Random Shit Story #6 - It Begins With A Phone Call

Heh, I think just one entry isn't enough for this whole shit I'm facing. So here's the story continued from the previous entry below. (yeap, I'm still gonna put a link on it :">)

Read it, mafackas.

Already read it? Ok, so let's continue.

So I panicked, okay? Fuck you, I'm gonna have to pay another RM1k worth ticket I don't need okay! Fuck!

Duan and me talked, and I immediately told Nazeep, too.

Nazeep : WTF. Jangan cmtu, bro. Aku baru je beli ni. Lancau.
Me : *speechless*
Nazeep : Kk, xpe2, cb try settle tenang2.

We're good friends, aren't we? Help me with this shit out, buddies :'(

And I was confused at some point, which ticket should I get to choose? Either Malaysia Airlines with Nazeep or Thai Airways with Duan.

I've been doing quite some thoughts, and there I chose Malaysia Airlines with Nazeep, since we discussed before buying it, would have sounded 'Takde Adab' if I'd chose Thai Airways with Duan right. Kesian dorang, aku bawak mslh je haihhhhh.

And Duan's cool with it, yeah, we don't need to get our emotion involved with this kinda shit, right? Coz we're grown-ups, doing each other favors, right, righttttt?

Sigh, hell yeah we're grown ups, but I'm the one who's gonna have to pay. ZZZZ.

But nahhh, I was the one who wasn't there the moment they were looking for me. So, I'd rather stop pointing it to others. Let's just be cool with it. Be rational, guys, settle your problems like a man.

Me : So, aku igt nk kensel la tiket Thai Airways ko ni, xpe ke?
Duan : Eh, xpe2, lek2 no hard feelings, aku tolong la ape patut.
Me : Cmne do, mmg bole ke kensel cmtu je? Ke nk jual kat org lain?
Duan : Rasanya bole, but it comes with a cancellation fee. Klu nk jual kat org lain bole jgk kot, tp leceh la.

Fuck. I'm still gonna have to pay for it, whether I like it or not.

Me : Tu la, xpe2, aku sanggup bayar ( :"> ) , tp cmne dow? Ade ke bole kensel2 cmtu je kat site die?
Duan : Cb try call.

And then Duan gave me the contact number in the Thai Airways counter in Kansai Airport.

So, I called them. I wanted to cancel that ticket of mine once and for all!

Operator : *Greets with Japanese and Fuck, I was in misery and like hell I wanna speak that language*
Me : Eigo demo ii desuka? (English, please)
Operator : Oh, okay.
Me : I'm calling to cancel the ticket that I've already booked yesterday. Is it possible?
Operator : Alright then, may I have the ticket's information please?

And I gave her everything about it, the number of flight, everything. Argh.

Operator : Sir, this ticket, is a ticket from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kansai Airport so the operation and informations on it have to be settled by our Thai Airways branch in KLIA.

Fuck it. FUCK IT! ARGHHHHHH! I hate this!

But hey, your English quite good for a Japanese, girl. :">

Me : Oh, alright, then. So, how can I contact them?
Operator : You could email them. Here's the email.


Yeah, she pronounced that email, but fuck, I can't get it.

I know her English's quite good, tapi sehebat2 manusia, pasti ada kelemahan :"> Sket lagi kuar la slang Jepun-English dia ni.

Me : I'm sorry, I couldn't get that, would you mind saying it again?

*here comes the funny part*
Remember, the email is net.flightrsvn@thaiairways.com.

Operator : Okay. "Netto", "dotto" flight, f-l-i-g-h-t.
Me : I'm sorry, was it netto and dotto?
Operator : No no. It's 'net' *trying her hard to pronounce 'net' the correct way* and a dot after that.
Me : Oh, ok. *giggles* And then?
Operator : *feeling something's wrong* and after that, R-S-V-N.
Me : Sorry?
Operator : R for Russia.
Me : Ok.
Operator : S for Singapore.
Me : Ok

Ok, at this part she was trying to pronounce the word "V" but uhh, see for yourself.
Operator : Bui for Bietnam.
Me : I'm sorry, what? *giggles*
Operator : Er. Bui for Bietnamu.


Me : Uhhhh, I'm gonna have to ask again, I'm so sorry. *giggles*
Operator : Hehe, it's the word Bui. You know, Bui, bui, bui. Bietnamu.


Me : Oh, ok2, I get it, V right?
Operator : Yes, *kinda get offended* and N for Nation. And then '@thaiairways.com'.
Me : Okay, so it's "net.flightrsvn@thaiairways.com", isn't it?
Operator : Yes, that is correct. Thanks for calling :)

*and then she immediately hangs up*

trasa ah tu. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. I burst out laughing again. Adoi la, tgh2 masalah besar cmni pon aku leh nk bergelak2 ketawa, Padahal benda kecik je pon. Sigh. FML. :'(

Tp, siyes, it was fun. LOL'ed at you Japanese.

P/s : Sape mahu beli tiket?


Anonymous said...

wakakaka.shit gile.bui bui bui.
ltih gelak.

zedRadzai said...

siyes shit LOLz.

Shakaff said...

phone log or it didn't happened.

zedRadzai said...

too bad didn't have the chance to record it.

kamil said...

ini super lol...
terok btoi hg..sian dia...wakakka

zedRadzai said...

been lol-ing all day not realizing i'm in deep shit now.