Internet Life #1 - Trolling.

Now what is 'Trolling'? Yes, this is kinda old shit. Well, I don't care.
Klu rajin2 usha /k/ di lowyat forum, dr situ kita dpt lihat dlm Malaynya adalah 'Pentoyol'.

So ape signifikasinya toyol dgn troll?

Because clearly from Wikipedia it gives different meaning for both of those.

A Toyol or Tuyul is a mythicalspirit in the Malay mythology of South-East Asia (notablyIndonesia, Thailand, Malaysiaand Singapore). It is a small child spirit invoked by a bomoh(Malay witch doctor) from a dead human foetus using black magic. It is possible to buy atoyol from such a bomoh.

A troll is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology.

So from that we know that both of em are totally different creatures right? So why in the hell does 'trolling' has gotta be 'pentoyol' in Malay?

Just forget about it, losers. I'm not writing about that.


Back to the main story, let's talk about trolling.

For nerds and geeks like you who are always being online to read shit blogs, watch vlogs on youtube, read stuffs on the internet, most of you would have maybe about 30-40% of facing the term 'trolling'. Yes, I just made that up. And maybe all of you already knew about it, but I don't give a shit. Just let me tell about it again. Fuck you.

Here goes.

Troll (Internet)

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room orblog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into anemotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Yeap. Kira apa yg kita phm dr kenyataan di atas adalah troll ini seringkali membuatkan perangai pukimak di mana2 pon di dalam internet. Yg penting ade org sakit buntut mendengar. Heheh, yeah baby!

As an example, when you just post a love poem you wrote yourself with full of passion in it as your status in your facebook, I do always use facebook as my reference, ain't I? then suddenly your guy (the troll) wrote a comment about it. And it goes like

Fuck you.


Who gives a shit? Go die, and burn in hell.

or even worse

Your mom's a whore.

Tidakkah anda rasa teramatlah pukimak bebeno wat prangai cmtu? Cuba bygkan diri korg pd tempat sang pengepost, then xpasal2 ade troll palat anjing bole plak post komen cmtu.
Rasa mcm gampang kan? Then you go like RAGEEEEEE again in facebook and at that night, one person have been deleted from your friend list. Awww.

Yes, I know. It feels awful.

But seriously, man. Come to think of it, when you imagine yourself BEING the troll, well, it kinda felt awesome, though. The feeling, ughhh, was really good when you know your victim gettingbutthurt for no reason just because you said awful words like above :) while you only intended to do it for the LULZ. haha poor old man.

And as for me, I do get trolled a lot, and bile aku paham kesenian trolling tu, aku pon mula jgk la nak wat prangai pukimak kat facebook yes facebook again and all of this shit I learnt was from the greatest troll of all time ----> Shakaff The Angel.

And his young paduan ----> Kimon The Grappler

Yeah, bro. Thx to you. Plz guys, read his fukken awesome blog.

And the best part out of it is when you have your buddies and they're cool about being a troll, it's much much fun and awesome to suit up together, and go trolling with em like an army. You could all laugh and mess around about it with each other and hell yeah, cara itu juga dpt mengeratkan silaturrahim di kalangan troll. Let's look into the bright side :)

And hey, please do it just for the LULZ.

Off topic.
This maybe lame, but for the love of God, behold

OMG, she's really really sexy.

p/s : I'm actually busy right now. My juniors just arrived here, and they're busy cooking dinner for us seniors, while I'm here in front of my laptop just finished writing my shit blog. Ain't that just fun to finally become a senior?


syisyi said...

zaid sila jadi senior yang baik pelis! hahaha

zedRadzai said...

haha sure I will!

Shakaff said...

Fuck you. Im a lone troll.

zedRadzai said...

Your welcome :>

Anonymous said...

you go fuck your own asshole with brinjal yo fucking weirdo. sux to be you

zedRadzai said...


Anonymous said...

hahah sux the grappler

zedRadzai said...

u play dota?

coz i'm about to quit