Sexist #2 - Whack A Girl


Well, to be honest, as an adult, I do think about this shit like everytime I got into a fight with a girl :">

A girl makes you angry and fuck, you're pissed. Really pissed. Like you wanted to kick or whack or slap her face so hard, you keep on remembering yourself

"She's a girl. She's a whore. She's a bitch. Guys don't hit girls. We hit bitches and whores."

So after all, WHOOPS! I just slap you in a face.

HAHA you deserve that, you fucking whore!

But, seriously guys, as a human being with a penis, is it necessary to whack another human being with a vagina and titties under any circumstances?

No matter how angry you are to them, does it really bring any good to just hit them so that you think you yourself could prove your point about whatever it is you're approving?

But, if you ask me, I dunno too. LOL

But still, maybe I could do that when they walked out of the kitchen to show that they quit making sammiches for me.

Oh, no, sweetie pie. :) You shouldn't get out from the kitchen unless I call you from our bedroom.

WHACK! *slaps*

Yeah, sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do to get his sandwich.

Or maybe I would never slap her in the face but would ABSOLUTELY slap her ass every time I feel horny. Wow, those big round ass... GRRRRRR!!

LOL I just kid. With a background of a normal happy family, and since I was little, there were never any brutal action ever happened in my family, well of course I think we guys should never hit a girl.

And to be honest, I never did hit a girl before in my life. I dunno, maybe I'm a saint?

But guys, how if the girl was your wife?

And she max out your credit card, go Golok find gigolo.
Gangbang with your neighbors.
Seduce your father, then kill your mother.

Now, what would you do? :">

See whack or not.

Nahhhh. Doesn't have to go that far. Just give her a Triple one. (Talak Tiga if you know what I mean)

They're girls, man. Think of them as your mother, or your sister and grandmother. Would you like to see them getting beaten up by another guy?

Of course not.

I'm just nice. I don't whack girls. Heck, I even don't whack boys. I'd never do those kind of stuffs, seriously. Because I'm a reasonable man.

I know, women demand gender equality in the world, so if guys get slapped, we should give them a bit, too? Right?

No. Because you're doing it wrong.

But still, use your common sense. Like an honest story from this guy here. I found it at /k/.

"My girl-best friend likes to whack me when she feels insulted, irritated or even when too embarrassed. For such reasons, I won't really mind it. But it gets on my nerves when she finds nothing better to do than randomly insulting me and whacking my head, calling me stupid, stuff. So once her annoyance lagged me in my schoolwork. When she complained about how I was late for handing in my work, it got the best of me, and I gave my maiden whack to someone from the opposite sex. A massive maiden whack. She didn't sob, but there were apparent tears in her eyes. We didn't talk for maybe an hour, and I regretted my actions. It was wrong, I thought, not because she's a girl, but because I overdid it."

Jejaka Dayus

Moral of the story :
Females have a great weapon: their physical weakness. So USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

And just for the LULz, enjoy this video from youtube =)


*cries SOB SOB*

Geez, chocolate boy, enough of the accent.

P/s : Let's just look into the bright side.

Pictures from Shakaff's. Lately I'm so fucking lazy to google.


Anonymous said...

wakaka. "how can she slap me?" smpai intonasi nak nangis?

cite apa ni zed. malang wanita itu

zedRadzai said...

ha tu la psl.
tah aku pon xtau cite ape. :">