Sampah #3 - Tuhan Peperangan III

I'm no gamer.

Well, for a while back then I was, but only with DoTa. :">

But I quit.

So now I'm really2 into God Of War game series.

Aku xsabar gile nk main God Of War III.

Yeap, the latest one.

Dah order, dah sampai, siap Nazeep dah kasi abes dh lol.

Yes, I don't have my own ps3 console, which sucks, though. But I don't care. I'll buy only the game with my own money (and Nazeep's :">) and that would make Bean feels less pissed coz I'm gonna play it with his ps3. Chill out, Bean. We're buddies, ain't we? :)

I'm spending my Golden Week to finish that awesome game.

Tp tu la, I've already spoiled myself. By watching videos of them on youtube.

And many more. Including the final boss scene with Zeus and the sex minigame :">

Lantak la. What I do know is, I'm gonna finish the game just like I did for God Of War I and II.

P/s : C'mon2 Golden Week.


hosuto said...

weh ang da abes kasi pinjam weh!!

zedRadzai said...

haha no hal bro. aku kongsi dgn nazeep so tgk la cmne, dpt kat sape nnti. kdg2 bia je kat sana. xpon aku bwk balik gifu ke :">