What I Hate About Japan #2 - Inggerish Komyunikasyun

Since we were kids all we heard about Japan was how great they are and other such great things they made. And I remembered every bit of it, because I once thought that Japan was really an interesting and fun place to go.

"Klu la aku study Jepun, pergh fun jgk ni"

But that's just me before 3 years ago :">

And hey, you Malay readers, aku yakin ko pnh dgr ayat ni kat mne2. Just anywhere, in the class you study, ceramah2, and hey, even in Kedai Kopi Angah Sidin kat kampung.

"Cuba tgk macam org Jepun, dorg tak belajar pon Bahasa Omputeh, tp ha cb tgk. Dorg la paling maju kat dunia ni"

Hate to say that is true. :"> But I'm just gonna bash them again.

Well, since I came here, the English here are just the worst shit you'll ever find. I mean like, the accents, it's just shows us how low their English Education are. As you can see, no matter how 'ceruk' you live in nowadays, Bahasa Inggeris tetap menjadi kewajiban utk dipelajari JIKA kita mempunyai pandangan yang jauh utk lebih maju di masa hadapan. Bukan?

Plus, we do know that English is the international language. Yes, that is the ugly truth. Live with it, faggot.

I mean, like being here, you go out with your friends walking around in the shopping complex, and jumpa t-shirt smart xhengat jgk la, tp tgk2 belakang, ade tulis some kind of cool phrase BUT it was written out wrong spelling or doesn't make any point to even look cool at the first place. True story.


Bean just saw a t-shirt with a 'Call Us Stupid' written on it. Now what the FUCK does that has to do with being cool? What an epic FAIL.

Can you imagine yourself being an I-understand-English person over here and when you go speaking with them like totally in English, they replied in English, too BUT! oh yeah, there's always a BUT you can never understand what the hell they were saying? True story.

Like when I was in my english class here and we were doing some examples of checking in a hotel conversation with our partner,

Me : Hi, I have a reservation for Azusa Hiruma.
Shibata : Retto mi chekku. Oh, yes, Ms Hiruma. Wi habbu yu bukkud ing e daburu ruumu ong e sumookinggu furuuwa, as yu rikuesuted.
Me : .......
Shibata : tee hee :">

Sometimes you just have to say it. And hey, don't forget to smile.

Now what the hell was that? I bet even Englishmen don't understand it as well.

Weird. Just to be one of the greatest nation in the world but the English here are just the same like other 3rd World Countries. Hairan dan Pelik.

Like in this video.

well, it is funny when you first watched it, but I just had to say that they are making fun at their own weakness :"> pity them.

BTW, the video IS entertaining. Well, fuck it. It's already lame. Don't upload it over and over again on facebook.

And hey, that's not all. There's plenty of stuff to bash around but for now, I'm writing only these :">

p/s : Shibata : Let me check. Oh, yes, Ms. Hiruma. We have you booked in a double room on a smoking floor, as you requested. (in case you wanted to know what he really said)


Imah Ims said...

this is madness weh, jenuh nak paham ni

zedRadzai said...

haha tau xpe.

DzULhAFiZi said...

well, at least Malaysians do have better English compared to at least one nation of the whole wide world...LOL

zedRadzai said...

you got that right, mate.

+JiM+ said...

huduhnye english diorg.haha

zedRadzai said...

bkn stakat huduh, malah jijik didengar.