Life #8 - Cars

For every guy in this world nowadays, how they look at women can also be seen at how they look at cars. This is because, every women have their own attraction and so do cars. As for wimmen, anything you look at, just anything.

Malay, Chinese, Indian, Chindian?
Pretty, Fugly, Slutty, Pious?
Black, Blonde, Brunette, Headscarf?
Adult, Minor, MILF, Your mom?

Yes, I took those adjectives from your blog, Shakaff. Thanks btw. :)

There's just many ways at how you find wimmen attractive.

And as for cars, we have mini ones, economy, compact, intermediate, standard, full-size, premium, luxury, convertible, sports car, minivan, full size van, sports utility, pickup trucks, and so on.

Many guys, not all, would go for sports car. So that's how they look at wimmen, because sports car look damn hot, they also seek hot wimmen to fap. Like

How big the engine would be = How big and round the boobs and asses are.
How loud the engine sounds = How horny the girl moans.
How high the maintenance is = How often the chick wanna have sex.
How nice the outer design are = How sexy the chick looks naked.
And even how high the prices are = er, like hell you would get hot chicks, you fugly bastards.

Just quit dreaming and go back to your fugly girlfriends. :">

Well, for me, I do find sports car awesome. And I also dream about getting laid with hot models. But that's just a dream, the truth is, like hell you're gonna get it. Those sports car are extremely expensive and those chicks are not worth it. So do like I do. I lower my expectations, and voila! I love sports car and I'm willing to get one no matter what. But we'll get to that later.

And my dream girl, specifically I don't have one, but I do love chubby and cute lil' chicks. And I'm already going for you, Syda. =))

It's just how it works. Cars. You dream about something, but you know you're never gonna get it. So why dream? Instead of thinking about something not worth it, why don't we just lower our expectation and live with it?

But for women, us guys think that LOVE's just another story. And I don't wanna talk shit about it. It's holy, dude. :">

I don't know much about cars but what I know is, about sports car, I love those cool outer designs are. They just make me feel awesome just by touching it, or one day when I have the chance to drive one.

Like I said right, we guys imagine cars = wimmen. Imagining ourselves touching you hot girls and dreaming about riding you from behind one day.

Tee hee.

So what I meant about how far I'm willing to go for sports car, doesn't mean that I'm gonna work damn hard to earn money and buy one that's wayyyy out of my league. I'll find one which I'm able to buy with my own money. Yes, the money which I get from part-time working and from the scholar which the origins were from the tax-payers in our country. Whoot! Thx to you guys.

No, I feel bad.

Tp inilah rezeki.

And not me alone! =))

Dah xmampu nk beli kereta mahal gampang, so what? Itu jela cara penyelesaiannya. We lower our expectations but still, the car looks awesome, just the reality's not. 2nd hand. 10++years already used. Bla bla bla and shits.

Like how we watch porn. Ever second we look at it we imagine ourselves being that lucky-holy-big-hog-looking-cocked motherfucker riding her back. Yes, we know we'll never get it, so that's just how we lower our expectations for wimmen. By watching porn.

Ugh, what am I talking about here? All sarcasm, guys. Do NOT give a shit. :)

Actually, the REAL reason why I'm writing this entry was because, I just noticed, my buddy, Duan there just bought his first new car. Toyota Celica.

Yes, really damn fukken awesome, right?

And that Celica, was just the car that I've been dreaming of the moment I got here in Japan. It's old in design, and there's nothing special about the engine, compared to other hotter sportcars.

Heck, stop asking me questions about the engine. And stop asking about how cheap the cars we can get in here, like you'd really wanna buy it. /rant

Well, I don't give a shit.

What I look at this car is, just merely the outer design and how cheap we can get. I was like

"Hmm. I'm gonna get this"

at the first moment I saw this car on my friends' pics on fb, showing off how 'rich' their seniors are. Fuck you guys.

And turns out this car that Duan bought was not that expensive. 2nd hand mari punya. Which means, I'm able to buy it also. In my dreams. Tee hee.

No, seriously. :|

I don't know whether or not I'm willing to pay for it in my future but for now, this is just my target. :)

So, what's yours?

P/s : Every honest story you tell me makes me love you even more.


pailang said...

zed. jual AP ko kt ak please.

tee hee

Anonymous said...

zed xyah bli kete bw balik ...
simpan duet kawen..

zedRadzai said...

tapi.... :(

haha kawin is just another story. we'll get to that later :>

Anonymous said...

kumpul duet...
mkn pill byk leh bli kete..

zedRadzai said...

ok anon. ok.

Shakaff said...

tetiba terasa pressure lepas duan angkat celica ni.

satu hari nanti.........

zedRadzai said...

i feel you mang

Anonymous said...

aku memahami jue....

zedRadzai said...

it'd be a great favor for you anons to leave your names behind.

Anonymous said...


zedRadzai said...

yeah totally