What I Hate About Japan #1 - Awkward Looks

Ever since I got here a year ago, I've been noticing quite some things I hate about Japan. And it would be easier if I say that only Japan has this kind of thingy that makes us foreigners felt really uncomfortable to even go hang out with our home country buddies anywhere. Selagi ade manusia Jepun berdekatan kat mana ko tgh lepak2, maka smpi bile2 la hati ko baran je, xsenangg je tgk dorg.

And yeah, I'm talking about their weird, awkward looks to us.

Try imagining this.

It was somewhere at midnight. Me and my friends were kinda starving and we decided to go eat some Udon yeah you know udons at the nearest 24hours restaurant available. We were like 4 bros and just as we arrived to the Udon restaurant, it happened to be only another group of also 4 Japanese boyband-looking dudes in it, sitting at their tables, and immediately gave us 'that' look as we step inside. Yeah, that fucking awkward look. Ugh.

Yeap, this look. From every each and one of em. Fucking losers.

I mean, what the hell's their problem? We were just normal guys like em hanging out with buddies at midnight where ever we want. Hurm, tp yela myb la sbb WangSang muke terrorist sgt kut. Tu pasal dorg wat muke palat cmtu.

Klu time awl2 ktorg masuk kdai tu dorg usha pelik cmtu skali tu je xpe jgk. Ini tak, like when we sat down and waited for our orders, they still keep giving us that look. And at certain times, we heard whispers and chuckles and noticed their thumb-pointing to us and of course, what else would you think they were talking about instead

Loser 1 : Hey, look at that dude. Muke mcm lahanat.
Loser 2 : Heheh, totally. Mcm pukimak.
Loser 3 : Mesti dorg ni otai sial.
Loser 4 : Otai ape jadanya, kita lagi cool!
*laughs and giving each other Hi-5*

So, we got mad. We talked with each other about how mad we are, and how far we're willing to go. Just to make em stop. Fukken losers.

Acap Tabako time tu dh smpi thp

"Haish babinya bdak2 ni, nak aje aku bwk kerusi ni hempuk pala dorg sekor2."

I mean, c'mon man, like hell we didn't noticed that look, but after all, we decided to ignore em and act normal. And it just didn't went well. Because of those looks, our mood were spoiled. And till the end, we were talking all about em. Jadi xfun.

Sket2 kua 'fuck' dr WangSang, xpon 'lancau anjing' dr Kamil. Yeah, ko igt ko sorg boleh ckp blkg2 cmtu? Haha.

Cmne pon, yela ktorg phm jgk la kan. Klu kat msia pon, klu ko nmpk Indon Rempit kat KLCC pon pandang slack jgk kan. Tp tula, bile dh kena kat btg hidung sdiri, baran gak ah.

Xabes lg cite die. Ktorg abes je mkn2, and nk byr sume n nk kua dr kedai pon dorg usha mcm haram jadah. Mata kepala ikuttttt je pergerakan ktorg. Ape kebabinye perangai cmtu?

Xpela xpela saba jela zed. *sigh*

Seriously, man. Do you have to be that inappropriate and rude to foreigners? It's not like we came here to rape their mom. We came here with one and ONLY one purpose. To study :">

And there's another situation with me and WangSang had when we were kinda confused nk naik tren mana satu kat subway. But this time, I laughed hard all about it. =))

So kat sblh2 tu, there was this one guy with earphones on his ears. We didn't want to go in the train without making sure if it's the right one or not, so WangSang went to approach that guy from behind.

WangSang : Er, excuse me?
Japanese Dude : *didn't notice*

I mean the guy was wearing earphones, so I doubt he heard what WangSang said at first. So there he went with his 2nd attempt dgn suara yg lebih kuat dan pendekatan yg lebih menakutkan. It's like an angry-looking motherfuckerstranger suddenly approaching you without you expecting anything.

And then he looked back and up towards WangSang's Gangster Face and for a moment before he helped us, he was like

Heheh. Poor bastard.

p/s : I wanna study hard and get better results. Pray for me guys.


Anonymous said...

haha no offense but melayu pon usha cm babi la zaid...ko balik sini tgk wakaka..sikit2 usha mcm pukimak ptuih...kt melaka ak tataw la weh wakaka

new jesus said...

lala lala~ lala lala~

DzULhAFiZi said...

lepak la dude...quoting from someone...asians do hate each other...

zedRadzai said...

haha I know and I totally understand all about it. Saje je nk tulis jgk entry ni :">

oh they do? I thought Canadians hate each other.

zedRadzai said...

@new jesus

DzULhAFiZi said...

haha...canadians hate each other and the americans

Anonymous said...

jepon bangsat

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pepam said...

start pm me

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