Sampah #4 - Gotcha!

Woah, I was just busy writing my previous entry and suddenly a YM from my buddy, Pokok popped out with a picture waiting for me to accept.

So I clicked the accept button

And there it was.

Aww, the pic ain't clear, is it? Hurm too bad.

Haha xmengapa. But Pokok just really made a point there and I was like WTF? How come I didn't noticed at all hahahaha. Tp peduli ape. I just LOL'ed hard with that pic of "You go?" from my previous entry showing about how that guys get beated up by a bunch of other Indians :)

And somehow I didn't get offended, coz I'm cool right? :">

But, seriously Pokok, you should write a shit blog.

P/s : Enough of the sighs.

Sexist #3 - Guys Are Assholes

I just had a really fun time skyping with my buddy, Mate there who was at this moment, extremely pissed at boys' attitude and I really enjoyed every word that came out from her mouth (well, we're chatting, so literally it wasn't from her mouth) and I lol'ed hard at how awesome she was when uttering those rants because seriously guys, I know her well and she IS awesome, and she seldom gets angry BUT when she's pissed, GOD, you just have to live with it :(

But heck, this time she was really REALLY mad at boys at her college for being such a dumbass and shits. So I just sat there and listen to all of it while trying my best not to laugh but heck, I just LOL'ed like all the time. Gosh, this chick's crazy yo! =))

But she's like my bestfriend of the opposite sex and I just love her as much as she does as a buddy. Coz you see, when your friends bad habit were pointed out to you, it's hard to ignore them. But if you love them enough, those bad habits are easier to forget :)

She's not ranting because she had these situations. It just happened at her friends and she's just observing guys from her point of view.

But still, I love the way she rants man. Really really harsh as a girl LOLOL

Well, not THAT harsh I suppose.


Yeah, we guys are just the most annoying person to you girls, right there? :">

So, if y'all interested about the point, just read this, mafackas. Originally copied from skype and edited so that you'll get less annoyed :">


Aku pissed off dgn my boy friends kt sini. Dorg wat aku rase dorg teruk.

Boys are just stupid. Or even worse. Seriously. Dorang kn cm xreti nk appreciate bile kite concern still nk mcm bangang jgak. Smpai da piss off bru cm hegeh2.

Nk wat sume mnda generally boys mmg cm gituh even bf pon.

Rase mcm stable sgt kot. Dorg x pikir ke?

Pompuan pon ade perasaan jgak. Xseronok jd hegeh sensorang ok?

Kejap. Td i dont feel like talking sbenanye sbb piss off mcm gilaa.

So ko da tnyee aku cm semangat nk citerrrr so nanti ko ade point bru utk blog ko.

Dari pemerhatian aku laa kn dak laki nihhh sgt laaa bangang dan xreti menghargai bila ade org nk jage dorg kn.

Amik berat sumeee. Dorg lgi laa nek lemak, sebab rase ade org jage kn. Cth laaa. Mase mule2 nk kt sorg pompuan nih, kejar mcm nk gilaa, ari2 kol, 24 jam msg, ckp jee mnda, mesti tolong.

Bile pompuan tuh nk ngadu kee tension kee sanggup dgr laa, bg pndangan laa, ape lah sampah laa.

Pastuhhhhhhh bilaa da dapat, mule2 jeee, awal2 tuh semangat lgi laa, lame2 mulee laa tunjuk perangai. Sibukk laa, pdhal men game, ade keje laa, pdhal gi lpak2 isap shisha sume ngan membe2.

Itulahh ini lahhh pastuh yg pompuan nih laa yg duk hegeh

"Da mkn kee?"

Ape ke..

"Esaimen da siap kee?"

"Dmam kee?"

Kan. Duk laaaa hegeh sensorg. It's no fun at all ok? And didn't even sound funny.

Mcm siall.

So nmpak laa serius sket. Ok, pastuhhh. Cth dok men game mcm nk gilaa babi kn pastuh awek dia nih, nk laa citer pe dia wat rini pkai bju ape, nk sembang2 dgn die. Sbb dulu slalu wat cm gituh kn. Tp dia dok sebok lak laa men game pejadah sume, xpon mcm mlas nk lyan sbb ade byk mnda lg nk pikir.

Alasannye lah.

Dulu mase ko dok kejar tuh x hengat plak laa kan byk keje ke ape kn, x jadi kt aku lahh klo bab bf nih. Tp still, prangai same, klo term frenship pon..

Pastuh dtg plak laaaa laki len, yg tolong duk dgr awek dia nih ngadu. Klu aku pon kompem dahh aku gi kt laki yg lg better drr bf aku tuh, wat sakit hati aku jee dok hegeh kt dia.

Yg dia lnsung x igt pasal kite, xpikir lnsung.

Laki tuh salahkn pomuan tuh sbb curang, dia xpikir knape, xpikir salah dia.

Len laa klo ko mmg tatang mcm nk gila skali cri len kn, pe bangang laaa.

Ko xrase bangang ke?

Ok, smbung blik, aku kn byk kali kna tau.

Cth laa, kn masak ramai2 kn dgn boys kn, sbb ksian. Dorg nanti mkn telur dgn kicap je ari2 klo masak sendiri, so ajak laa join makan skali.

Pastuh biasa lahh pompuan kn, detail sket, cm mkn2 sume jage laa, da laa masak pon kite,pastuh mkn plak kt bilik aku. Mkn da bsepah.

Ok lgi laa, xkesahh. Masalahnye da bsepah2 tuh xreti pulak nk kemas kn. Kite ni lahh yg duk kemas, pastuh yg xtahan, klo dia yg last mkn, pinggan lauk yg kosong tuh.

Tinggal je lahh, skali 2 xpelah, aku kmas2 sume, basuh pinggan lauk tuh.

Ini klo da tiap2 kali cm gituh xke cm haram?

Periuk nasi.

Da amik nasi xreti nk tutup blik tnganga laa smpai esok. Siall gilaa.

Xpikir tau. Sbb dorg pikir ade pompuan yg akan kemas kn sume mnda pastuhhh, da kite yg masak, kite tau laa pe yg ade ngan ape yg xde. Pastuh kite jugak kna gi pasar beli brg2, bilaa ajak gi suh angkat brg je pon, bkira nok harom, cm dia jee yg sebok, dia xyah penat2 pikir.

Kite nih blik kelas, penat2, pikir nk kna masak, dia thu oder jee, sbb x bising kn, so pijak kpala, bilaa da mngamok,bru thegeh2, nk tolong mask skali laa. Klo x tuh, haram nk nmpak even on duty arituh. Ttinggal laa pompuan2 nih nk masak, pastuhh, cm da rapat kn, so slalu laa gi lpak2 bilik dorg kn. Kitepon bising laa, besepah, busuk, xkemas mcm sial jee bilik kn.

Pastuhhhh, cm okeh2 nanti kemas, sama la kan, masalahnye, ajak aku gi lpak bilik dia, tp nk haram mcm kandang babi.

Pastuh kwn ko lak tuh, mesti lah ko concern kn

Haaa, esaimen lak wat dono jee, bila da nk due tuh mule lah, btempek jee mcm lumut kt bilik aku, bru nk kelam kabut nye itu ini.

Yg kite lak risau, bile grupwork sume, ajak laa join skali, takot tetinggal kn, concern la, kwn kn.

Tp dia tuh pnah pikr keee? Kna tunggu aku diam, mrajuk, xbcakap, wat dono, bru nk wat keje sume, bru nk bgerak. Penat tau. Xbest lnsung. Knape x leh pikir ksian kt pihak belah sini yg amik berat nih? Bkan minx sgt pon, tp phm x?

Kite da cube tolong dia, tp dia xn tolong diri die. Mcm sial jeer ase.

See the point? Dak laki mmg cm gituh.

Even in relationship, bkan pompuan yg slalunye brubah, lelaki tuh. Bila korg wat cm gituh dats y pompuan cm asyik mrajuk sume. Korg rase korg da stable tau, tp hakikatnye x. Bila da ilang bru nk rase. Bila da ilang bru nk appreciate. Bila da xdak bru nk bisng.

Tp last2, korg bengang sendiri pastuh blame pompuan tuh. Xpaham laa, bajet laa, ape lahhh. Korg tgk laa blik.

Pe korang wat yg korang rase best sgt tuh? Klo awal2 jee beriye, xde maknenyee, bia laa cm bterusan tau, maintain jeee.

So, tolong laa bkak sikit minda yg bajet best tuh, klo rase da stable sgt, bahaye ok. Bongok namenye tuh.

Aku just ckp sbb mcm bengang dan sedih tau.

Sbb aku concern kt kwn aku,tp dia cm gituh. Aku xnk dia ade masalah, tp last2 dia mcm hampes kn. Aku cm pissed off gila, and down nk mati.

I love them as my bro kn, cm platonik gila, so cm syg laa. Skali aku asyik cm hurt by him, ohh sial sungguh.

Ko pon, dgr aku ckp, bila pompuan tuh concern kt ko, dgr jee dia ckp, kurg2 ko thu ade org beside u. Slagi dia ade tuh, appreciate lahhh, bkan lah suh ko puja dok trima kasih spnjang mase

cukup lah bila ko cm ok.

Haha mcm2 la ko Mate. But hey, I kinda felt like approving everything she says about us guys. I dunno, am I a girl?

But guys, seriously, let's just stop being assholes. And treat other person with respect so that you'll get the same thing in return. I mean it. Same to me also :">


Wait till I get a point to bash you bitches.

P/s : Not in the mood.

Sampah #3 - Tuhan Peperangan III

I'm no gamer.

Well, for a while back then I was, but only with DoTa. :">

But I quit.

So now I'm really2 into God Of War game series.

Aku xsabar gile nk main God Of War III.

Yeap, the latest one.

Dah order, dah sampai, siap Nazeep dah kasi abes dh lol.

Yes, I don't have my own ps3 console, which sucks, though. But I don't care. I'll buy only the game with my own money (and Nazeep's :">) and that would make Bean feels less pissed coz I'm gonna play it with his ps3. Chill out, Bean. We're buddies, ain't we? :)

I'm spending my Golden Week to finish that awesome game.

Tp tu la, I've already spoiled myself. By watching videos of them on youtube.

And many more. Including the final boss scene with Zeus and the sex minigame :">

Lantak la. What I do know is, I'm gonna finish the game just like I did for God Of War I and II.

P/s : C'mon2 Golden Week.

Life #10 - Your Cute Childhood

Yawwww, man! I know what you're about to write you sonofabitch!

Yes, folks. It's about me. And about how cute I was back in my childhood. :">

Well, as a matter of fact, that is, a true story, my fellow readers.

Aww, look at this kid :')

And look how he grew up.

Fuck, that's me. Indeed, I'm attensyun-whoring again and again.

I'm just writing this entry because I had a long chat with Raji yesterday and we just happened to talk about how 'hot' we were at certain times. Yes, Raji, ko stok bangga diri gile. Sial je. :">

As for Raji, my buddy there, hurm, well, to be honest, if you ask me how he looks like, I'd go for a 'gile-babi-pukimak-macho-gile-hensem-kampung-chinese-look-bak-kata-Syda-n-Fiqa'. Heheh, totally. And that's what kept him thinking himself as a hot dude with six packs and perfect muscular body and all super-model hot-looking chicks are all into him. Wakaka.

Be strong bro. Don't do anything stupid. Plz.

And as for me, well, right now I do look like a total badass motherfucker dumping into a shithole made up from his overwhelming blast of fart. WangSang


I've no idea about what I just wrote. Just testing my vocab swearing skills which indeed, sucks.

The point is, I'm not as good-looking as Raji is like right now, but come to think of it, zmn2 childhood aku bole thn jgk comelnye ye :">

Yeah, all of us think we're kinda cute when we were kids, ain't we? Now, don't get personal with me.

it's my blog not yours <---- LOLOLOLWTF

*shakaff style*

Well, emo fag is emo.

I just remembered when I was about 7-8years in age, back in Manchester, yes, FYI, I once lived there, ikot bapak aku sambung phD kat sana.

So I had to get to school over there. And heck, the school there was superbly fun. No uniforms, you get recess like 3 times a day, and the teachers were extremely kind, and there were no such things as hitting with cane, or slapping and pinching your ears.

No, there were nothing physical over there. All they do, is just by using their mouths with soft words and kind-heartly stabbing your heart as a child, for God's sake.

But, yeap, they were all Christian.

Nahh, back to the story.

Yeap, I was cute. :">

And I remembered that one time, that very2 special moment when there's this little, blonded hair, blue eyes, whiteand-kinda-red-on-her-cheeks girl whom I kinda fancy in my 2nd grade came to me and showed that she fancies me too. :">

I mean, at that time I was like really into her. Everyday, when we finished class, I would just walked out with her, following her from behind, xkisah la cmnepon, yg penting aku nampak die every moment I finished my day at school.

And yes, her name was Alisha.

I hardly remember anything about her right now, but I did remember this one awkward conversation that we had when we were queueing to get into the bus after swimming lessons.

Me : bla bla bla blaaa.
Alisha : bla bla bla blaaa

(sumpah aku xigt sembang ape)

But the punch line was after this.

She looked at my eyes deeply, like showing how deeply in love she was with me (fuck yeah!) and I just did the same. Yes, kids know romance too, guys.

And then suddenly,

Alisha : Can I kiss you?


Now what would you answer if you were me, a little 8year old kid responding to a kiss request from a cute girl that you happen to be in "love" with. :">

Well, of course you'd sucked right? Just like I did.

Me : Er, haha! :"> what are you talking about? Well, uh. No. yes. No nooo. :"> My mom says girls and boys can't kiss each other till they're married. :">


I just missed a lifetime experience. To sacrifice my virginity by kissing another girl at the age of 8. Wow, that's fukken awesome!

Well, no.

And that's why I like to stick to the reality. Christian or people from another religion can never hook up with me. Because I'm a Muslim :)
/off topic

Tp rugi jgk kan. tee hee. Yela aku budak lagi, mne de dosa. Tee hee :">

Pastu klu aku dpt cium, bapak ah feeling gile. Budak2 weh, msti macho gile.

Ish ko ni zed.

Ouch2, okay! Won't do it again :'(

And wait! That's not all actually.

Alisha : Would you like to go out with me?


Me : Haha I'd love to.

But, of course we never went out together. Seriously, what did I had at that time? A penny? A car? Hot body? Handsome fuckface? Heck, my mom even got me underwears at that time. So quit. That's just a story of my long long far away lover. Hurm, I wonder if she still remembers me :">

And stories like this makes us feel happy and nostalgic for no reason sometimes. Like right now. I do remember other 'cinta monyet' and crushes I had with other girls when I was at primary school and junior high school.

"Nadzirah, Amalina, Syahirah, Hasmira, Syirin, Diyana, Ainul, Maziah, Zureen..."

Yeap, all of them. And I'm not even embarrassed to list out their names haha.

Fuck ramai jgk LOLOL.

And some of the crushes I had was even when I was already in a relationship back then. Tee hee. Hey, I'm a guy ok, that's normal. Yang penting loyalty :">

Just a priceless story of me to share with you losers. What's yours, then? :)

P/s : It's no big deal.

Life #9 - Ciggies

Well, for once when I was a child, a teenager perhaps, I never ever thought that by smoking could make you look cool.

And I never did understand why people smoke at the first place. Is it that delicious, or by any point does it relieves the smoker? The taste suck btw, those freaking bitter smoke flowing through your lungs and out they go just like that, leaving behind all the toxic in your body and by 10 years, congratulations but you'll be dead caused by cancer.

Ugh. *scared*

Like in my junior and senior high school, well of course smoking were strictly prohibited there, right? And good for me, I was a senior prefect at those precious times (yeah yeah) and like seriously, I really hate those mafackas who really don't understand the school rules. Heck, I even hate my buddies for being a smoker at that time. HA HA.

It's just annoying, man. Those smoke smelled really bad, and I really didn't like it when those smells sticks on your clothes and turn your lips being a bit darker and whoops, kantoi sudah dgn mak pak isap rokok.


Well, those are just opinions I feel when I was like 15 year old kid.

But, now, heck I'm a smoker, too. Now what does that makes you feel? Fukken hypocrite la this person.

Hellllllll, no.

Yeah, literally I was a bit 'shy2-cat' to show to other people that I smoke. But that's just before 4-5 months ago.

And by having a breakdown, here reborns the new zaidRadzai who is happily living his life although it wasn't the life that he'd ever dreamt of.

I become fierce, I become stronger, more mature, nothing hypocrite about me in the internet or the real life and such, so thanks to you buddy :)

Stoppit, will you, the entry's about ciggies, not your fucked-up life.

But hey, I'm grateful about Syda, and Fiqa and Aizat and can't wait to go for a double-date with them.

Shut up.


Ok, back to my topic. Well, since I came here, I'm all alone in my room, in front of the computer, and sometimes when I'm studying, fuck I'm bored.

So, off I went to nearest convenience store to buy a pack of ciggies just to fill in my free time while doing nothing and just smoke those craps till my lungs getting dirty. *sigh*

As you can see, it's tough being here. I'm always stressed, I sighs all the time, I feel sensitive like an old women, and I get angry a lot, but I kept them to myself, so let's just say smoking was another way to keep me calm.

Tegar kan?

But nothing to worry about, because I'm really reaaaalllly gonna stop smoking before getting back to Malaysia for good.


Or even when I'm getting married?

Or when my wife's getting pregnant?

Or when she delivers my baby?


Fuck, am I gonna be smoker for a lifetime? That sucks, dude.


But, no matter what the reason is, being a smoker doesn't mean you don't care about other persons. So just get back to a normal life, if being a smoker is what you choose, then might as well be a good one.

Sayangi keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat anda.

P/s : I'm screwed in here. Get me out.

Shit Cover #3 - Bukan Cinta Biasa [Afgan]

Hello guys. I'm sleepy.

Just hear this out.


Still not good enough, btw.

P/s : Judge yourself first.

Sexist #2 - Whack A Girl


Well, to be honest, as an adult, I do think about this shit like everytime I got into a fight with a girl :">

A girl makes you angry and fuck, you're pissed. Really pissed. Like you wanted to kick or whack or slap her face so hard, you keep on remembering yourself

"She's a girl. She's a whore. She's a bitch. Guys don't hit girls. We hit bitches and whores."

So after all, WHOOPS! I just slap you in a face.

HAHA you deserve that, you fucking whore!

But, seriously guys, as a human being with a penis, is it necessary to whack another human being with a vagina and titties under any circumstances?

No matter how angry you are to them, does it really bring any good to just hit them so that you think you yourself could prove your point about whatever it is you're approving?

But, if you ask me, I dunno too. LOL

But still, maybe I could do that when they walked out of the kitchen to show that they quit making sammiches for me.

Oh, no, sweetie pie. :) You shouldn't get out from the kitchen unless I call you from our bedroom.

WHACK! *slaps*

Yeah, sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do to get his sandwich.

Or maybe I would never slap her in the face but would ABSOLUTELY slap her ass every time I feel horny. Wow, those big round ass... GRRRRRR!!

LOL I just kid. With a background of a normal happy family, and since I was little, there were never any brutal action ever happened in my family, well of course I think we guys should never hit a girl.

And to be honest, I never did hit a girl before in my life. I dunno, maybe I'm a saint?

But guys, how if the girl was your wife?

And she max out your credit card, go Golok find gigolo.
Gangbang with your neighbors.
Seduce your father, then kill your mother.

Now, what would you do? :">

See whack or not.

Nahhhh. Doesn't have to go that far. Just give her a Triple one. (Talak Tiga if you know what I mean)

They're girls, man. Think of them as your mother, or your sister and grandmother. Would you like to see them getting beaten up by another guy?

Of course not.

I'm just nice. I don't whack girls. Heck, I even don't whack boys. I'd never do those kind of stuffs, seriously. Because I'm a reasonable man.

I know, women demand gender equality in the world, so if guys get slapped, we should give them a bit, too? Right?

No. Because you're doing it wrong.

But still, use your common sense. Like an honest story from this guy here. I found it at /k/.

"My girl-best friend likes to whack me when she feels insulted, irritated or even when too embarrassed. For such reasons, I won't really mind it. But it gets on my nerves when she finds nothing better to do than randomly insulting me and whacking my head, calling me stupid, stuff. So once her annoyance lagged me in my schoolwork. When she complained about how I was late for handing in my work, it got the best of me, and I gave my maiden whack to someone from the opposite sex. A massive maiden whack. She didn't sob, but there were apparent tears in her eyes. We didn't talk for maybe an hour, and I regretted my actions. It was wrong, I thought, not because she's a girl, but because I overdid it."

Jejaka Dayus

Moral of the story :
Females have a great weapon: their physical weakness. So USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

And just for the LULz, enjoy this video from youtube =)


*cries SOB SOB*

Geez, chocolate boy, enough of the accent.

P/s : Let's just look into the bright side.

Pictures from Shakaff's. Lately I'm so fucking lazy to google.

What I Hate About Facebook #5 - 9 Most Annoying Types Of People

Ugh. What is going on with me? Lately I'm just so lazy to think about stuffs to write on my blog. And all I do right now is just by copying others' masterpiece which I found again on /k/.

Yes, guys, I'm bored to death. But I don't have the mood to write anything :|

So, just enjoy these pictures. *sigh*

Well, at least bile kita xda bahan, kite cari bahan :D

The 9 most annoying types of people on facebook

P/s : 14th February, 14th April and 14th May!


Kopitiam Komikz #1 - When You Guys Go To The Toilet..

Hmmm. Which one?

P/s : I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.


Shit Cover #2 - Usah Lepaskan [Taufik Batisah]

Haha aku memang ada hobi baru :">

Lagi2 jumpa lagu best bg aku mcm ni. Well, you guys do know how I feel about music, right? :)

So, this is just another cover.

Seriously, I'm starting to get annoyed by the low quality of recording by my digicam. Plus the noise. *sigh*

Would it be nice if I buy one smooth vocal microphone like this one....




Taufik Batish - Usah Lepaskan.

Yeap, dalam hati ada taman.

P/s : Why, are you seducible? :)

Life #8 - Cars

For every guy in this world nowadays, how they look at women can also be seen at how they look at cars. This is because, every women have their own attraction and so do cars. As for wimmen, anything you look at, just anything.

Malay, Chinese, Indian, Chindian?
Pretty, Fugly, Slutty, Pious?
Black, Blonde, Brunette, Headscarf?
Adult, Minor, MILF, Your mom?

Yes, I took those adjectives from your blog, Shakaff. Thanks btw. :)

There's just many ways at how you find wimmen attractive.

And as for cars, we have mini ones, economy, compact, intermediate, standard, full-size, premium, luxury, convertible, sports car, minivan, full size van, sports utility, pickup trucks, and so on.

Many guys, not all, would go for sports car. So that's how they look at wimmen, because sports car look damn hot, they also seek hot wimmen to fap. Like

How big the engine would be = How big and round the boobs and asses are.
How loud the engine sounds = How horny the girl moans.
How high the maintenance is = How often the chick wanna have sex.
How nice the outer design are = How sexy the chick looks naked.
And even how high the prices are = er, like hell you would get hot chicks, you fugly bastards.

Just quit dreaming and go back to your fugly girlfriends. :">

Well, for me, I do find sports car awesome. And I also dream about getting laid with hot models. But that's just a dream, the truth is, like hell you're gonna get it. Those sports car are extremely expensive and those chicks are not worth it. So do like I do. I lower my expectations, and voila! I love sports car and I'm willing to get one no matter what. But we'll get to that later.

And my dream girl, specifically I don't have one, but I do love chubby and cute lil' chicks. And I'm already going for you, Syda. =))

It's just how it works. Cars. You dream about something, but you know you're never gonna get it. So why dream? Instead of thinking about something not worth it, why don't we just lower our expectation and live with it?

But for women, us guys think that LOVE's just another story. And I don't wanna talk shit about it. It's holy, dude. :">

I don't know much about cars but what I know is, about sports car, I love those cool outer designs are. They just make me feel awesome just by touching it, or one day when I have the chance to drive one.

Like I said right, we guys imagine cars = wimmen. Imagining ourselves touching you hot girls and dreaming about riding you from behind one day.

Tee hee.

So what I meant about how far I'm willing to go for sports car, doesn't mean that I'm gonna work damn hard to earn money and buy one that's wayyyy out of my league. I'll find one which I'm able to buy with my own money. Yes, the money which I get from part-time working and from the scholar which the origins were from the tax-payers in our country. Whoot! Thx to you guys.

No, I feel bad.

Tp inilah rezeki.

And not me alone! =))

Dah xmampu nk beli kereta mahal gampang, so what? Itu jela cara penyelesaiannya. We lower our expectations but still, the car looks awesome, just the reality's not. 2nd hand. 10++years already used. Bla bla bla and shits.

Like how we watch porn. Ever second we look at it we imagine ourselves being that lucky-holy-big-hog-looking-cocked motherfucker riding her back. Yes, we know we'll never get it, so that's just how we lower our expectations for wimmen. By watching porn.

Ugh, what am I talking about here? All sarcasm, guys. Do NOT give a shit. :)

Actually, the REAL reason why I'm writing this entry was because, I just noticed, my buddy, Duan there just bought his first new car. Toyota Celica.

Yes, really damn fukken awesome, right?

And that Celica, was just the car that I've been dreaming of the moment I got here in Japan. It's old in design, and there's nothing special about the engine, compared to other hotter sportcars.

Heck, stop asking me questions about the engine. And stop asking about how cheap the cars we can get in here, like you'd really wanna buy it. /rant

Well, I don't give a shit.

What I look at this car is, just merely the outer design and how cheap we can get. I was like

"Hmm. I'm gonna get this"

at the first moment I saw this car on my friends' pics on fb, showing off how 'rich' their seniors are. Fuck you guys.

And turns out this car that Duan bought was not that expensive. 2nd hand mari punya. Which means, I'm able to buy it also. In my dreams. Tee hee.

No, seriously. :|

I don't know whether or not I'm willing to pay for it in my future but for now, this is just my target. :)

So, what's yours?

P/s : Every honest story you tell me makes me love you even more.

Sexist #1 - Conspiracy Theory

Yeah, I'm back with a new series with shit sexist theories that would blow your mind off getting badly butthurting yourself =))

And please, don't give much shit in it. I did it for the LULz.

Please, guys. Seriously.


Conspiracy Theory One.

Been living in this fucked-up world for about 20 years++ have taught me many things. Fun and enjoyable experiences. Challenging stuffs. And even strange shits that you'll discover if you're sensitive enough to be thinking about it.

Okay, first of all. To get perfectly straight.

Read this forum. Well, that's just an example to get your mind set straight for this entry. It's kinda old shit, but it's important for you to understand all about it before getting back to this entry :)

Ok, finished?

So, what do you think? I bet you guys already know what I'm gonna write about right now.

Hell, yeah, man.

"Why do I see a lot of hot girls dating ugly guys?"

Dan sebaliknya :">

Why laaa? :( And before this, I also have been noticing quite a sum of couples out there being totally an opposite of each other walking aroung at the mall, park or whatever dating points there is. But at that time, I did felt like

"It's not fair, mom!"

But I just didn't care. And I don't have a blog at that time to write about it. HA HA.

I mean, like c'mon. I know it's sweet love. But uh...

Here, take a look again.




But wait! There's more!

Hoh ni bukan couple :">

OK, go on.

Pictures from google. Heck, I don't even know whether they were really couples or not. Malas aku nk struggle mencarik. But you do get my point right? HA!


Seriously, what the fuck is going on in this world? How the hell did you fugly chicks and handsome dudes managed to EVEN talking to each other? WTF.

And tak semua couple mcm ni wey. Jgn nk anggap sume sama je. Bodo. :">

But. I'm just pointing out a question. Which you losers would love to think about. Yela, korg dh masuk cni, jgn expect la nk baca bnda2 b'faedah :)

I'm just curious, man. It were just too obvious. Too many times.

Like before I even had a girlfriend, I always looked around facebook and hell yeah, (don't ever say you don't agree with me) there's just too many pictures in there to see. And tonnes of em' were also couple pics. Which was really REALLY weird to see how beautiful/handsome the girl/boy was and how FUGLY his/her couple were. Sigh.

Tapi nk post2 pic kat cni pon kesian jgk. Aku ada hati perut jgk wey. :">

Kalau la kite jmp couple2 yg sesuai dgn diri masing2 mcm ni

PERFECT! Ain't that just feel better? Heck, I feel good for both of them! Lantak la korg cina ke keling ke HA HA.

Tp itu la, SELALUNYA (not all, fellas) muke2 couple yg sesuai gile dgn diri masing2 ni end up both part ways right. Putus la, break up la cerai la. And then dpt la minah comey tu ke mamat ni balik.

Fuck. Cukup2 la tu zed pic ni.

But, seriously :| Since when the world became like this, my fellow readers? Or are there like special chemical/spiritual/scientific or other kinds of shit bonds which makes fugly people get easily connected to beautiful people and transform the world being unfair?

Heck, they even affect the celebrities.

Lamest example.

Haha I kid. Yela2, Datuk K hensem, ladies.

Yeah, old shit right. Just forget about it. =)

And one thing I remembered about this shit was when I was hanging out with my friends back in Nagoya, we all made fun of WangSang because he could possibly get a really hot chick as his gf one day :"> haha xbaik sial.

Sorry, dude. You were just lucky enough. =))


But, guys, it's just a fukken shit entry, pointing out how I feel about the world as we see it right now.

I know, maybe one of you guys would get awfully offended and thought like

"Hahaaha...noooooo fukken wayyy. I'm girlfriend's hot. And I have muscular body a big dick summore...jealous?"


Yes, indeed you are.

But fuck, don't get personal with me.

I don't sound jealous, do I? Hell yeah, I don't. Coz I'm really into someone! :D

I'm not mad. I'm not ranting. And I'm not even crying. Because I am thankful with God's blessing for what I've been through all this time. And I'm very happy right now :D

Right, Syda? Tee hee.

I'm just saying, guys. You do the thinking :)

P/s : Pukimak pny pencuri payung panas aku xhilang lg weh!

Random Shit Story #4 - Skype

Yesterday, I was just like normal, in front of my laptop after class, watching How I Met Your Mother and doing the usual shits I do with the internet and such.

Then, suddenly there's a person whom I really didn't know just added me on Skype. With an introduction of

Sophia Mass : Hey... =)

Yes, out of nowhere. And seemed friendly. With the ID name need_randomness and the name Sophia Mass, so of course I assumed that she was a girl, right? :">

And her profile stated out that she was from Bridgette, New Zealand. So again, I do assume her being around from there, tp xtau la minah saleh ke melayu :)

The second I accepted her request after being like a bit confused for a while, trus je die smbung borak dgn aku.

You guys wanna read what we chat about? :">

[11:01:52 PM] Sophia Mass: hey... =)

This is where the part where she approached me.
Then I accepted her request.

[11:01:52 PM] zaidradzai: zaidradzai has shared contact details with Sophia Mass.
[11:02:07 PM] Sophia Mass: hey..
[11:02:08 PM] zaidradzai: er. hey?
[11:02:11 PM] Sophia Mass: read ur blog..

And at this moment, I felt inspired. Tee hee. To know a person from New Zealand reading my blog :">

[11:02:13 PM] zaidradzai: do we know each other?
[11:02:14 PM] Sophia Mass: nice~
[11:02:28 PM] Sophia Mass: erm..
[11:02:35 PM] Sophia Mass: can we we know each other?
[11:02:47 PM] zaidradzai: owh, a reader in my blog =)
[11:02:53 PM] zaidradzai: malay?

And she didn't answer that one.

[11:05:34 PM] Sophia Mass: wanna web chat? =p

Now, wtf. I was somehow confused at this point. She asked me to chat with her on webcam or what?

[11:06:20 PM] *** Call from Sophia Mass, duration 00:28. ***

Yes, indeed it was for webcam. And she called me for the first time but there's like something wrong with her webcam and microphone, so I didn't hear a thing coming out from there.

[11:06:48 PM] zaidradzai: webchat? u mean webcam?
[11:07:00 PM] zaidradzai: i can't see anything haha.
[11:07:18 PM] zaidradzai: btw i dunno you yet
[11:07:24 PM] Sophia Mass: hahaha
[11:07:37 PM] Sophia Mass: i dont like to know stranger without a face..

Ok, this chick's crazy.

[11:07:41 PM] zaidradzai: wait a sec.

And then, she called me second time. But I didn't open my webcam, what for? HAHA. And whoot! You won't believe what I saw on her webcam. Yeap, minah salleh, in her room alone at first.

Yes, this chick. WTF, I just found this pic on google.

Which means, bnda ni biasa dh. LOL aku je yg xpasan at first. :">

Well, c'mon, keep reading.

[11:07:51 PM] *** Call from Sophia Mass, duration 02:44. ***
[11:08:00 PM] Sophia Mass: hey
[11:08:16 PM] Sophia Mass: owh yeah?
[11:08:21 PM] Sophia Mass: you can hear me?
[11:08:24 PM] Sophia Mass: hey..
[11:08:30 PM] zaidradzai: no.
[11:08:31 PM] Sophia Mass: i want to dance for you~
[11:08:33 PM] Sophia Mass: =p

WTF again. And she began like stripdancing, man. Like you know, what you saw on redtube :"> and such. With her belly. Ugh. I couldn't help but getting an erection. HAHA. What the hell is going on with this world?

[11:08:37 PM] zaidradzai: i can't hear you at all.
[11:08:49 PM] zaidradzai: wow.

Yeah, I was like 'terpana'.


And then, came her friends. Konon2 mcm mmber2 die xperasan la die tgh dok gelek2 dpn aku tu. Wakaka. Pastu die segan.

[11:09:08 PM] Sophia Mass: wait sec

And then she went to her friends like blushing around over there. And FYI, her friends were all caucasian HOT chicks and started laughing around in front of me. And end up having a SEXY pillow fight on the bed.


Is this really happening? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?



This isn't real, man.

[11:09:17 PM] zaidradzai: hahaha.
[11:09:23 PM] zaidradzai: hey, c'mon girls.
[11:09:35 PM] zaidradzai: seriously i have no idea what's going on.
[11:09:43 PM] zaidradzai: is this some kind of a prank.

And hey, I'm not THAT stupid okay :"> I know how the internet works and I have using it long enough to know them.

[11:10:07 PM] Sophia Mass: hahahaha~

And then from her webcam, came out this picture. Pic ape tah, aku pon xigt. Tp tema die prank la. Stated out PWNED! like this pic.

HA HA. Fuck me.

[11:10:17 PM] zaidradzai: yeah totally.
[11:10:18 PM] Sophia Mass: u horny fuck~

Yeah, she got me, guys. Fuck her.

[11:10:20 PM] zaidradzai: HAHAHA.
[11:10:31 PM] zaidradzai: hey btw i kinda sensed it already okay
[11:10:33 PM] zaidradzai: =)))


[11:10:35 PM] *** Call ended ***
[11:11:09 PM] zaidradzai: nice prank btw.
[11:11:14 PM] zaidradzai: =))
[11:11:20 PM] Sophia Mass: thanx
[11:11:40 PM] zaidradzai: now who are you? :))
[11:11:44 PM] Sophia Mass: im your friend zaid radzai
[11:11:45 PM] Sophia Mass: hahaha
[11:11:54 PM] zaidradzai: pokok?

And I thought it was my friend Pokok, because he used to make pranks at me haha.

[11:12:21 PM] Sophia Mass: whats that?


[11:12:34 PM] zaidradzai: nothing. just ignore it.
[11:12:38 PM] zaidradzai: i'm just confused.
[11:12:42 PM] zaidradzai: lol.
[11:12:49 PM] zaidradzai: really, man.
[11:12:55 PM] zaidradzai: that prank was AWESOME!
[11:13:05 PM] Sophia Mass: well.. why are you assume me as a man?
[11:13:26 PM] zaidradzai: i dunno.
[11:13:27 PM] zaidradzai: what
[11:13:33 PM] zaidradzai: you think your name's sophia mass
[11:13:39 PM] zaidradzai: and you added me out of nowhere.
[11:13:47 PM] Sophia Mass: XD
[11:13:48 PM] zaidradzai: and because it's the internet so it must be true?
[11:13:50 PM] zaidradzai: hell yeah.
[11:13:53 PM] Sophia Mass: ok..
[11:13:54 PM] Sophia Mass: hahaha
[11:14:02 PM] Sophia Mass: yup2
[11:14:02 PM] Sophia Mass: btw
[11:14:04 PM] Sophia Mass: thanx~
[11:14:09 PM] Sophia Mass: got to go..
[11:14:10 PM] zaidradzai: haha.
[11:14:23 PM] zaidradzai: ok then.

Then our conversation ended just like that. HA HA. What an experience. Rasa mcm btol, sial.

Ini lah nama die rezeki, xkesah la btol atau tak WAKAKA.

And until now, I have no idea who she was. What I know for sure she does read my blog. And hey, I know you reading this, you bitch =))

Tp xkn la minah salleh kan bc blog aku. Gile pe. :">

But, seriously dude, that prank's awesome. The best part was I didn't know it at all. Just suspect sket2 la tang hujung2 kan :">

I've never had it before, so for me, it wasn't lame :">


P/s : Yes, we can never be friends again at the first place. So, I approve your action. :)

What I Hate About Facebook #4 - 20 Things

Hey, guess what? Chap my friend there just gave me a source from a group on facebook which was like superbly awesome. I dunno if you already knew it or not, just go fuck yourself. There's like nearly a million of fans in it but hey, I'm still writing an entry about it anyway. :">

And, it's ALL about what you're not supposed to do on facebook.

Yeah, don't do it, like seriously :|

I'm just gonna direct copy pasta everything wrote over there :)

Enjoy yourself getting a butthurt!

Become a fan to see the 20 THINGS (if you are easily offended and take things way too seriously, I'd suggest you give this page a miss)

1. Do not abuse the Facebook status feature. It specifically says "What's on your mind?" not "What are you currently doing every five minutes of your life".

2. Do not become a fan of Facebook pages that don't apply to you. People are just gonna laugh when you are joining Facebook pages such as "I Love Morning Sex" or "Unexpected Blowjobs" when you ARE still clearly a virgin.

3. Do not like your own statuses or photos otherwise I think people are gonna think you're a lil' bit sad. Although, that's my opinion.

4. Do not post attention seeking statuses. This includes making up stories such as your grandmother falling down the stairs to get people to comment and like your status.

5. Do not post indirect subliminal statuses. If you are in love with 'him' and 'he' is constantly on your mind, do us all a freaking favor and tell him for heaven's sake! This includes bithching about someone without writing the person's name. We all wanna know who the dickhead is thank you very much.

6. Do not send silly gifts on Facebook applications. Yes, we are very grateful you considered sending us a kitten or a hug, but how about sending me something in real life?

7. Do not, if you have Facebook on your mobile, post a photo of everything you eat during your daily adventures.

8. Do not add someone, then post "Sorry, random add!" on the wall. You clearly thought that person was nice looking, but you shouldn't be adding people you don't know anyway.

9. Do not have false middle names. You are not 'James Bedrock Goldstone' or 'Mandy JustinBieber Riddles'.

10. Do not put an apostrophe in your name (such as 'George Harrold') just to appear first on your friend's chat list.

11. Do not tag all your friends in a 'supposedly funny' photo you discovered on Google Image.

12. Do not ask people to comment or 'like' your photos of yourself. I refuse to explain myself with this one.

13. Do not have false profile pictures. It's an insult to make us think you're a Pokemon.

14. Do not have your relationship status set to "It's complicated". If your relationship is so damed complicated that you have to identify it as such on your Facebook profile, get the hell out of Facebook and go fix your relationship.

15. Do not import your 'tweets' from Twitter. If we wanted to read your tweets, we would have Twitter accounts would we?

16. Do not inform us you are deleting people. Firstly, no one cares. Secondly, no one is gonna request you to keep them as a friend, if you knwo them or not.

17. Do not use facebook if you are meant to be ill. Documenting a day of ice cream, chips, video games, and jumping on the bed isn't gonna solve anything.

18. Do not lie about your relationship status then suddenly changing it from 'single' to 'married' to seek attention. We all know that your anonymous lover doesn't exist.

19. Chainmails. Lemme try putting this in a nicest way possible. Your dreams are not gonna come true by posting stupid messages to your friends and Facebook pages and groups. Freddy the Teddy will not murder you tonight either if you don't continue sharing the message, and in fact, we will reward you.

20. Do not add someone just becuase you have mutual friends. It's a small word, and because one of your friends know someone you also know or, doesn't mean you know them. This also applies for those who spots someone with the same surname, it doesn't mean you're related. So, don't add them.


- The only reason you have to become a fan to see the '20 things' is to make it easy to show your friends about the page.

- If you don't like the page, you don't need to tell us, just leave silently (especially if you got offended or took it way too seriously, it was already suggested to give this page a skip)

- You can't have the word 'Facebook' in the title of pages/groups (which explains "FACEBOOK") It's a joke.

- If you have any additional things in mind (to add on to the 20 things), leave a wallpost.

Tee hee :">

Yes, which some I had already made a point in my previous "What I Hate About Facebook" entries.

SO if you do get a butthurt, who fukken cares? Go fill in the butthurt form and stick it up to your ass. :)


And hey, enjoy this another "25 Things I Hate About Facebook" video on youtube by the vlogger JulianSmith.

Pffftt again.

P/s : I think I'm falling for you and I will.


Internet Life #3 - Jiwang Torrent

I'm bored! Yeah. So I opened up the jiwang torrent site and click to see which torrents have the most seeders on it because I was so bored, and I wanted to download latest movies or series to watch.

But hey, look what I found. Among the torrents which have the most seeders on it was this one.

(You have to have an account to view and download it)

Panduan & Teknik Pancutkan Isteri


WTF man. I was like laughing for a while, yela lawak kut bukak2 most downloaded n seeded torrent in a normal Malaysian website, tp tgk2 ade natang ni.

There's just too many Malaysians were reading it, seiring dgn movie2 cite2 gempak n mantap yg lain. Too much hypocricy, I guess? Tp xpela, benda ilmiah kot wey. Babi la, jgn la pndg slack. :(

But then I suddenly thought about it, something about my future wife, whoever she is. Amin. :">

"Wow, learning this could be awesome!"


Out of curiosity.




Yes, I am a pervert sometimes. And I'm not alone :">

But actually, the method in there was lame. I already knew how, just wanna read it all over again.


For you readers, why don't you guys download it, too?

Come on!

For the greater good, and for the future. =))

Ugh, such a shame sharing this shit in a blog.

P/s : You're one sick bastard, aren't you?

Life #7 - School Exams

It's been two days of class for me since my long and fun two months of spring break :) And I just felt weird to be back to school again. I felt weird writing Japanese, I felt weird speaking it with my friends, and I felt weird why I'm here at the first place. (T_T)

I'm back home from my new enjoying lecture = Industrial Thermodynamics :D and you know what? I spent all 1 hour and 30 minutes sitting in there doing nothing but staring at the whole class and smiling alone while listening to the lecture. Ramai gile bdak2 dlm klas ni. Suke aku :)

It's like I felt really2 warm inside my heart. I'm feeling really2 happy, calm and relieved right at that moment, and God, I love that feeling, man.


Fuck that. Butoh la nk happy.

To realize there's just too many students inside that class, there's only one thing I thought ok?

"Oh, ramainya budak dlm klas ni :"> suka2, klu ade mslh nnti boleh buat study group. Yay!"

Pala hotak ko. I'm not that optimistic.

Ramai2 cmtu gile babi ah wey. It's like twice the students in my course ok. Ape mksudnya klu cmtu?

Yeap, ramai repeat klas tersebut! Sdgkan mereka nihanjing2 pon repeat. Bapak takut gile aku rasa. Aku dah la.. hurm...


Btw, I'm just ranting, so ignore it :">

Well, I've just started a new sem, but you guys are already in your exam week.

HA HA. Screw you guys. Yeah, I know I know, you don't have to mention about it. Sucks to be you.

Speaking about exams, I do remember one that I had last semester. FYI, I just had my worse "moodless" few months ever so I didn't cope well in my studies for last semester. Not that I meant before that I did perform better, but hey, last sem was like a nightmare, man. And I'm not gonna talk about it with anyone. I was really2 fucked up and screwed and DAMN, I'm so gonna end up being in jail in the next 2 or 3 years for not paying my debts. Sorry Malaysia, I failed you this time and I won't let it happen again. :'(


Tp salah aku jgk la. Lemah sgt.

So, about my paper, Industrial Dynamics, yela study last minute xhengat pny ah. Sape suruh xstudy awal2, pdn muke. Geez, just remembering those failures do make me kinda feeling like getting pissed off. FUCK MY LIFE.

Time tu la FML. Skrg ok kut, yg penting usaha. InsyaAllah. Pray for me guys.

Tee hee.

So I was like giving all the power I had and struggling at that time to catch up with the syllabus. And aku rs mcm

"Em, bole laa jwb ni. Bole kut. Bole ke eh? Bole2."

I mean, the confidence was there ok.

Ape aku tulis ni. Sial ah.

Ah ok2, main point sbenarnya nk bg tips sket time exam tu. Like me, I had that confidence for my Industrial Dynamics paper, but biasa la, klu aku dh mention mcm ni, sah2 la things don't turn out well.

Aku dh xbole jwb. Pdhal smlm tu rs mcm bole la bla jgk study last minutes. Skali die pi tibai soklan yg aku xstudy kan. Stupid me.

Dok menyumpah2 dlm exam hall, last2 aku BUAT JE YG TERBAIK YG TERMAMPU and then at the bottom of the paper there, I wrote a small note written

"どうしてもお願いします。(Doushitemo, Onegaishimasu)"

Which means in english

"Fuck you, your lecture sucks and please die and go to hell."

Heheh, totally.

Men2 je weh. Babilah aku nk tulis cmtu. Mksud atas tu

"Walau apapun, saya merayu."

Yeap, I just wrote those words. I was like so mentally down, and dissapointed with myself, and like why is this happening to me? Am I that bad? Do I really deserve this?

And then I passed the paper to the lecturer there, and walked out from the class slowly, showing how awful I feel about myself while having another "double" facepalm on my head.

*yes, another DOUBLE facepalm*

And "luckily" for me, lecturer tu tgk je aku. Aku usha die dgn ekor2 mata aku =))

Yes, dia pasan. Bole2 ni, bole lulus ni!

So tu la cite aku.

So you guys bole la cuba cara yg sama =))

Tulis je ape2 pon. Asalkan nampak sinar keinsafan tu.

Tolong la ikot cara aku weh. Aku xnk buat bnda ni sorg2.

Because apparently, the lecturer did FAILED me after all. So wouldn't it be better if you losers had the same experience like I do?

HA HA screw all of us.

P/s : And that's why I hate about having an ex.

BTW, apart from all of the sarcasm in this shit blog, I wish all of you bitches and mafackas one hell of a damn good fuckluck, and all the bitchbest.

Shit Cover #1 - Only Human [K]


Indeed, I'm attensyun whoring.

Cerah lg td, so xpe kot jerit2 sket dlm rumah. Hurm.


K - Only Human.


Kenal lagu ni dari Series One Liter of Tears :)

Sedih xhengat cite tu.



Ok2, sorry2.

P/s : I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Sampah #2 - Peduli

I'm done.

Life #6 - Gaduh Batch

Gaduh Batch? What do you mean by that, bro?

Many would ask such questions like that. And what did I really meant actually?

No, it's not about how I screwed my friendship with my friend because I make fun about her boyfriend. No! :">

Well, it's about housemates. Or batchmates. Yang satu tmpt belajar. Kat mana2 jelah, baik Malaysia, dan di luar2 negara skalipon.

Like in here, us Malay students over here, staying here with our own friends as our housemates. Yes, you losers.

This is the ugly truth. Living here with a housemie (well, it's not a roomie, might as well we call it a housemie right?) does make our life a lot challenging when you have to live with the person you thought you knew well in that 2 years of the most miserable life you ever had in your preparation program.

Yeah, YOU thought you knew him/her well, but uh..

Well, we'll get to that later :)

What I'm trying to say is, it's kinda hard to be living in the same place with other person. That's normal. Bile pk bab2 privacy la ape la, and with all that stuff that we just have to take responsibilities together, like cooking, keeping the house clean, washing the clothes, and running chores together. Just about things that are related to money and commitment. All about the house that we're both or three or four of us living in, well, that is far more greater shit than the shit you had living with your roomie before this in UM.

Yes, I'm saying this because I never had problem with Shanti at all, so that's why I'm writing this entry to bash you guys. :"> No. Like seriously, we're cool. Right there buddy? Love you, bro.

Well, that's bullshit.

Normal la ade mslh dgn housemate! Yes, you know it, and I know it. It's like when you get married and share the house with your wife/husband, of course both of you would have problems suiting your fucked-up life together with each other.


Wow, married? That sounded gay. To imagine I'm getting married to my dear housemate, tee heeeee..... :">

Ah, peduli.

Just when we say housemates with our 'friend', and we knew him like almost two years, but turns out he's like the worse nightmare of our 'eternal' life.

Well, every place have their own story right?

Mcm aku, yela KADANG2 aku mls kemas rumah la, xbasuh pinggan la, xbuang smph la, well that's just me. But hey, I think I'm not the worse. Yeah, I'm better now :) Because you know why, I've heard a lot about other housemates kat mana2 tempat pon kat Jepun ni, yg buruk beno dh perangai die smpi buat housemate2 die semedang rs panas hati, menyampah, dan geram.

Well, let's just change ourselves. Instead of being mad at other persons, why don't we judge ourselves why our housemate don't like us. It's not that you MUSTN'T have problems with your housemate at all, you may, for the greater good, right? But like all the time? Ade je masalah ko buat tanpa sedar housemate ko pandang ko cm sial je. Yes, die pendam2 then buzz sape2 yg on ym just to rant about it. Kasihan kan dpt housemate xbest?

So stop it. Stop being an asshole. Be mature, and try to be more sensitive and responsible about every act you make in the house and how your housemate feels about yourself.

Just a friendly reminder to all of us.

Peka itu penting.

And hey you guys, I'm writing this not to bash anyone. Especially not Shanti, my housemate.
Maka siapa terasa, dia lah yang makan cilinya.


P/s : I'm kinda scared of losing something I care about.

Life #5 - Music

I love music. As much as you guys do. Not one day I have live my life without listening to music. Well, I used to be a nasyid-lover, but that was like until I've finished highschool. And hey, I still do listen to them every now and then. Well, at least when the nasyid songs DO have a chance to be played on shuffle in my Winamp or iPhone, I do listen to them. :">

But for me, like every other sick bastards, people do change. My point here is, I do love music, but ONLY the music. The chords, the vocals, the instruments. Except the lyrics. Memang sejak dulu lg. Zmn2 nasyid pon. Yeah sucks, right? Sedih Ustazah Jamilah dgr ni.

I don't take the words out from there like SERIOUSLY they would make me cry or touched or feel bad or happy like EVERYTIME. No. I just listen to them. Just like that. Well, that's just me. I don't give much shit on anything. Apart from things that were supposed to be given most shit at. Like my study life :"> and my family and friends. And even my personal life. Yes, I'm talking about you my dear. I know ur reading my shit blog :">

What differs me from you readers is that I don't care what kind of song I love. All I know about me is, when a person asked me to hear out this song or that song or whatever song it is, I will. But the decision comes after that. No matter what the lyrics is, if it sounds awesome to me, I will listen to it like everytime for a while. So like watching movies, I do take music into my soul. I appreciate them, and sometimes they even affect my feelings. Just like the rest of you feels about music right. Just not EVERYTIME.

"Dalam hati ada bunga, dalam seluar ada hutan"

At certain times, I just have the mood into like listening to simple musics. Sama jgk mcm lagu rock, metal, sentimental, and every other MENtal there is. Like when I'm in the car with Kana, and Pika n Dyana, and the song which was playing at that time in the car was Inul Darasista - Kocok, well, we all enjoyed it. Not that I mention the girls enjoy about it, but frankly, what an awkward song to listen with your girlfriends. :">

"Kocok2, baru keluar! Ahhhhhh"
-Inul Darasista-

So I love music just as much you do. But hey, I'm really also into vocals. And that's why I love singing. Clearly before this I've already stated it out.

And when I sing, people tend to think that all the act that I was doing was to impress them. Well, I do, at least at some point. But come to think of it, I'm just like a normal guy who loves to sing. And believe me, I'd sing like hell whether you people listen to it or not. Yes I'm with you, Nur Amalia. :">

I don't sing to be cool.
I don't sing to get friends.
I don't sing to get laid.
And I don't give a shit about why I love to sing.

But, seriously, why do I love singing?

Er, to get entertained?

EXACTLY. To be mentally stabilized when I'm trying to enjoy myself. Or I'm in a very bad mood. Or just merely for no reason, I just love to sing like everytime.

Cume kat cni rumah dinding nipis, sume nipis, bising sket org mrh, jiran mcm fuck. So the limits were there, plus I don't wanna make people getting annoyed to me for singing like every fucking time they hang out with me. So the only time I can satisfy my 'physical needs as man' was when I go out karaoke-ing with my friends. Or when I have WangSang or Acap kat sblh main gitar, rakam buat cover and publish it out on youtube, facebook or what-so-ever-attensyun-whoring-site there is. :)

Too bad I don't know and I don't have the will to learn how to play the guitar :(

Well, each and every one of us has our own opinion about shits and stuff, so this is mine. What's yours then?

p/s : Guys regret the girls they don't sleep with. Girls regret the guys they do sleep with.