Sexist #1 - Conspiracy Theory

Yeah, I'm back with a new series with shit sexist theories that would blow your mind off getting badly butthurting yourself =))

And please, don't give much shit in it. I did it for the LULz.

Please, guys. Seriously.


Conspiracy Theory One.

Been living in this fucked-up world for about 20 years++ have taught me many things. Fun and enjoyable experiences. Challenging stuffs. And even strange shits that you'll discover if you're sensitive enough to be thinking about it.

Okay, first of all. To get perfectly straight.

Read this forum. Well, that's just an example to get your mind set straight for this entry. It's kinda old shit, but it's important for you to understand all about it before getting back to this entry :)

Ok, finished?

So, what do you think? I bet you guys already know what I'm gonna write about right now.

Hell, yeah, man.

"Why do I see a lot of hot girls dating ugly guys?"

Dan sebaliknya :">

Why laaa? :( And before this, I also have been noticing quite a sum of couples out there being totally an opposite of each other walking aroung at the mall, park or whatever dating points there is. But at that time, I did felt like

"It's not fair, mom!"

But I just didn't care. And I don't have a blog at that time to write about it. HA HA.

I mean, like c'mon. I know it's sweet love. But uh...

Here, take a look again.




But wait! There's more!

Hoh ni bukan couple :">

OK, go on.

Pictures from google. Heck, I don't even know whether they were really couples or not. Malas aku nk struggle mencarik. But you do get my point right? HA!


Seriously, what the fuck is going on in this world? How the hell did you fugly chicks and handsome dudes managed to EVEN talking to each other? WTF.

And tak semua couple mcm ni wey. Jgn nk anggap sume sama je. Bodo. :">

But. I'm just pointing out a question. Which you losers would love to think about. Yela, korg dh masuk cni, jgn expect la nk baca bnda2 b'faedah :)

I'm just curious, man. It were just too obvious. Too many times.

Like before I even had a girlfriend, I always looked around facebook and hell yeah, (don't ever say you don't agree with me) there's just too many pictures in there to see. And tonnes of em' were also couple pics. Which was really REALLY weird to see how beautiful/handsome the girl/boy was and how FUGLY his/her couple were. Sigh.

Tapi nk post2 pic kat cni pon kesian jgk. Aku ada hati perut jgk wey. :">

Kalau la kite jmp couple2 yg sesuai dgn diri masing2 mcm ni

PERFECT! Ain't that just feel better? Heck, I feel good for both of them! Lantak la korg cina ke keling ke HA HA.

Tp itu la, SELALUNYA (not all, fellas) muke2 couple yg sesuai gile dgn diri masing2 ni end up both part ways right. Putus la, break up la cerai la. And then dpt la minah comey tu ke mamat ni balik.

Fuck. Cukup2 la tu zed pic ni.

But, seriously :| Since when the world became like this, my fellow readers? Or are there like special chemical/spiritual/scientific or other kinds of shit bonds which makes fugly people get easily connected to beautiful people and transform the world being unfair?

Heck, they even affect the celebrities.

Lamest example.

Haha I kid. Yela2, Datuk K hensem, ladies.

Yeah, old shit right. Just forget about it. =)

And one thing I remembered about this shit was when I was hanging out with my friends back in Nagoya, we all made fun of WangSang because he could possibly get a really hot chick as his gf one day :"> haha xbaik sial.

Sorry, dude. You were just lucky enough. =))


But, guys, it's just a fukken shit entry, pointing out how I feel about the world as we see it right now.

I know, maybe one of you guys would get awfully offended and thought like

"Hahaaha...noooooo fukken wayyy. I'm girlfriend's hot. And I have muscular body a big dick summore...jealous?"


Yes, indeed you are.

But fuck, don't get personal with me.

I don't sound jealous, do I? Hell yeah, I don't. Coz I'm really into someone! :D

I'm not mad. I'm not ranting. And I'm not even crying. Because I am thankful with God's blessing for what I've been through all this time. And I'm very happy right now :D

Right, Syda? Tee hee.

I'm just saying, guys. You do the thinking :)

P/s : Pukimak pny pencuri payung panas aku xhilang lg weh!


pailang said...

zed. gamba yg ko repeat 2 kali tu cina gemok tu muka sangap+kote kena ramas je gayanye kan.

btw semoga berbahagia dgn tersayang tee hee tee hee TEE HEE

zedRadzai said...

haha tau xpe weh. =)))
btw thx :">

Shakaff said...

sucks to be handsome.

zedRadzai said...

i don't feel you brah.

hellioz said...

rwj fanz la neyh
aeolla there..

hosuto said...

marah gak kan laki ensem x dapat awek cam model...snoge berbahagie ye disamping tersayang..saya sentiasa sapot awak dari blakang..:)

zedRadzai said...

haha indeed. well, i do watch em' every now and then.

zedRadzai said...

babi btol la muke2 bajet hensem ni =))) fak a beng!

Kata syda 슈퍼걸! said...

trend kut.
last time pon sy ade tyekn fiqa the same thing, "apahal yg ensem, mesti awek gila ..... ?"
hahahh sorry you guys yg kacak diluar sana :)

zedRadzai said...

kan! mksudnya bkn kami lelaki je rs cmtu haha =))

pepam said...

ade ke word conspiration ?

zedRadzai said...

entah? i just made that up.

pepam said...

conspiracy should suffice ;'>

zedRadzai said...

aku search google ade jgk conspiration, so peduli. go fuck yourself.
btw fixed :">

pepam said...

i'm still wondering how we're gonna fuck ourselves. man, it's absurd.

zedRadzai said...

why do you even give a fuck about it?

Cik Buya said...

itu macam punya teruk. geli siak aku tengok eeeyuu

zedRadzai said...

ngahahahaa amek ko dunia skrg.

Anonymous said...

first of all, you dont have a right to say that. Its their jodoh and what the heck you're questioning about jerk??? seriously I dont see a good point you're doing it. She's my friend and seriously you're motherfucker!

Alia said...

Hi Zed,

Just a friendly suggestion, since you already have my picture up on here, might as well put my blog's link next to it. Gotta take advantage of what's available.

Hey you can't go wrong with free traffic. :)

-Alia, The Stumpy Wannabe Blondie with The Closed Eyed White Dude.

yaya said...

Zed, muke ko serius tak layak untuk buat entry ni. LOL

Anonymous said...

wo0t for Alia! u're just a bitter guy who secretly wishes to be better looking or secretly wants a more hot-looking gf. right?

zedRadzai said...

i apologize for my wrong doings. it was nothing personal. i looked up google and found your picture so i use it for my own purpose because it suited this entry's point without thinking about giving any credit. my bad.

anyways, i'm gonna delete your picture if you're still not cool with it. and certainly, i'm gonna linkback to your blog sometimes later. i know, your blog's awesome! with those cute funny lil' cartoons. i apologize again.

@other sluts and fags


Anonymous said...

OMG ! can you be more lame than this.Who are you to judge them ? who are you to say this guy is hot,this lady is ugly ? oh now you judging people based on how their look like,now i'm gonna judge you,FUCK YOU LA ! I guess you 10000 times fucking ugly and lame,plus no one want to marry you include betty too.

zedRadzai said...

sigh, i'm tired. TROLL HARDER

Pam said...

"plus no one want to marry you include betty too."

so you're saying betty is ugly too.

zedRadzai said...

way to go pam. *high-5*

Anonymous said...

Mate! You need a hug. Seriously.
Kalau kau orang Islam, then you will know it is all jodoh.

What sums ugliness and beauty anyway?

I reckon it's more than just being lucky, it is FATE. Jodoh pertemuan di tangan Allah dan siapa kau untuk mengutuk ciptaan dia?

Before you write something in YOUR blog think more than twice because what you write can hurt others and there is always a repercussion.

Do us a favour, why don't you and your blog mate write something along the line of: Why we think we are dumb and ugly and don't have a life.

And this time, do not google for photos, just put heaps of photos of yourselves!

Tell me what you googled to come across some of the photos, especially Alia's? No I'm not her friend, she doesn't even have the tiniest inkling of how I am. I just happened to read her entry and think that you have such a low life to write such a thing in a blog and worse, you're a man. Or are you a closeted gay who is often more emotional and bitchy?

Shakaff said...

grabbing ma popcorn. yo anon, wheres yer mom?

i3lu3fun said...

This just show how shallow you are.