Life #10 - Your Cute Childhood

Yawwww, man! I know what you're about to write you sonofabitch!

Yes, folks. It's about me. And about how cute I was back in my childhood. :">

Well, as a matter of fact, that is, a true story, my fellow readers.

Aww, look at this kid :')

And look how he grew up.

Fuck, that's me. Indeed, I'm attensyun-whoring again and again.

I'm just writing this entry because I had a long chat with Raji yesterday and we just happened to talk about how 'hot' we were at certain times. Yes, Raji, ko stok bangga diri gile. Sial je. :">

As for Raji, my buddy there, hurm, well, to be honest, if you ask me how he looks like, I'd go for a 'gile-babi-pukimak-macho-gile-hensem-kampung-chinese-look-bak-kata-Syda-n-Fiqa'. Heheh, totally. And that's what kept him thinking himself as a hot dude with six packs and perfect muscular body and all super-model hot-looking chicks are all into him. Wakaka.

Be strong bro. Don't do anything stupid. Plz.

And as for me, well, right now I do look like a total badass motherfucker dumping into a shithole made up from his overwhelming blast of fart. WangSang


I've no idea about what I just wrote. Just testing my vocab swearing skills which indeed, sucks.

The point is, I'm not as good-looking as Raji is like right now, but come to think of it, zmn2 childhood aku bole thn jgk comelnye ye :">

Yeah, all of us think we're kinda cute when we were kids, ain't we? Now, don't get personal with me.

it's my blog not yours <---- LOLOLOLWTF

*shakaff style*

Well, emo fag is emo.

I just remembered when I was about 7-8years in age, back in Manchester, yes, FYI, I once lived there, ikot bapak aku sambung phD kat sana.

So I had to get to school over there. And heck, the school there was superbly fun. No uniforms, you get recess like 3 times a day, and the teachers were extremely kind, and there were no such things as hitting with cane, or slapping and pinching your ears.

No, there were nothing physical over there. All they do, is just by using their mouths with soft words and kind-heartly stabbing your heart as a child, for God's sake.

But, yeap, they were all Christian.

Nahh, back to the story.

Yeap, I was cute. :">

And I remembered that one time, that very2 special moment when there's this little, blonded hair, blue eyes, whiteand-kinda-red-on-her-cheeks girl whom I kinda fancy in my 2nd grade came to me and showed that she fancies me too. :">

I mean, at that time I was like really into her. Everyday, when we finished class, I would just walked out with her, following her from behind, xkisah la cmnepon, yg penting aku nampak die every moment I finished my day at school.

And yes, her name was Alisha.

I hardly remember anything about her right now, but I did remember this one awkward conversation that we had when we were queueing to get into the bus after swimming lessons.

Me : bla bla bla blaaa.
Alisha : bla bla bla blaaa

(sumpah aku xigt sembang ape)

But the punch line was after this.

She looked at my eyes deeply, like showing how deeply in love she was with me (fuck yeah!) and I just did the same. Yes, kids know romance too, guys.

And then suddenly,

Alisha : Can I kiss you?


Now what would you answer if you were me, a little 8year old kid responding to a kiss request from a cute girl that you happen to be in "love" with. :">

Well, of course you'd sucked right? Just like I did.

Me : Er, haha! :"> what are you talking about? Well, uh. No. yes. No nooo. :"> My mom says girls and boys can't kiss each other till they're married. :">


I just missed a lifetime experience. To sacrifice my virginity by kissing another girl at the age of 8. Wow, that's fukken awesome!

Well, no.

And that's why I like to stick to the reality. Christian or people from another religion can never hook up with me. Because I'm a Muslim :)
/off topic

Tp rugi jgk kan. tee hee. Yela aku budak lagi, mne de dosa. Tee hee :">

Pastu klu aku dpt cium, bapak ah feeling gile. Budak2 weh, msti macho gile.

Ish ko ni zed.

Ouch2, okay! Won't do it again :'(

And wait! That's not all actually.

Alisha : Would you like to go out with me?


Me : Haha I'd love to.

But, of course we never went out together. Seriously, what did I had at that time? A penny? A car? Hot body? Handsome fuckface? Heck, my mom even got me underwears at that time. So quit. That's just a story of my long long far away lover. Hurm, I wonder if she still remembers me :">

And stories like this makes us feel happy and nostalgic for no reason sometimes. Like right now. I do remember other 'cinta monyet' and crushes I had with other girls when I was at primary school and junior high school.

"Nadzirah, Amalina, Syahirah, Hasmira, Syirin, Diyana, Ainul, Maziah, Zureen..."

Yeap, all of them. And I'm not even embarrassed to list out their names haha.

Fuck ramai jgk LOLOL.

And some of the crushes I had was even when I was already in a relationship back then. Tee hee. Hey, I'm a guy ok, that's normal. Yang penting loyalty :">

Just a priceless story of me to share with you losers. What's yours, then? :)

P/s : It's no big deal.


Anonymous said...

"Nadzirah, Amalina, Syahirah, Hasmira, Syirin, Diyana, Ainul, Maziah, Zureen..."

dr lelaki hensem

zedRadzai said...

just a nostalgic story to think about.

Anonymous said...

wow fers crush ko kt white gurl?that was awesome dude!

zedRadzai said...

yeap, true story bro.

Shakaff said...

mana fatin? fail...

zedRadzai said...

i meant kiddies pny cinta monyet and crushes

fuck me! said...

hahaha...syiall..aku yng bg idea entry nih..belanja aku mkn woitt..

zedRadzai said...

@fuck me!
haha sorry a bro ritu xsmpat sembang lama dgn ko. thx duit 3zen tu btw :">
nnti jom aku blanja, acehh