Random Shit Story #4 - Skype

Yesterday, I was just like normal, in front of my laptop after class, watching How I Met Your Mother and doing the usual shits I do with the internet and such.

Then, suddenly there's a person whom I really didn't know just added me on Skype. With an introduction of

Sophia Mass : Hey... =)

Yes, out of nowhere. And seemed friendly. With the ID name need_randomness and the name Sophia Mass, so of course I assumed that she was a girl, right? :">

And her profile stated out that she was from Bridgette, New Zealand. So again, I do assume her being around from there, tp xtau la minah saleh ke melayu :)

The second I accepted her request after being like a bit confused for a while, trus je die smbung borak dgn aku.

You guys wanna read what we chat about? :">

[11:01:52 PM] Sophia Mass: hey... =)

This is where the part where she approached me.
Then I accepted her request.

[11:01:52 PM] zaidradzai: zaidradzai has shared contact details with Sophia Mass.
[11:02:07 PM] Sophia Mass: hey..
[11:02:08 PM] zaidradzai: er. hey?
[11:02:11 PM] Sophia Mass: read ur blog..

And at this moment, I felt inspired. Tee hee. To know a person from New Zealand reading my blog :">

[11:02:13 PM] zaidradzai: do we know each other?
[11:02:14 PM] Sophia Mass: nice~
[11:02:28 PM] Sophia Mass: erm..
[11:02:35 PM] Sophia Mass: can we we know each other?
[11:02:47 PM] zaidradzai: owh, a reader in my blog =)
[11:02:53 PM] zaidradzai: malay?

And she didn't answer that one.

[11:05:34 PM] Sophia Mass: wanna web chat? =p

Now, wtf. I was somehow confused at this point. She asked me to chat with her on webcam or what?

[11:06:20 PM] *** Call from Sophia Mass, duration 00:28. ***

Yes, indeed it was for webcam. And she called me for the first time but there's like something wrong with her webcam and microphone, so I didn't hear a thing coming out from there.

[11:06:48 PM] zaidradzai: webchat? u mean webcam?
[11:07:00 PM] zaidradzai: i can't see anything haha.
[11:07:18 PM] zaidradzai: btw i dunno you yet
[11:07:24 PM] Sophia Mass: hahaha
[11:07:37 PM] Sophia Mass: i dont like to know stranger without a face..

Ok, this chick's crazy.

[11:07:41 PM] zaidradzai: wait a sec.

And then, she called me second time. But I didn't open my webcam, what for? HAHA. And whoot! You won't believe what I saw on her webcam. Yeap, minah salleh, in her room alone at first.

Yes, this chick. WTF, I just found this pic on google.

Which means, bnda ni biasa dh. LOL aku je yg xpasan at first. :">

Well, c'mon, keep reading.

[11:07:51 PM] *** Call from Sophia Mass, duration 02:44. ***
[11:08:00 PM] Sophia Mass: hey
[11:08:16 PM] Sophia Mass: owh yeah?
[11:08:21 PM] Sophia Mass: you can hear me?
[11:08:24 PM] Sophia Mass: hey..
[11:08:30 PM] zaidradzai: no.
[11:08:31 PM] Sophia Mass: i want to dance for you~
[11:08:33 PM] Sophia Mass: =p

WTF again. And she began like stripdancing, man. Like you know, what you saw on redtube :"> and such. With her belly. Ugh. I couldn't help but getting an erection. HAHA. What the hell is going on with this world?

[11:08:37 PM] zaidradzai: i can't hear you at all.
[11:08:49 PM] zaidradzai: wow.

Yeah, I was like 'terpana'.


And then, came her friends. Konon2 mcm mmber2 die xperasan la die tgh dok gelek2 dpn aku tu. Wakaka. Pastu die segan.

[11:09:08 PM] Sophia Mass: wait sec

And then she went to her friends like blushing around over there. And FYI, her friends were all caucasian HOT chicks and started laughing around in front of me. And end up having a SEXY pillow fight on the bed.


Is this really happening? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?



This isn't real, man.

[11:09:17 PM] zaidradzai: hahaha.
[11:09:23 PM] zaidradzai: hey, c'mon girls.
[11:09:35 PM] zaidradzai: seriously i have no idea what's going on.
[11:09:43 PM] zaidradzai: is this some kind of a prank.

And hey, I'm not THAT stupid okay :"> I know how the internet works and I have using it long enough to know them.

[11:10:07 PM] Sophia Mass: hahahaha~

And then from her webcam, came out this picture. Pic ape tah, aku pon xigt. Tp tema die prank la. Stated out PWNED! like this pic.

HA HA. Fuck me.

[11:10:17 PM] zaidradzai: yeah totally.
[11:10:18 PM] Sophia Mass: u horny fuck~

Yeah, she got me, guys. Fuck her.

[11:10:20 PM] zaidradzai: HAHAHA.
[11:10:31 PM] zaidradzai: hey btw i kinda sensed it already okay
[11:10:33 PM] zaidradzai: =)))


[11:10:35 PM] *** Call ended ***
[11:11:09 PM] zaidradzai: nice prank btw.
[11:11:14 PM] zaidradzai: =))
[11:11:20 PM] Sophia Mass: thanx
[11:11:40 PM] zaidradzai: now who are you? :))
[11:11:44 PM] Sophia Mass: im your friend zaid radzai
[11:11:45 PM] Sophia Mass: hahaha
[11:11:54 PM] zaidradzai: pokok?

And I thought it was my friend Pokok, because he used to make pranks at me haha.

[11:12:21 PM] Sophia Mass: whats that?


[11:12:34 PM] zaidradzai: nothing. just ignore it.
[11:12:38 PM] zaidradzai: i'm just confused.
[11:12:42 PM] zaidradzai: lol.
[11:12:49 PM] zaidradzai: really, man.
[11:12:55 PM] zaidradzai: that prank was AWESOME!
[11:13:05 PM] Sophia Mass: well.. why are you assume me as a man?
[11:13:26 PM] zaidradzai: i dunno.
[11:13:27 PM] zaidradzai: what
[11:13:33 PM] zaidradzai: you think your name's sophia mass
[11:13:39 PM] zaidradzai: and you added me out of nowhere.
[11:13:47 PM] Sophia Mass: XD
[11:13:48 PM] zaidradzai: and because it's the internet so it must be true?
[11:13:50 PM] zaidradzai: hell yeah.
[11:13:53 PM] Sophia Mass: ok..
[11:13:54 PM] Sophia Mass: hahaha
[11:14:02 PM] Sophia Mass: yup2
[11:14:02 PM] Sophia Mass: btw
[11:14:04 PM] Sophia Mass: thanx~
[11:14:09 PM] Sophia Mass: got to go..
[11:14:10 PM] zaidradzai: haha.
[11:14:23 PM] zaidradzai: ok then.

Then our conversation ended just like that. HA HA. What an experience. Rasa mcm btol, sial.

Ini lah nama die rezeki, xkesah la btol atau tak WAKAKA.

And until now, I have no idea who she was. What I know for sure she does read my blog. And hey, I know you reading this, you bitch =))

Tp xkn la minah salleh kan bc blog aku. Gile pe. :">

But, seriously dude, that prank's awesome. The best part was I didn't know it at all. Just suspect sket2 la tang hujung2 kan :">

I've never had it before, so for me, it wasn't lame :">


P/s : Yes, we can never be friends again at the first place. So, I approve your action. :)


pailang said...

pompuan tu sbenanye dah mti zed. td ak goggle.

kelakar tak?

zedRadzai said...

wtf. tipu ah. lai lai link. it's from the internet so it must be true. link link. :">

pailang said...

boleh maen tu zed.

pailang said...


tee hee

zedRadzai said...

wakaka sial ah ko.

Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa said...

uhuuu. u punya post kinda kejam. haha. (p/s: salam ziarah.)

zedRadzai said...

@Nurul Fitrilina Mustapa
wow a new comment-er :)
yeah, sorry, it is offensive and people should know it the second they saw "whosyourmom" at the domain.

p/s : salam. thx btw :)