What I Hate About Japan #3 - Japanese Chicks

Japan. There's too many shit I can make in here as well. =))

Well, actually guys, do you remember my previous entry which was about some random story about a guy who acted like a crazy person in front of me but turns out being normal after all?

Yes, ini sambungan die. Lepas aku sampai destinasi aku plak.


Two random shits in a ONE day. Like seriously, dok luar negara ni pelik2.

Aku baru sampai kat Japan Railway Station in my place. Yes, alone again. And I was kinda exhausted. So I went to some shop over there to buy some snack and a drink. I spent quite some time in there reading the ingrediants. Yela, biasa la, bkn sume bole mkn :">

Uih, lama jgk la aku dlm tu.

And after I finished reading2 sume, and went to pay at the counter guy, yela, aku pon kuar la dr kdai tu, nk watpe lg kan.

So, I went out.

Then suddenly I was like sniffing something. Bau semerbak anjing pny busuk. Yeap, guys, it smells really bad. It's like at the minute you were outside the door, you get an overwhelming blast of shit right up to your nose.

But, it wasn't shit. It was vomit. Yes, someone just threw up right there and blah cmtu je.

Tp itu perkara biasa. Klu nampak2 org muntah la, org jalan xbtol la pengsan la, we get it. They were drunk. Xkesah la, nnti pekerja2 ni cuci la :)

Well, that's not my point in this entry.

So it was smelly right. Aku pon lari la jauh sket dok lepak kat tmpt yg xde la berbau sgt. Nk minum n mkn sat kan. But still nmpk la kdai tu. And yes, the vomit as well.

And because I was alone and there's no one for me to talk to, I started to observe things. Just anything. Ape2 jela yg aku nampak. Mmg aku suke perhatikan keadaan sekeliling pon klu aku travel sorg2.

Termasuk jugak la dgn mencuci mata. Tee heeeeee :">

I mean like, girls over here do look great, guys. They look cute, they dress well. Like the very girl I saw coming out from the escalator.

And about this cute little SEXY whoregirl I saw, she's adorable, man. She wears a red tight jacket, and a fucking short skirt like sticking there staying on her ass.

And I was bored. Might as well get something to fapentertain myself, too. =)

Aku usha2 la die. Yes, I AM a normal guy. Usha lama2 tp pndi2 la cover kan. Dr die start2 jalan dr hujung sana sampai la ke hujung cni.

Aku ushaaaaa je, mcm org gile. Xpe, dorg xpasan :)

Pandang pandang pandang pandang pandang.


She slipped at that vomit. And fell down like a rotten jackfruit. Or like in Malay, 'jatuh mcm nangka busuk'.

Aloh, kesiannya. Yes, turns out die xsempat pon smpi hujung cni. But I just stay there, doing nothing, after watching this.

Die jatuh, straightly mengadap aku, terkangkang mengadap aku, muntah tu kena peha die, and I saw something kat celah kangkang. Xpakai panties plak tu. WTF?

Watching those, maybe you guys would love it. But for me, instead of getting a hard-on like this

I just walked away, seeking forgiveness from The Mighty One and like hell I'd hook up with Japanese girls.


So, what was this something I hate about Japan?

Yes, they don't shave. At all.

p/s : I miss you, too babe.


Anonymous said...

gila cool tak pakai panties jalan sana sini dengan mini skirt =.="

zedRadzai said...

that's why i said she was a whore.

Lah said...

Cool story bro

zedRadzai said...

you do know that a 'cool story bro' speech sounded more like troll, don't you?
you're breaking my heart, bro.

Lah said...

Hahaha. It's really meant to sound like troll dude. /k/ style LOL

zedRadzai said...

haha /k/tards
such a bunch of loser.
too bad i'm kinda being like one of em'.

pepam said...

/k/ stands for what fucker? kote?

zedRadzai said...

/k/ = kopitiam lowyat.net
forum malaysia penuh racism.

Shakaff said...

thou who thinks /k/ is racist is the real racist.

zedRadzai said...


Imah Ims said...

peh legendaryy weh :)
mesti image tu melekat dalam kepala kau kan? haha

Kata syda 슈퍼걸! said...

zaid oh zaid hahahh,,
Rasanya most of them memang suke buat 'free show'. Gila style, mini skirt without panties. AND TAK SHAVE?! GILA! About 'seeking forgiveness from The Mighty One', I think you should do it right NOW! Image tuh 'shuhh shuhh' cepat sikit from your mind!

zedRadzai said...

haha well, sbenarnya xde la jelas gile. tp rezeki tu dh ade kan? :p

ye syda oh sydaa :)
yeap, true story dear. haha
ituu la awk, sy xle get over lg ni :(( haha