Internet Life #2 - When Boredom Strikes.

Hey, guys. Well, it's me, again, getting bored. I do get bored like all the time, right? No kidding.

Luckily, my buddy, Pokok from France came to help me get entertained :) so the credit goes to you, buddy!

For you losers out there who are always online, do you always happen to see pics like this

Of course you've seen it, right? I often use it as pictures in this shit blog of mine. :) Well, this is the internet. It never gets lame.

Haha yeah, funny right? No? Ok. :v

Well, I find it hilarious at some point.

So, Pokok, he just sent me a picture like those, but this time he made fun of me and Pam. Then I was like, wow, this is FUNNY. And like hell I'd care whether it's funny or not for you. Fuck you people.

Let's see his 'artwork'.

*tee heeeeee*

So, I got this idea from him. I was like so obsessed with this stuff, I browse through my facebook to find potentially funny pics from my friend and thanks to the editting, it became like this :)


And this one.

Please don't give too many shit. Don't go like pancung2 bunuh2 me again. :( I've had enough. I just wanna live my life to the fullest before anything happens, just in case.


P/s : Puddings are tasty. But they're made from eggs.

Wanna learn how to do it? Piece of cake. Here, try some.


Pukuk said...

nice la~~
Guling2 Aku gelak~ XD
tapi kena tag la org yang berkenaan~ hahaha~ nice one zed~
keep it up~ XD

kamil said...

gmbaq camwhore 2 terbaek..padu habes!!wakaka

Imah Ims said...

zaid! you always have something fun to write since school.
jealous much! hehe

pailang said...

muka wangsang mmg modal capmelan la.
must.fap ngeeeeee

zedRadzai said...

hahahaha thx to you brah.
mmg stok pk ayat2 terbaik ah kan :P

hahaha xpe dow, aku nk mintak izin.
sporting gile nur amalia memberi keizinan :))

thx babe. xde ape2 la, being bored to death makes you think of only one thing, entertainment. :)

ko jgn main2 dgn wangsang. style die do skrg. =)))

DzULhAFiZi said...

holy crap those were awesome...hahaha...ilang trus ngantuk aku sial...keep it up!

p/s - better ratings for FUCKFACE and GIRLS...LOL

zedRadzai said...

hahaha it's an honour.

p/s : nye, e'e n logen bkn tau ni lolol.

Shakaff said...

pantat. tak mintak izin kat aku pon.

zedRadzai said...

wat lansi sket ape slhnya bro.

Kata syda 슈퍼걸! said...

i like 'camwhore' :) sumpah lg cun dr i hahahh

zedRadzai said...

hahahaha okayy la tu kan. :|