Life #7 - School Exams

It's been two days of class for me since my long and fun two months of spring break :) And I just felt weird to be back to school again. I felt weird writing Japanese, I felt weird speaking it with my friends, and I felt weird why I'm here at the first place. (T_T)

I'm back home from my new enjoying lecture = Industrial Thermodynamics :D and you know what? I spent all 1 hour and 30 minutes sitting in there doing nothing but staring at the whole class and smiling alone while listening to the lecture. Ramai gile bdak2 dlm klas ni. Suke aku :)

It's like I felt really2 warm inside my heart. I'm feeling really2 happy, calm and relieved right at that moment, and God, I love that feeling, man.


Fuck that. Butoh la nk happy.

To realize there's just too many students inside that class, there's only one thing I thought ok?

"Oh, ramainya budak dlm klas ni :"> suka2, klu ade mslh nnti boleh buat study group. Yay!"

Pala hotak ko. I'm not that optimistic.

Ramai2 cmtu gile babi ah wey. It's like twice the students in my course ok. Ape mksudnya klu cmtu?

Yeap, ramai repeat klas tersebut! Sdgkan mereka nihanjing2 pon repeat. Bapak takut gile aku rasa. Aku dah la.. hurm...


Btw, I'm just ranting, so ignore it :">

Well, I've just started a new sem, but you guys are already in your exam week.

HA HA. Screw you guys. Yeah, I know I know, you don't have to mention about it. Sucks to be you.

Speaking about exams, I do remember one that I had last semester. FYI, I just had my worse "moodless" few months ever so I didn't cope well in my studies for last semester. Not that I meant before that I did perform better, but hey, last sem was like a nightmare, man. And I'm not gonna talk about it with anyone. I was really2 fucked up and screwed and DAMN, I'm so gonna end up being in jail in the next 2 or 3 years for not paying my debts. Sorry Malaysia, I failed you this time and I won't let it happen again. :'(


Tp salah aku jgk la. Lemah sgt.

So, about my paper, Industrial Dynamics, yela study last minute xhengat pny ah. Sape suruh xstudy awal2, pdn muke. Geez, just remembering those failures do make me kinda feeling like getting pissed off. FUCK MY LIFE.

Time tu la FML. Skrg ok kut, yg penting usaha. InsyaAllah. Pray for me guys.

Tee hee.

So I was like giving all the power I had and struggling at that time to catch up with the syllabus. And aku rs mcm

"Em, bole laa jwb ni. Bole kut. Bole ke eh? Bole2."

I mean, the confidence was there ok.

Ape aku tulis ni. Sial ah.

Ah ok2, main point sbenarnya nk bg tips sket time exam tu. Like me, I had that confidence for my Industrial Dynamics paper, but biasa la, klu aku dh mention mcm ni, sah2 la things don't turn out well.

Aku dh xbole jwb. Pdhal smlm tu rs mcm bole la bla jgk study last minutes. Skali die pi tibai soklan yg aku xstudy kan. Stupid me.

Dok menyumpah2 dlm exam hall, last2 aku BUAT JE YG TERBAIK YG TERMAMPU and then at the bottom of the paper there, I wrote a small note written

"どうしてもお願いします。(Doushitemo, Onegaishimasu)"

Which means in english

"Fuck you, your lecture sucks and please die and go to hell."

Heheh, totally.

Men2 je weh. Babilah aku nk tulis cmtu. Mksud atas tu

"Walau apapun, saya merayu."

Yeap, I just wrote those words. I was like so mentally down, and dissapointed with myself, and like why is this happening to me? Am I that bad? Do I really deserve this?

And then I passed the paper to the lecturer there, and walked out from the class slowly, showing how awful I feel about myself while having another "double" facepalm on my head.

*yes, another DOUBLE facepalm*

And "luckily" for me, lecturer tu tgk je aku. Aku usha die dgn ekor2 mata aku =))

Yes, dia pasan. Bole2 ni, bole lulus ni!

So tu la cite aku.

So you guys bole la cuba cara yg sama =))

Tulis je ape2 pon. Asalkan nampak sinar keinsafan tu.

Tolong la ikot cara aku weh. Aku xnk buat bnda ni sorg2.

Because apparently, the lecturer did FAILED me after all. So wouldn't it be better if you losers had the same experience like I do?

HA HA screw all of us.

P/s : And that's why I hate about having an ex.

BTW, apart from all of the sarcasm in this shit blog, I wish all of you bitches and mafackas one hell of a damn good fuckluck, and all the bitchbest.


Anonymous said...

jahat gile sensei laa 'ka' pn xkesah..

zedRadzai said...

sensei tu xjht
aku je yg mls blaja.

Anonymous said...

bun tak kan tak abes stres lagi bun?hahaha.good luck anyway.taikai anta team tak??


zedRadzai said...

stress? wakaka xde dh. moved on :">
thx2, try struggle lebih sket sem ni. godspeed.

kamil said...

zed:mcm besa..soklan xam=soklan xstadi.yg konfiden xkn kuaq n yg xdan nk stadi..fuck my life 2
wan:anon la...pkai nma sybudakstardanxgay pon bole laa..hahah

zedRadzai said...

hah tau xpe.fuck all of our lives.

zedRadzai said...

taikai? hiroshima? entah, aku xdgr ape2 cite lg pon.

Shakaff said...

^ i lol'ed. hiroshima. fuck i lol'ed again.

zedRadzai said...

what the. is it just me? :(

kamil said...

lol..aku pon baru prasan..hiroshima...:">

zedRadzai said...

ok. aku xtau. aku ngaku :">
aku igt cm thn lepas. rupanya thn ni tokushima.
wafak la wey.

ettienne said...

hahaha... aq dh nk exam... pas ni klu aq x leh jwb.. aq tulis どうしてもお願いします。(Doushitemo, Onegaishimasu)" with the meaning "Fuck you, your lecture sucks and please die and go to hell."..
sah.. next sem bdk2 sume llus gara2 aq!!! hahahahhaha..
n aq... lulus dgn cemerlang!!!

zedRadzai said...

haha cuba jgn xcuba =)) tulis fuck you pon jd la plz2.