Brix #1 - Slanga Pelik

Hoho not even 4 hours and I'm back with my new topic! Blogging DOES make my life busy!

But caution ladies and gentlemen, you're about to read a wild racist offensive entry like you never have ever read before.

It's like when you read this shit, you're about to breath in hot air of fart from WangSang's ass.


And maybe you'd see yourself offended and somehow blamed me for what I have done.

And maybe you'll get back home crying at your mom.

And maybe, you'll give up in life, commit suicide and went to hell. WIN!

*ah enough of the build-up, jackass. your blog sucks*



Slanga Pelik!

What do you guys think of accents? I mean like in Malaysia. We have our own Loghat Utagha, Loghat Peghak, Kecek Klate and so on. Yeah I don't know much about those accents tp tidakkah anda rasa benda tu mcm

'pergh gile babi ah aku suke gile loghat2 ni'


what, yeah? you really like it? well, i don't. haha losers!

Come on, man. What's with the weird way of saying something? Like 'air' jadi 'ayaq', 'telur' jadi 'teloq'. 'biar' jd 'biau'.

yeah, the last example was from malacca, my beloved hometown :">


Bukan ke lebih bgs sebut leklok? Mcm mencarut, we say 'Puki' as 'Puki'

yes, as in P-U-K-I. xde pelik2. haha ok2 sory :">

and when it comes to jokes, surprisingly we all and INCLUDING me enjoyed all about it.

Mcm video 'Bruce Lee Kedah' tu. Kuaq sketoi

'Ni babi ni dok jegil2 padia, bruce lee, toh pak ang!'

dlm pekat loghat utara aku pon gelak mcm gmpg.

Tp cmnepon aku nk pangkah jugak loghat2 ni. wakaka.

So try imagining this, one handsome rempit boy confessing his love to his friend, a sweet, cute girl having their so-called romantic conversation with each other.

Rempit : aku ada benda nk habaq mai kat ang. dh lama dh aku tggu ni. dh dua haqhi aku dok ligan2 dok caqhi ang.

Awek : eh awat ngan ang weh? dok raba2 bahu aku awat?

Rempit : aku sbenaqnya, sayang gila kat ang weh. aku nk ang jd awek aku, leh x?

Awek : alaa, that so sweett! *yes, quite some broken english over there* aku pon qhasa cmtu jugak. awat la ang xhabaq awai2 kat aku. aku dh lama tggu ang taw dok.

Rempit : *senyum* bukan apa wei. ang tau2 la aku cmna kan.

*so off they went kissing each other and lived happily ever after*

WTF wey? Don't you guys think there's something wrong in that conversation?

I mean come on, I'm not being harsh and racist with only loghat utara. I just know a bit in that accent, so ni jela yg mampu aku nk bhn haha :">

And it just. felt. wrong. yeah, WRONG.

Bendanya romantic kot. Tak pasal2 kuar loghat pelik2. Jadi xbest. Kita yg dok dgr pon xbest.

And wait, that's not all, fellas!

Try to keep imagining even further. And I won't be telling what kind of conversation they were having. See for yourself :">

Rempit : haaaaaaa, nk mai dh, nk mai dh!

Awek : aaaa, sabaq la dlu abg, ayang lmbt lagi ni!

yes, the font is in blue colour. ironic isn't it?


KAN! aku dh kata dh!

it felt weird. yes, really, really weird.

tapi sebenarnya bkn aku xsuka lgsg loghat2 ni wey. Mcm yg aku kata, klu nk wat lawak fun la kan. Btol x? Benda fun, kite nk gelak2, lepas tension, xjd masalah, bukan?

And it just sticks with the jokes only. ONLY the jokes.

Pity that girl and pity that boy. They just have to live with each other for the rest of their lives.

Sbb tu la aku pon xnk cmtu haha. Tp klu dpt awek kedah n kelantan stok pekat2 pny loghat xpe kut.

Xpe ke eh?

Hurm. Entah la. :">

So enough with the babbling, the moral of the story is :

Accent's are just better with jokes, but totally annoying with anything regarding romanticism.

do they even have the word 'romanticism'?

p/s : do you like new darts?


Shakaff said...

Rempit : haaaaaaa, nk mai dh, nk mai dh!
Awek : aaaa, sabaq la dlu abg, ayang lmbt lagi ni!

I'm offended by these.
Orang Melaka pon rempit jugak.
Siap rampas wanita orang lain lagi.
Oh maybe awek diatas itu adalah wanita tersebut? hmmm

zedRadzai said...

haha tidok aku xberniat :">

Cik Buya said...

sengal nyer citer ni.. ahahaahahahaha

Imah Ims said...


(weh i'm following you tau!)

zedRadzai said...

haha thx2 kamon2 be my follower :">

amalina supey said...

dialog mat rempit ulu mne ko cilok nih zed?haha

zedRadzai said...

true story babe!

Anonymous said...

todia awek. hai awek cunnya,puki hang jual tak?

RIP bruce lee

zedRadzai said...

dia pi ceghita kat abg dia la tu