Brix #4 - School Origins

School origins? What the fuck is that?

Nah, you guys probably thought that I was gonna write about soemthing serious. Well, no, it's still me like you know it, yes, apart from the me who had gotten emo the other day :"> let's just say I'm getting back to my normal blogger life, creating interesting entries that would make readers like you rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-out-loud. ROFLLOL.


Your blog sucks, dude. Admit it, no one's laughing now.


Fuck you.

Actually, I was thinking about this matter since my buddies and me were hanging out together back in Nagoya (Yes, it's always have been Nagoya :">)

And while at that moment, Zarina, Beng's gf turut sama-sama turun padang menikmati sisa2 cuti panjang with her beloved boyfriend and some other screwed-up buddies like me and Wang and others.

So, when we hang out together, she's the only girl exists in our group. Too bad it's Beng's :"> Lek ko lek Beng.

And because we were all boys, might as well we call ourselves screwed-up guys in a gang, all we talk to each other are just shits and silly jokes and sometimes we dry-hump each other just for fun, to show how deeply in love we are with each other.

And I remember once when Shakaff were dryhumping me, (WTF, this is embarrassing) in the room in front of the laptop at the moment when we were webcam-ing with Kamil, and suddenly Zarina walked in and saw us. You know... There she goes.

Geez, women, you know we're not gay.

Well, that was once.

And the other one was when WangSang was playing Beng's ps3 in the house and Zarina was in the the other room and WangSang just let out one massive overwhelming blast of fart that vibrates the whole apartment like an earthquake.

And of course laaaaa Zarina tidak dengarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


She utter out loud, completely ashamed of herself for having boyfriends like us.


From this two random shit stories, I was thinking far awayyyy. Guys who are completely 'kamceng' with each other and act like this, yela xmalu and stuffs are just normal for me. Semakin tidak malu, semakin kamceng kan?

Babi messed up gile pemikiran. Nahhh.

So I was thinking until I arrived to the part where we look ourselves in our schools.

Yeah, because Zarina were studying in an all-girl-school called Sekolah Tun Fatimah [WTFSTF] and Kamil and Kimon pon sama jgk dlu.

Eh bukan la Kamil n Kimon tu skola STF, bengap la korg, both of em' were schooling in Sekolah Tunku Abdul Rahman [STAR], yeah an all-boy school.

Jadi, aku pun terpikir la.

Kalau skolah lelaki sesama lelaki mcm tu, wouldn't it be fun right? To act like completely awesome with each other, nothing to get blush about with your attitude unless you're gay.

Yela, kentut la ape la, asking each other dumb questions, sembang mcm lahanat ape semua, xde rasa segan, tapi KAMCENG dan NGAM dan SEKEPALA!

Pk punya pk, rasa2nya sekolah perempuan pon mcm itu juga-kah?


So, I figure out that I could take a shot.

Zed : Weh, aku pelik btol la tgk ko segan cmni dgn ktorg. Ko dlu time skola xkn xde kot wat bnda2 bodo cmni dgn mmber2?
Zarina : ..........*speechless*..............

Yeah, she's a girl, of course she gets embarrassed. I don't wanna blame her for that. :">

Tapi kan, okay lah korg cuba la pk sama2 dgn aku HA HA.

Kalau laki sama laki lepak2 slambaaaaaaaaa je kentut xkesah la kuat2 ke pelan2 ke pastu bau nokhorom mcm palat pastu xngaku kat awek sdiri, no offense Beng, tp org pompuan bukan begitukah sesama dorg?

Yela, dorg tau la segan nk bercerita ke-open-an dorg sesama sendiri dgn kite lelaki, tp keseganan tu la yang buat people like me and my buddies wanna go trolling them even more! HA HA.

And sons of bitches ini pon mula mendesak-desak. :D

Zed : Eh, jawab la open la.
Shakaff : Tu la open please.
Wang : Laaaa ko nk segan apeeeee.
Acap : Story jela Zarina, nk malu apenye.
Zarina : ..........*speechless again*.............

Then, looking at her getting all blushing and shits, makes us go even more further. HOHO, we're not done yet!

Zaid : Ktorg kalau sesama lelaki rilek jela sesama sdiri klu tny bulu pubis la bulu ketiak dh shave blom, korg org pompuan time skola2 dlu cmne eh?
Shakaff : Ha tu la psl. Ko shave bulu ktiak x?
Wang : C'mon open la, korg sama2 lepak2 xkn xde lekkkkkkk je kentut mcm ni?
Acap : Pstu, korg slalu je kan borak hal2 pompuan kan, sama jgk dgn ktorg! Deodorant korg sapu kat ketiak pakai brand ape?
Zarina : *Fucked-up*
Beng : Weh. Dah2. Haha. (Aww, protecting, is it? Haha)
All : ... :">

HAHAHA poor you Zarina for getting friends like us, but hey, there would be no other guys for your friends that are so messed-up instead of us, right girl? :">

I knowww, guys. We were all real assholes. We were all dickfaces :)

I know, you mafackas would go accusing us for sexual harassment, but trust me, there were no sexual feelings involved and she was cool, never did get angry with us. We were just awesome friends, right Zarina? :)

And just to make her feel better, we all apologized to her before getting back to our places :)

P/s : Thanks for the cooking, Zarina. I miss those times.

Picture credits to Google.


Botak said...

haha tp mmg sempoi pon kan klu mmber2 cmtu.

Shakaff said...

zarina cakap dia shave.

zedRadzai said...

yeap fun2.

eh btol la die shave. sgt sopan.

zarina said...

mmg la kene shave kot. ishhhhh2

zedRadzai said...

eh jgn la emo. ape2hal open je kay.