaRadzai said...

beb. u are like shitting all over the place. good thing its the internet, not the reality. if not, it would be like literally shitting all over the place without flushing.
aku kesian gak kat mana2 foreigner duk kat negara mana2 pon. they will always be at the level where they arent accepted totally. like foreigners in malaysia, u think local people care and would love to have a casual talk with them??? only minority of the locals je mampu wat demikian; for instance me~~~ lalalalala~~~
btw, luv u as always. keep up d good crap! @_@

zedRadzai said...

shitting without flushing? ugh, gross. hahaha yeap, too bad it's only the internet.
ya ya it is, kat malaysia sememangnya mcm tu kot, tp xde la kite wat prangai cmni smpi kecik hati foreigners :( xtau ckp jela xtau :(
*emo* hahahah
love u too sis. thx for the compliment btw :)