Life #3 - A Week of Blogging.

Well it's only been a week since my first entry for this shit blog. And it kinda felt good, you know.
Like I've said before, I really had no idea even the slightest bit about having my own blog one day. Turns out it became another kind of entertainment for me. To know your friends around the globe reading your masterpiece :">, somehow it DOES give me some kind of inspiration and joy to continue writing about anything, just anything. As long as it's rated shit =))

You see, I really don't have any target or anything about being the best blogger ever. I'm just writing to express my feelings just about everything that came to my mind. I make fun of people and I tell random stories. And it's like a diary of your life, just you have to make it a bit interesting. So that your readers would think of it just as mildly interesting as it is and then keep coming back to read every now and then.

And hey, all this week long half through my last few days before schools start, I noticed myself have been thinking a lot about interesting things to write instead of being alone remembering all those sweet days and felt bad about it. So this really is a good effect to me myself.

Plus, I'm also slowly became less addicted to other things 'fappable' like DoTa, other games, movies, youtube, and all those porn you can get in the internet :"> and hopefully, I'll overcome them and give more focus on my study.

Ain't that any better? Thanks to you guys, I WILL continue writing until this shit blog thing turns out being lame one day.

Words of advice.

and FAMILY are just everything.

p/s : babi bajet sial mcm la ramai sgt reader ko :(


Anonymous said...

!nice blox.i loike.tpkurngkn lwk your mom2 k?

DzULhAFiZi said...

quoted : p/s : babi bajet sial mcm la ramai sgt reader ko :(

lepak nih ko jgn buat main purpose die nk bg org bace..buat mcm ko nk dptkan kepuasan diri je...cmtuh lg best...anyway, stakat nih sume post2 ko bernas2 blake..bagus2...xsia2 fidot aja..LOL

zedRadzai said...

haha what's the point of having a tp xde mom2? =))
btw, just trolling out here and hey, thx for the compliment! :)

zedRadzai said...

haha tu mmg ah. in fact, I am satisfied with my physical needs as a man :">
and thx for the support, buddy.
ckp psl fidot, I just had an idea.
nnti2 la tulis. bz lately. wakaka

DzULhAFiZi said... lately konon...skang kt cni pkol 7am and aku ade optional lab kol 830am (aku x tido lg harini) you do the math...zzzz

zedRadzai said...

wakaka gile ko gile. shugs to be you.
good luck ah cmtu bro.

Anonymous said...

bkn pe bro lwk your mom tu lame n fake tu je

zedRadzai said...

oh, thank you :">

Anonymous said...

fuck u anon. ahh~