MindFuck #1

Introducing, a brand new series in my entry list just for Mindfuck sessions like this. :)


What, you don't get it?

Here, try searching it for a bit longer.


What, you still don't get it?

You don't understand the sentence 'When you see it, you'll shit brix'?

Well, since this is the first time, let me introduce you to understanding the concept of Mindfuck.

First of all, it really isn't fucking your mind. Don't get offended by the word 'Fuck' being put next to your mind. It's a slang. An internet slang.

Same as the phrase 'Shit brix' or 'Shit bricks'.

All of em' are just internet slangs, developed by internet nerds and trolls who have no better work to do instead of lurking around the internet in forums such as 4chan and /k/ and getting someone offended or something. Yeah, I know you're all bored.

Well, it's okay for them, as long as it makes us laugh for once in a while.

So, let's get back to the mindfuck thingy.


When you see it, you'll shit brix.

It's quite something about funny or awesome pictures that you have to spend quite some time to get it. Because it's like 'spot the hidden' picture kinda thing. And most of the pics are just showing hidden silly concepts, like pervert things or racist and sexist theme, not all of them, but some. Which indeed were not good, but who cares? It's funny! :D

And even some of the pics are not suitable to look at at nights, because you chickens would get fukken scared to notice there actually is a pic of a ghost or something in it. So, be careful :">

Because when you finally found the truth hidden in the picture, it's like, just merely WTF is fukken not enough, so 'Mindfuck' is probably the best word to describe it, and 'Shit Brix' is just, I don't know, another phrase to explain the WTF-ness you had? Er.

Let's google.


Operation Mindfuck or OM is an important practice in the Discordian religion. The concept was developed by Kerry Thornley and Robert Anton Wilson in 1968[1] and given its name by Wilson and Robert Shea in The Illuminatus! Trilogy.[2] It is most often manifested as a decentralized campaign of civil disobedience, activism, art movements, especially performance art and guerrilla art, culture jamming, graffiti and other vandalism, practical jokes, hoaxes, reality hacking, chaos magic, words of power, trolling and anything else that is believed to bring about social change through disrupting paradigms and thus forcing the victim to question the parameters of one's reality tunnel.

Wadefak is that. Sounds kinda evil ey. Ugh.

Let's find another definition so that we can easily understand.

Shit brix - A way to describe a situation so awesome that you could literally shit out a brick and you wouldn't care (too much)

Yes, and for 'Mindfuck' there's many definitions out there to explain about, but for our topic now, let's just refer to this.

Mindfuck - An image that totally fucks with your mind. When you see it, you will shit bricks.

See? Those two words are just suitable to stick with each other. Being in the internet too long, you would understand it, my friends :)

And nowadays in the internet, there's tonnes of pictures like these, from the easiest to which are sometimes kinda very hard to get.

So, enough being explained, and I hope you guys would understand, so let's have some nice times guessing what the fuck is wrong with these pictures.

Enjoy and try your best to guess what is hidden in every picture I uploaded for now! :D

And sorry, no clue will be given. You just have to figure it all out by yourself :)








And this took me quite some time to get it figured out myself. I've tried my best to think from many perverted or racist way but I just won't get it before. Why shouldn't you try? :)


And my personal favourite. :)



How was it?

P/s : Answers according to pictures by rotation.

He's the president of Brazil.
And he miss a finger

2. Naked women on the horse's face.

3. Ghost image on mirror.

4. A black kid wandering around in an adult shop. Now seriously, this really is mindfucking.

5. Turn your head 90 degrees and you'll notice.

6. Fukken pedobear's gonna kidnap your kid.

7. Hidden black guy.

8. Hidden dolphin.

9. Smiling face.

Picture credits to Google.


Anonymous said...

all guessed right except no 8 ;)

Cik Buya said...

hahaha.. hampes nye zed, mana dapat source ni semua?? siot terkejut aku tgk gmbar no 3. haha seram..

zedRadzai said...

toldya it was hard.

lol uncle google is your friend. just type je mindfuck ke shit brix ke haha.

tu aku kata pic2 hantu ni hati2 sket.

Joneskudc said...

hahaha.. hampes nye zed, mana dapat source ni semua?? siot terkejut aku tgk gmbar no 3. haha seram..