Life #5 - Music

I love music. As much as you guys do. Not one day I have live my life without listening to music. Well, I used to be a nasyid-lover, but that was like until I've finished highschool. And hey, I still do listen to them every now and then. Well, at least when the nasyid songs DO have a chance to be played on shuffle in my Winamp or iPhone, I do listen to them. :">

But for me, like every other sick bastards, people do change. My point here is, I do love music, but ONLY the music. The chords, the vocals, the instruments. Except the lyrics. Memang sejak dulu lg. Zmn2 nasyid pon. Yeah sucks, right? Sedih Ustazah Jamilah dgr ni.

I don't take the words out from there like SERIOUSLY they would make me cry or touched or feel bad or happy like EVERYTIME. No. I just listen to them. Just like that. Well, that's just me. I don't give much shit on anything. Apart from things that were supposed to be given most shit at. Like my study life :"> and my family and friends. And even my personal life. Yes, I'm talking about you my dear. I know ur reading my shit blog :">

What differs me from you readers is that I don't care what kind of song I love. All I know about me is, when a person asked me to hear out this song or that song or whatever song it is, I will. But the decision comes after that. No matter what the lyrics is, if it sounds awesome to me, I will listen to it like everytime for a while. So like watching movies, I do take music into my soul. I appreciate them, and sometimes they even affect my feelings. Just like the rest of you feels about music right. Just not EVERYTIME.

"Dalam hati ada bunga, dalam seluar ada hutan"

At certain times, I just have the mood into like listening to simple musics. Sama jgk mcm lagu rock, metal, sentimental, and every other MENtal there is. Like when I'm in the car with Kana, and Pika n Dyana, and the song which was playing at that time in the car was Inul Darasista - Kocok, well, we all enjoyed it. Not that I mention the girls enjoy about it, but frankly, what an awkward song to listen with your girlfriends. :">

"Kocok2, baru keluar! Ahhhhhh"
-Inul Darasista-

So I love music just as much you do. But hey, I'm really also into vocals. And that's why I love singing. Clearly before this I've already stated it out.

And when I sing, people tend to think that all the act that I was doing was to impress them. Well, I do, at least at some point. But come to think of it, I'm just like a normal guy who loves to sing. And believe me, I'd sing like hell whether you people listen to it or not. Yes I'm with you, Nur Amalia. :">

I don't sing to be cool.
I don't sing to get friends.
I don't sing to get laid.
And I don't give a shit about why I love to sing.

But, seriously, why do I love singing?

Er, to get entertained?

EXACTLY. To be mentally stabilized when I'm trying to enjoy myself. Or I'm in a very bad mood. Or just merely for no reason, I just love to sing like everytime.

Cume kat cni rumah dinding nipis, sume nipis, bising sket org mrh, jiran mcm fuck. So the limits were there, plus I don't wanna make people getting annoyed to me for singing like every fucking time they hang out with me. So the only time I can satisfy my 'physical needs as man' was when I go out karaoke-ing with my friends. Or when I have WangSang or Acap kat sblh main gitar, rakam buat cover and publish it out on youtube, facebook or what-so-ever-attensyun-whoring-site there is. :)

Too bad I don't know and I don't have the will to learn how to play the guitar :(

Well, each and every one of us has our own opinion about shits and stuff, so this is mine. What's yours then?

p/s : Guys regret the girls they don't sleep with. Girls regret the guys they do sleep with.


Anonymous said...

i love only the p/s :)

zedRadzai said...

awww. dh tulis pnjg2, suke p/s je. :(

yeap, entry mcm ni mmg membosankan.

raji said...

haha..aku suka part ni..i'm with u nur amalia..hahahaha

kamil said...

jom down sepam...

zedRadzai said...

haha aku kna join force dgn amalia :">

hoh, jom2 weh nnti2. fun gile kut down ritu wakaka.

amalia said...

sengal....asal ak ade lagik skalik kat sini nih......
bile mau duet?haha....

zedRadzai said...

haha aku sokong ko kut lia! =))
tah bile tah kite bole duet. :(
ko jauh gile kut.

imam said...

bro.. we have a different opinion here.. aku suka mendengar dan mentafsir lirik.. especially lirik yang puitis.. ia bagai menyelesaikan teka teki pabila dapat menangkap maksud lirik tersebut.. dan irama datang menambah keindahan lagu and what a legendary song!!! as examples are: bahasa terindah by ramli sarip, kias fansuri, tanya sama itu hud2, kepadamu kekasih by m nasir..

zedRadzai said...

glad to hear yours :)
tp yg pasti aku mmg xbpe nk pndg la lirik2 ni. just at certain times when i'm emotional or depressed, ha time tu bru la akan menghayati lirik scara semulajadi.