What I Hate About Facebook #2 - So My Friend's Your Gf.. [The Sequel]

wow, that really hurts.

Hahaha yeap. I know it, guys. I woke up just now and all I got from The Internet was pure LOL-ness and entertainment. :))

Yes, thanks to you guys.

Er, what, you don't understand? I mean, it's like all over the news.

"KUALA LUMPUR : A Malaysian student from Japan has been killed by a bunch of guys from his country. Motive = pure revenge because the student was somehow bored with his life and decided to commit suicide by getting another person from Malaysia a really big BUTTHURT just by offending him in his blog. Wow, he really is the MAN."

source = here. And hey, this will happen in the future. :">

Well, of course that's a lie. I'm not making fun of death or something. I know people live and die. So if I were to be dead by tomorrow, it will be. God forbid.

If you readers still don't understand what I'm trying to say, just take a peek over here in my previous entry. And read it carefully. Plus the comments section. :))

I was still not getting over with trolling that guy. So I gave him one last chance to prove himself. He added me like the 10th time, but THIS time, I decided to accept his request. And I really wished he approach me or introduce himself to me like hey, he's my friend's boyfriend, okay? It would be really nice to know them.

I've been waiting for another 3 days. But still no sign of anything from him. So I tagged him in a post for my status on facebook, and FINALLY, he replied and asked why, so I asked him to take a look at my blog :"> because hey, it's no fun making fun of people without them knowing it, right. Teeheee :">

So he got mad. Sorry buddy. I did it for the LULz.

But wait, that's not all. Please guys, imagine this. You did read that entry of mine didn't you. What was it all about?


So from THAT, it become like another version of Lord Of The Rings. Or Troy. Or even Shrek. Tee hee :">

Yes, my point is, killing and murdering everywhere. Just because I make fun of his attitude on facebook, it all become like a WAR. Mencarut sana mencarut cni, bunuh sana bunuh cni, pancung2. And not to forget, do re mi (WTF? That's lame.) While me and my buddies just sat there reading all about it while eating popcorn and enjoice.

Yes, he got mad and he deserves to get mad. I'm sorry okay buddy? But you just told all of your friends and they were like all getting angry and pissed, and sending messages and comments and yelling to me like I killed all of their mom.

And hey, I didn't even troll you guys like this 14 year-old motherfucker named Rafiqin Darwisy did :) and hey, he had a hate-group! view it! Wanna understand better about that, have a look at the latest entry in my buddy's blog.


Let's get back to this topic.

Well, you wanna see how these guys act? Let's have a peek.

It all started with me. I tagged him in a post. Yes, me. Stupid me. But of course, after he deleted me from his friend list, the tag was gone :">

Then he gave me a message on fb.

And hey, about Ahmad Sofwan, just get over it. He's already the past. I understand, the truth hurts, but you mustn't get pissed at him. Like all the time. You don't know me, I once were cheated by my ex. yes, psg shield, ok. sory :) But I didn't get mad, I didn't even want my friends to go ramai2 belasah the guy, and now, I'm doing much better. And I don't give much shit about it. Just relaxxxxx, bro. :)

Then came his buddy.

Pastu penuh comments kat my previous entry tu.



I mean, like COME ON ar weh! Grow up, you guys. Like seriously.

I know, I know, I was the one who started it. And I deserve to get murdered. /sarcasm

But don't you guys ever get ashamed of yourself for being that kind of person? Sng gile babi ah nk marah2, sbb benda kecik plak tu. Don't you guys ever wonder, with being serious all the time doesn't make any life worth embracing? You guys wanna kill me? Beat the crap out of me? Belasah then campak aku kat sungai? Come on now. Please stop it, don't get too serious like this cat.

I know you're just mad. But please. Memalukan diri sendiri. Bkn nk bangga diri, SERIOUSLY, ini bkn nk bangga diri, tp itu la perbezaan mentaliti kita.

Marah2, sket2 nk point out psl taraf pendidikan. Butoh ang la, aku xsebut lgsg pon sal ang study mane, lancau ape. Aku xhina lgsg benda2 sensitif cmtu. Facebook je pon weh. FACEBOOK! God-Damn-It! Fuck. *emo* :">

Like my buddy here, for the LULz again, he just asked me to write another entry like this.

"Yela2 ko menang, kami bkn kuat mane. Blaja je tinggi, Badan kecik. Mane mampu nak pukul2. Yela blaja tinggi kan. Mane reti tumbuk2 ni. genggam pen reti a. Dengan bukak buku. mate lak sume rabun2.. Dok bace buku je. Yela blaja tinggi kan. Camne nak wat kan. Alahai. Eh btol la ckp ko ni, sume btol, xde yg xbtol. Amek amek sume.


Yes, the ugly truth, ain't it?

But I didn't say that, did I? Not me, but it was my buddy. :)

And I may seem childish and all because hey, I started it, just because some sort of small matter :) But would you like to know the real reason I did this.

Yes, because we all didn't like it. This maybe hurt a little, but behold. Judge yourself again and again.

Rajin2 bc ah. Ni aku post kat mmber aku pny wall. Don't worry guys. I got it all covered.

So, what we understand from there was, I'm not alone. And we continued all about it at another post. Got it out covered again.

Hmmmm. That's why. It really is getting hotter. But, that's the truth, dude. You need to know it. When there's something wrong, there's something wrong. I'm sorry. Judge yourself.

Just wanna say

Aku bukan nak gado. Tp ramai org with me now. Pengaruh politik ko xtau lg. If you wanna bash me, go write an entry about it, and I swear to God, I'll read it. Let's look into the bright side.

P/s : Apparently, he also put it in his facebook profile. I got it from a friend named Apit.



Whoot, look at this shit! Turns out my viewers just got really2 high.

Thanks to you buddy, for promoting my shit blog.

And to my friend there, if you're reading this, I know, you're pretty mad at me, for doing this shit at your boyfriend. And I don't even know whether or not you would consider me a friend after this. Yes, you just deleted me from your friend list on facebook. But, I did made my point clear. It's cool to add people you don't know on facebook but if there's no interaction, won't it be better off making fun ofdeleting them? And, I'm sorry, too, and I wanna apologize to you. Hope to hear from you a lot more. Aku xkutuk ko kan? Somehow I feel bad doing this. Hmm.


pailang said...

adakah saya perlu order popcorn lagi di sini encik zed.

kamil said...

lu ni mmg nk cari psal la derr..jgn smpai gua turoh gifu pancung kpale lu...:">

kamil said...


zedRadzai said...

well, let's just wait and see.

so sked :(

eika said...

haha zed jangan provoke orang zed haha.. people will tend to get highly emotional over a little piece. it is psychologically affects one subconscious mind on things that they are not welcomed to have! and i bet becoz of this, that guy and the gf will have a crisis over a 'friend' which is u! haha i have experienced it. trust me, it was sooo 'not good'!! haha :D
cool it k

zedRadzai said...

I know. But for only the facebook? Geezz.
Btw, will write a proper apology to them. nnti2.

Shakaff said...

tapak. lol. cable deraih noh.

pepam said...

waa. supportive nye kakak.
kalo kakak aku da panggil bilik, ada sharing session. xpon dia bukak buah. black belt taekwando. T_T

zedRadzai said...

i just post about this at /k/, dude =)))))

EmaRadzai said...

haha. like wise ka. zed, provoking is so not good to peeps that are practically strangers to u. even to frens pon provoking is such a dangerous thing, no matter what the contents are. but once u do blab it in the internet, the whole world will know, and thus, no turning back.

o yeh, ka. d last time, u being the 'provoker' or the 'provokee'. haha. is there such a word???

live well, peeps

zedRadzai said...

oh my. =))

pepam said...

live loong zaid. the threat's still there. kui3. doakan aku dpt menjalani hidup selamat arini

zedRadzai said...


kamil said...

bek hg enjoy ckop2 lu zaid..stgh taun ja lg ada..blik nnt kna pncung da...lol

Imah Ims said...

panaassss. nice one tho!
jaga diri baik baik zed! :D

Anonymous said...

yaw rempit inda housee yaww.hye imah

zedRadzai said...

haha panas2.
nnti i'll make a better entry la. instead of bashing personal people mcm ni haha adoh mmg jht.
pasni fully public.

Imah Ims said...

shoot now aku rasa trauma nak cakap hye balik kat anonymous. tee hee(tiru gaya kau zed haha)

yes I'm waiting for that 'goody goody entry' yo! :)

Lah said...

Seriously dude, why in the fuck do you care? Apologize? Ohh, come on he ain't your bitch dawg. That's not how we roll. Just start the freakin' war and let the best man win. Woot! Woot!

Ok2, I'm kidding.

Peace bro

zedRadzai said...

haha no need to be sked la, imah. these anon freaks are just not manly enough to even have the balls to put their REAL name on their comment :))
haha ok, will try my best not to let you down :)

well, that IS the art of trolling. Right? :)) people get butthurt for no reason, just because small matter, like this one. i mean like right now. I think i'm quite okay with the guy, but seems to me that his friends are still mad because they still had that kinda 'settle outside' thingy with everything. yes. sucks.
hopefully things get better.godspeed.

Anonymous said...

after the successful trolling, then suddenly this came out : somehow i feel bad doing this.

ohno! dun be. pls feel prideful :)

zedRadzai said...

hahaha i'm not as pathetic as you are.

kidding ok? whoever you are.
*enough of the trolling, zed*


raji said...

budak2 zaman sekarang ramai cacat otak.bodoh! meh r turun kerinchi oi kalau berani sangt.hahaha..thats the example on how they deal about it..sigh.
ni bukan zaman jahiliah kawan.think 2 or 3 steps forward of what will happened next.grow up.its all will make both of us better

Anonymous said...

ha, I am going to test my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's really awesome, thanks.

- Norman

Budak S.I said...

Lawak betul entri2 kat blog ni.
But, seriously..
I'm relieved i've never register Facebook.

Saya budak sekolah lagi, jgn marah2 ye..
Saya minx maap.

zedRadzai said...

yeah, it does. XD

@budak SI
haha thx for the compliment bro.
ha bagus la jgn wat account facebook when you don't even need it :">