Random Shit Story #5 - I'm Screwed, So Let's Make Fun Of This Screwed-ness

Haha, yeap you totally got it all right. Indeed, I am screwed. Certainly not enough with all the problems I got within me, well here's another. Teeheee.

It's already May and you know, I'm gonna have my 2 months summer holiday this coming August-September. So what do you think I'm gonna do at that time, get back to Malaysia of course!

So I've been searching for tickets and friends to help me with so I asked Duan's help, since the last time, I asked for his help too, so maybe he's cool with it, hee. But turns out Duan have got some certain problem with getting a ticket for me with his credit card. So, I figured out I could use a plan B or something to be safe, right?

And then, I turned to my buddy, Nazeep, and asked for his help, and yeap, he was cool enough to give me a hand in it, since he does own a credit card and I don't, which sucks, I know, so uh.. Nevermind.

So, at this one night, both of my good friends here tried to contact me with all of their strength, but too bad, I was already asleep at that time. Apology to both of you, guys.

And the next morning, when I woke up, I've noticed there's tonnes of missed calls to my cellphone and plenty of RRRAAAGGGGGEEEEE rants to my ym, complaining about

'Mana ko sial, fuck fuck fuckkkkk' /eksagerasi

Haha well, there isn't, just some few BUZZ!!!-s and messages left by Nazeep that he wants to buy ticket and needs me at that time to discuss with, yeah, you know, I asked for his help right?

So, I just woke up and straightly replied to both of them to apologize for not being there :">

And while Duan didn't replied, Nazeep replied my message at that second and we immediately talked about our ticket flights at that morning and yeap, before we reached a decision to buy one with Malaysia Airlines which dated this certain time and place, I did take a safe action by calling Duan to confirm it with him, but too bad, he didn't pick up the phone, still asleep I suppose.

So, I just left him a message.

"Hye! Just wanna tell you that I'm done with the return tickets with Nazeep, so thank you, and no need to buy one for me okay, buddy? Nanti aku belanja ko. Love, mmmuaaaahhh XOXO hugs and kisses, Zaid'

PHEW! Problem with tickets are settled then! And I was glad. So really damn glad, because, hey, I'm coming back to Malaysia this summer okay, it's been a year. :|

So, thanks to Nazeep, I'm happy for now :D




My cellphone is ringing.

Oh, it's Duan. Ha, nasib baik ko dh sedar.

Duan : Hello!
Me : Yeap, ha dpt message aku kan? Aku dh dpt ticket balik dgn Nazeep doh. Thx2, susah2 je ko cari slama ni. Xpe2, xyah beli utk aku ok. :)
Duan : WTF.
Me : ?
Duan : Ko check email x aku bg ko smlm?
Me : Email ke ym?
Duan : Email.

So ha, time tu la aku open email and noticed there's an email forwarded by him to me which clearly stated these two things





Fuck, no. Fuck, nooooooooooo!

Don't tell me this is what I think it is.

Duan : Aku dh beli dh tiket ni utk ko smlm, tu la aku cari ko smlm tp ko xreply.
Me : *serabut panik FFFUUUUUUUU*
Duan : Adui.
Me : Tu la, cmne plak ni. Aku dh ade ticket lain dh ni. Ko pon xde la plak nk tggal message smlm kan ckp sal ni :'(
Duan : Sorry la doh, aku lupe.
Me : Xpe2, kite settle pelan2.

Now, I've got two tickets to pay :D

Rm1K per ticket.

Ain't that awesome?

P/s : This is not enough.

Still working on it, those tickets :D


z@!m said...

aku tumpang gembira.. hak2

zedRadzai said...

yeah, we should be celebrating this. haha fuck. :(

z@!m said...

rugi gle sial....
bek bg aku jek duet tu

zedRadzai said...

tu ah tau xpe weh. aku tgh nk settle kan la ni dow. kasi kurgkan sket kerugian. adoh.

syisyi said...

told ya zed,just give it to me!hahahaha

pssst : after ni aku komen gune name len plak ok..wahahaa

zedRadzai said...

hahaha tuka2 nama plz. bgs2! lol