What I Hate About Facebook #4 - 20 Things

Hey, guess what? Chap my friend there just gave me a source from a group on facebook which was like superbly awesome. I dunno if you already knew it or not, just go fuck yourself. There's like nearly a million of fans in it but hey, I'm still writing an entry about it anyway. :">

And, it's ALL about what you're not supposed to do on facebook.

Yeah, don't do it, like seriously :|

I'm just gonna direct copy pasta everything wrote over there :)

Enjoy yourself getting a butthurt!

Become a fan to see the 20 THINGS (if you are easily offended and take things way too seriously, I'd suggest you give this page a miss)

1. Do not abuse the Facebook status feature. It specifically says "What's on your mind?" not "What are you currently doing every five minutes of your life".

2. Do not become a fan of Facebook pages that don't apply to you. People are just gonna laugh when you are joining Facebook pages such as "I Love Morning Sex" or "Unexpected Blowjobs" when you ARE still clearly a virgin.

3. Do not like your own statuses or photos otherwise I think people are gonna think you're a lil' bit sad. Although, that's my opinion.

4. Do not post attention seeking statuses. This includes making up stories such as your grandmother falling down the stairs to get people to comment and like your status.

5. Do not post indirect subliminal statuses. If you are in love with 'him' and 'he' is constantly on your mind, do us all a freaking favor and tell him for heaven's sake! This includes bithching about someone without writing the person's name. We all wanna know who the dickhead is thank you very much.

6. Do not send silly gifts on Facebook applications. Yes, we are very grateful you considered sending us a kitten or a hug, but how about sending me something in real life?

7. Do not, if you have Facebook on your mobile, post a photo of everything you eat during your daily adventures.

8. Do not add someone, then post "Sorry, random add!" on the wall. You clearly thought that person was nice looking, but you shouldn't be adding people you don't know anyway.

9. Do not have false middle names. You are not 'James Bedrock Goldstone' or 'Mandy JustinBieber Riddles'.

10. Do not put an apostrophe in your name (such as 'George Harrold') just to appear first on your friend's chat list.

11. Do not tag all your friends in a 'supposedly funny' photo you discovered on Google Image.

12. Do not ask people to comment or 'like' your photos of yourself. I refuse to explain myself with this one.

13. Do not have false profile pictures. It's an insult to make us think you're a Pokemon.

14. Do not have your relationship status set to "It's complicated". If your relationship is so damed complicated that you have to identify it as such on your Facebook profile, get the hell out of Facebook and go fix your relationship.

15. Do not import your 'tweets' from Twitter. If we wanted to read your tweets, we would have Twitter accounts would we?

16. Do not inform us you are deleting people. Firstly, no one cares. Secondly, no one is gonna request you to keep them as a friend, if you knwo them or not.

17. Do not use facebook if you are meant to be ill. Documenting a day of ice cream, chips, video games, and jumping on the bed isn't gonna solve anything.

18. Do not lie about your relationship status then suddenly changing it from 'single' to 'married' to seek attention. We all know that your anonymous lover doesn't exist.

19. Chainmails. Lemme try putting this in a nicest way possible. Your dreams are not gonna come true by posting stupid messages to your friends and Facebook pages and groups. Freddy the Teddy will not murder you tonight either if you don't continue sharing the message, and in fact, we will reward you.

20. Do not add someone just becuase you have mutual friends. It's a small word, and because one of your friends know someone you also know or, doesn't mean you know them. This also applies for those who spots someone with the same surname, it doesn't mean you're related. So, don't add them.


- The only reason you have to become a fan to see the '20 things' is to make it easy to show your friends about the page.

- If you don't like the page, you don't need to tell us, just leave silently (especially if you got offended or took it way too seriously, it was already suggested to give this page a skip)

- You can't have the word 'Facebook' in the title of pages/groups (which explains "FACEBOOK") It's a joke.

- If you have any additional things in mind (to add on to the 20 things), leave a wallpost.

Tee hee :">

Yes, which some I had already made a point in my previous "What I Hate About Facebook" entries.

SO if you do get a butthurt, who fukken cares? Go fill in the butthurt form and stick it up to your ass. :)


And hey, enjoy this another "25 Things I Hate About Facebook" video on youtube by the vlogger JulianSmith.

Pffftt again.

P/s : I think I'm falling for you and I will.



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