Sampah #4 - Gotcha!

Woah, I was just busy writing my previous entry and suddenly a YM from my buddy, Pokok popped out with a picture waiting for me to accept.

So I clicked the accept button

And there it was.

Aww, the pic ain't clear, is it? Hurm too bad.

Haha xmengapa. But Pokok just really made a point there and I was like WTF? How come I didn't noticed at all hahahaha. Tp peduli ape. I just LOL'ed hard with that pic of "You go?" from my previous entry showing about how that guys get beated up by a bunch of other Indians :)

And somehow I didn't get offended, coz I'm cool right? :">

But, seriously Pokok, you should write a shit blog.

P/s : Enough of the sighs.


adzuan aziz said...

hahahaha.kan,kene balik kan?

zedRadzai said...

what goes around comes around :)

lumut said...

sape pokok??xde pon..
suh lah die write a shit one.mesti rmai bace,hee

zedRadzai said...

haha die lebih gemar menjadi silent reader

see pokok? blom dh ade shit blog ko dh ade fan.

[aLia-nL] said...

wah.ur a big influence to my bf asking him to make a shit blog ya...jahat kau zaid~ =P jgn kau cemari minda pokok yg 'suci' tu.ahhahaah

zedRadzai said...

hahaha sempoi ape! =))