Internet Life #3 - Jiwang Torrent

I'm bored! Yeah. So I opened up the jiwang torrent site and click to see which torrents have the most seeders on it because I was so bored, and I wanted to download latest movies or series to watch.

But hey, look what I found. Among the torrents which have the most seeders on it was this one.

(You have to have an account to view and download it)

Panduan & Teknik Pancutkan Isteri


WTF man. I was like laughing for a while, yela lawak kut bukak2 most downloaded n seeded torrent in a normal Malaysian website, tp tgk2 ade natang ni.

There's just too many Malaysians were reading it, seiring dgn movie2 cite2 gempak n mantap yg lain. Too much hypocricy, I guess? Tp xpela, benda ilmiah kot wey. Babi la, jgn la pndg slack. :(

But then I suddenly thought about it, something about my future wife, whoever she is. Amin. :">

"Wow, learning this could be awesome!"


Out of curiosity.




Yes, I am a pervert sometimes. And I'm not alone :">

But actually, the method in there was lame. I already knew how, just wanna read it all over again.


For you readers, why don't you guys download it, too?

Come on!

For the greater good, and for the future. =))

Ugh, such a shame sharing this shit in a blog.

P/s : You're one sick bastard, aren't you?


yahudi wanna say goodnight said...

hoi bedebah...xd account jiwang xleh bukak kot link tu

zedRadzai said...

lol. lupe plak.