Your Internet Childhood

Do you remember the days when you were first introduced to the internet? I mean like when you was a kid, and your dad just put a "brand-new" internet connection at home, and family ko stok 'happy gile' dh ade internet so sume pakat nk gune apa2 sje berkaitan dgnnya. Yeap, what I meant by 'happy gile' was 'Batak' :">

Well, for me, I first knew the internet when I was like 12-13 years old. I went to a boarding school somewhere in Taiping and hampir stiap hujung mggu time outing, ha time tu la aku belajar pergi cc dgn mmber2 n dr ctu aku belajar n tau kewujudan internet dan kegunaannya yg byk membawa faedah kpd kehidupan :">

Hey, I'm serious. The internet DOES give us many advantages.

N bile aku pulang ke rumah stiap kali cuti, tgk2 tgk2 mmg dh lama terpasang internet stok dial up 1515 pny tu. LOLWAT. Yeap, bukan streamyx ok. Haha ko igt lg x?

Yeah yeah, the super extremely slow one. Up all night and all you saw was only 8 wimmen.

The sound was like


Just imagine it like you care, guys. I have no idea, too, about what I just wrote :(

Well, my point is, aku sje la nk tulis pengalaman aku zmn2 bru2 kenal internet dlu =)

And at that time, my friends and I were so obsessed with making new accounts for the e-mail, friendster, myspace, circles99 (WTF?), and many other websites. Yeah, you know friendster and myspace, right?

Well, off topic, but have you ever heard about circles99? Haha, that websites was somehow like a 'Tempat-Mencari-Jodoh-Bagi-Budak-Sekolah-Yg-Kegersangan'. =)) Situ la sume tempat cmne bdak2 STAR dgn STF boleh saling kontek-mengontek. /example Full of craps, and groupies to show how 'bersatunya' y'all. That's where Kimon met her Atin. :"> yes, her atin, not my ex ok.

Let's get back to the topic.

And because we were just kids and have nothing to think about instead of using lame names as our username, well that's what it got funny when we think about it today.

As for me, I use '' as my email since f3. Come to think of it, even I don't remember how the hell the name 'zerg' came out. =)) And all I remember was like the number '007' was kinda cool with the James Bond thingy, and the 89 was my birthyear. So it became "". I don't care if it's lame for you, but it's definitely cool for me. Fuck you. What's your email then?

like '' by WangSang. pfffft!

plus '' by Zul Atok. tee hee :">

and email Shanti yg dulu '' =))

And hey, guess what was my first email password? Haha at that time my sister was guiding me on how to manage those emails and stuffs and when it comes to passwords,

Eika : ha ni kamu boh je ape2 nama yg kamu sorg je tau. Jangan kasi tau org2 lain tau.
Me : ...................


My first password was.


Yes, fuck me. Haha hey and I did change it for after a while because I was somehow scared if at certain situations other people would ask me what my password is because they have to use my email for some kind of urgent business and well, that would be very VERY embarassing, wouldn't it?


How stupid I was :)

p/s : My batch's cooking for tonight.


Anonymous said...

why must star n stf? fuck you

zedRadzai said...


kamil said...

BUTOH anda zaid..

Shakaff said...

nufag is nu

Anonymous said...

zerg came from a clan of alien in starcraft

Anonymous said...

@anon why must star n stf is an emo fag

zedRadzai said...

butoh anda jua :)

yeap, I am a new fag. :">

@2nd anon
wow I just remembered! haha nice!

@3rd anon
yeah, why must it? pity.

pepam said...

2nd anon was me

Anonymous said...

mzbm_saiya tebaek

zedRadzai said...

lekkkkkk =))

kamil said...

kami xemo time karok ngn mmbe2..:">
so who's da real emo fag?:">

zedRadzai said...

hahahahaha fuck.