What I Hate About Facebook #5 - 9 Most Annoying Types Of People

Ugh. What is going on with me? Lately I'm just so lazy to think about stuffs to write on my blog. And all I do right now is just by copying others' masterpiece which I found again on /k/.

Yes, guys, I'm bored to death. But I don't have the mood to write anything :|

So, just enjoy these pictures. *sigh*

Well, at least bile kita xda bahan, kite cari bahan :D

The 9 most annoying types of people on facebook

P/s : 14th February, 14th April and 14th May!



pailang said...

kelakar la zed. ak gelak smpai gugur bulu pubis kot:))

tee hee... (dah lama tak buat)

taikai hiroshima 2010 said...

ada apa dgn 14?

zedRadzai said...

haha lwk jgk la bole thn :)

@taikai nan-toka
tiada ada.