Random Shit Story #3 - FFFUUUUUUUU

Talking about travelling, well I don't travel a lot yet over here. Because the last two long holidaysI spent was one in Malaysia and another one at my friends' place in Nagoya, we kinda had a small reunion over there. Well, I'm not really into travelling like you guys, but I don't care where ever I go, as long as there's a friend with me together.

So, what happens if I travel alone?

Yeap, fukken bored, man. Felt fukken lonely. Yes, I'm a fukken lonely loner fukken walking down a fukken lonely road. Fukken alone.

You couldn't get any bored with shits other than this.

Because there's no such thing as boring as travelling alone.

It's like you get too bored, you start remembering things you're not supposed to be thinking about. You think of shits all the time. You easily get pissed, and you become another kind of a retarded person. And you become sensitive.

Take this one as an example.

You were like a foreigner alone in the train and there's just this one guy with some kind of a weird attitude. He acts like a crazy person, but to me, I dunno whether or not he IS crazy. You tell me.

He talks to himself alone. He looks at people like all the time and try to have a conversation with them. He smiles a lot. Pfft, what an attensyun-whore.


And hey, he owns an educational book. WTF? A retarded person with a book. I respect him. Really.

But, you know what was the shittiest thing ever, that had occured to me?

Of all people, the crazy guy focused all of his 'strength' of attracting attention, to me. Yes, ME. *sigh*

Yes, tren yg penuh dgn Nihanjing2 (Japanese in Melei form) sume. With me alone as a Malay guy in there.

I was standing in front of him, tp die tgh duduk, atas kerusi. Bertuah pny bdak. He waved at me. He makes stupid and silly faces to me. I know, dude. I was somehow like an alien to you. :( Well, you're just retarded. Pity you, but hey, you do know you already got a ticket to heaven for just being crazy? Then, what can I say? Good for you, buddy.

Well, the story's not over.

But when you do that kind of stuff, like keep on trying to attract me, I felt like really uncomfortable with it. Can you imagine how awkward and fucked-up it feels to be me, just standing there, in front of him, trying my best to ignore his retarded attitude? I mean like, I was the only Malay guy in that train, man. People looked at me. They smiled and giggled. Like somehow turns out it was me who become the person they were laughing at. Fuck it. Shouldn't them laughing at the retarded guy? :(


When the guy reached his destination, he suddenly act like a normal person. He looks normal, no more stupid faces. And like other Nihanjing persons, he bowed to me, yela kire nk mintak tumpang lalu la lebih kurg. And off he went out from the train, and walked like a single normal person.


For a moment there, I was like


Now, what the FUCK is wrong with these Japs?

P/s : Just haven't met you yet.


pukuk said...

jgn kate kat jepun..
kat malaysia pun org gile suke kat ang..

zedRadzai said...

who would be that 'org gile' in malaysia? :(