Life #6 - Gaduh Batch

Gaduh Batch? What do you mean by that, bro?

Many would ask such questions like that. And what did I really meant actually?

No, it's not about how I screwed my friendship with my friend because I make fun about her boyfriend. No! :">

Well, it's about housemates. Or batchmates. Yang satu tmpt belajar. Kat mana2 jelah, baik Malaysia, dan di luar2 negara skalipon.

Like in here, us Malay students over here, staying here with our own friends as our housemates. Yes, you losers.

This is the ugly truth. Living here with a housemie (well, it's not a roomie, might as well we call it a housemie right?) does make our life a lot challenging when you have to live with the person you thought you knew well in that 2 years of the most miserable life you ever had in your preparation program.

Yeah, YOU thought you knew him/her well, but uh..

Well, we'll get to that later :)

What I'm trying to say is, it's kinda hard to be living in the same place with other person. That's normal. Bile pk bab2 privacy la ape la, and with all that stuff that we just have to take responsibilities together, like cooking, keeping the house clean, washing the clothes, and running chores together. Just about things that are related to money and commitment. All about the house that we're both or three or four of us living in, well, that is far more greater shit than the shit you had living with your roomie before this in UM.

Yes, I'm saying this because I never had problem with Shanti at all, so that's why I'm writing this entry to bash you guys. :"> No. Like seriously, we're cool. Right there buddy? Love you, bro.

Well, that's bullshit.

Normal la ade mslh dgn housemate! Yes, you know it, and I know it. It's like when you get married and share the house with your wife/husband, of course both of you would have problems suiting your fucked-up life together with each other.


Wow, married? That sounded gay. To imagine I'm getting married to my dear housemate, tee heeeee..... :">

Ah, peduli.

Just when we say housemates with our 'friend', and we knew him like almost two years, but turns out he's like the worse nightmare of our 'eternal' life.

Well, every place have their own story right?

Mcm aku, yela KADANG2 aku mls kemas rumah la, xbasuh pinggan la, xbuang smph la, well that's just me. But hey, I think I'm not the worse. Yeah, I'm better now :) Because you know why, I've heard a lot about other housemates kat mana2 tempat pon kat Jepun ni, yg buruk beno dh perangai die smpi buat housemate2 die semedang rs panas hati, menyampah, dan geram.

Well, let's just change ourselves. Instead of being mad at other persons, why don't we judge ourselves why our housemate don't like us. It's not that you MUSTN'T have problems with your housemate at all, you may, for the greater good, right? But like all the time? Ade je masalah ko buat tanpa sedar housemate ko pandang ko cm sial je. Yes, die pendam2 then buzz sape2 yg on ym just to rant about it. Kasihan kan dpt housemate xbest?

So stop it. Stop being an asshole. Be mature, and try to be more sensitive and responsible about every act you make in the house and how your housemate feels about yourself.

Just a friendly reminder to all of us.

Peka itu penting.

And hey you guys, I'm writing this not to bash anyone. Especially not Shanti, my housemate.
Maka siapa terasa, dia lah yang makan cilinya.


P/s : I'm kinda scared of losing something I care about.


yahudi maen gita said...

shanti baca xblog ni?

kamil said...

apa kejadah nama hg nih nazip..hahaa

zedRadzai said...

@yahudi main gitar
lol jgn risau aku tulis entry ni bkn nk bash die. Xde mslh ah. :)
Wtf nama ko sial.

tu ah. Sejak kna tag kat pic ni suke btoi jd yahudi nazeep ni.

yahudi maen gita said...


zedRadzai said...

nazep? xkn xknal?
nah add die kat fb.