Serious Thoughts #1 - The Infinity Dimension World


Just for you guys, my fellow well-educated readers who are capable enough to think about how interesting the world we live in as we speak.

Tak kisah lah natang ini best ke tak bg korang, but just things to think deeply about :>

A serious one for today. Definitely a tl;dr (too long ; didn't read) one for those who aren't interested. But, who fukken cares?

This matter kept me turned on since last night when Sky just gave us a long awesome story about the universe.

Which kept me wondering, what the heck? I'm writing about this shit.

Well, for starters, have you ever wondered why there are terms like 2-dimension (2D) and 3-dimension (3D)?

'Course you do, apa guna belajar susah-susah time sekolah?

As we all know, 2D like we learned at school are just like those x-y graphs. And for those graphs, there are only four ways that we could move from, which is

1. +x [positive, right direction]

2. -x [negative, left direction]
3. +y [positive, up direction]
4. -y [negative, down direction]

And you can chose wherever you wanna go at those directions as long as it sticks to only four of those. Just like the Super Mario Bros game in the earliest Nintendo console. You can only control Mario and Luigi from left, right, up, down, direction, right? You feel me?

As for 3D, it become like extremely complicated compared to 2D.

Because those directions have 'evolved' from just four to six.

Plus another two directions for 3D.

5. +z [positive, front direction]

6. -z [negative, back direction]

So this time, imagine playing Counter Strike or DoTa and WoW, it's in 3D so you can of course control their movement to any direction you want.

You're still with me, guys?

What I'm trying to say here is, the difference between 2D and 3D is that, for 2-dimension, there will be no freaking way a certain point can move from back to front. Because all they can see is only those ways on x-y axis.

Ugh, I'm not really used to English scientific vocabs.

Just move along with me.

But for 3D, like the world we live in now, we can move like almost all directions. Depan, belakang, kiri, kanan, barat laut ape jada sume boleh-lah.

So you understand the difference, right? Brilliant!

Let's move on to another story, then.

Alright, try imagine two dudes named Ghani and Malek living in this certain world of 2D.

Yes, and keep in mind, it IS 2-dimension, so there will be no fukken way Ghani and Malek could ever watch front and back. So they are like the cartoons we watch. Cause it's in 2D.

To ease your imagination, these pictures should help.

Crap, I know.

Let's move on.

So, those two dudes are just like normal fellas like us doing their daily shits in their boring life, so let's just say Ghani got totally bored and decided to rob a 2-dimensional bank.

Unfortunately, he got arrested and were dragged behind bars by the 2D police officers.

WTF, I'm starting to feel funny imagining these cute little skinny people and buildings.

So, in jail, what Ghani did everyday was just pray and pray to somehow find a chance to get him out of jail. Too bad if it wasn't for his prayers, he would still be in the prison. Because you heard his 'prayers' and came to save him.

Because you know, we guys were imagining these stories, so it would be quite cool to join starring the story itself.

Yeah, so, you were the hero. And you answered his 'prayers'. But hey, remember, you live in the 3d world so there'd be no fukken way you can get in that 2D world of him just like that.

You : Yo. (gaya Atok)
Ghani : Eh, sape tuh? Asal aku dgr sore tp xnmpk sape?

Yes, another complicated thing to explain. Ghani's in a 2D world, so all he can see in his vision was just those x-y axis. And you're in a 3D world, so let's just imagine you're watching Ghani from this point of view, okay?

No fukken way he could view his head to the right and look at you in the eye, right? Coz that would be out of the x-y axis range and it'd be impossible for him to set his vision for that.

You still with me, mafackas?


Ghani : Tolong kuarkan aku walau siapapon kamu :((
You : Oh, okay. (gaya Atok)

But how in the hell would you wanna get him out from that cell? You can never get him out from front or behind because of the x-y axis factor, so you kept wondering for yourself, how am I gonna help getting his ass out from that 2D cell?

I've no idea, too. WAKAKA.

Tapi peduli, just think of it, like a joke or something but you just manage to get him out of there just by drawing another picture of him at another paper and at the same time erasing his body which was in the cell at the previous moment.

Just like the teleportation skill. They would never understand that, don't they?

So POOF! There you go, Ghani. You're now free and may you live your life to the fullest without getting involved with any crimes. Because if you can't do the time, don't do the fukken crime, dumbass.

There he went out from prison and straight to his friend, what was his name again? Uh, scrolling up

Okay! Malek was his name. So he went straight to Malek to tell the most awesome story he had at the prison.

Ghani : Woi Malek dgr ni doh, dgr2!
Malek : Ha ape2?
Ghani : Aku masuk penjara doh smlm, smlmn aku doa2 skali tgk ade sape tah tolong aku kua, tgk2 aku tb2 dh ade kat luar penjara dh, cmne sial tah die buat.
Malek : ...

Ghani : Fuck. Betol tak tipu weh.
Malek : Pics or gtfo.

Ghani : Mana ada doh. Xda camera nk tgkp pic.

Malek : So bring me to this dude.

Ghani : Tp aku xnmpk muke die duh!

Malek : ....

Ghani : Fuck ah ko ni. Yela yelaaa, jom2.

(gtfo = Get The Fuck Off)

So off they went searching for you, yes you, because they wanted you to show your face to them.

But, seriously, how? You're in the 3D world, and they're in the 2D world.

Ghani : Perlihatkan wajah kamu, wahai 'YOU'!
You : Okay.

So you went in that world of them, and fuck, guess what happened?

Yes, you move your body in the 2D world, but because of your physical body is in the 3D format, there'd be no way it could be converted into 2D version just like that without using the suitable converter you can get in or other torrent sites. Nahh, I keed.

Because you're in 3D, try to imagine how they see you in their world.

As for me, I imagine they see you in pieces. Coz they can never see your whole true self. It's like this picture of me.

Try to imagine aaa.

This is me in the 3D world.

This is me in the 2D world.

You move a lil bit, they saw you nampak mcm ini.

You move a lil bit again. Mcm ini pula.

Yes, in fact they only see some slices of you.

Because of their limited x-y axis factor visions of 2-dimensional world!

You see what I'm trying to say?

Ghani and Malek will never understand your appearance in the 2D world. Because from their point of view, everytime you move, the view from you appearance changes.

And they would think of it like,


Enough of the crap story I just made up according to Sky's story.

Now, do you totally understand the difference between 2D and 3D worlds?



Try thinking about it for a lot more further. A lot more serious. Try 4-dimensional world. Or even 5D or 6D.

How the hell could it be? Unimaginable right? Just like Ghani and Malek thought of you. They could never understand how the hell did you looked like that in their 2D world. But we can understand, because their world is easier to figure out. But what about worlds that have more dimentions than ours?

Yeap, try to think a lot more 'Akidah' style, but don't overthink. About how we can never ever understand the 'dunia ghaib' and 'alam ghaib' and 'demons and angels'. Plus those 'stargates' which connects world to world. Which dimension world are they in perhaps? Now that's a clue. Do you get it?

This entry doesn't end like this, you know. If you're clever enough, please think for it for a bit longer about what RRRREEEEAAAALLLY is the hidden point that I'm trying to explain.

And if you think you can never ever imagine a 5 or 6 or 7 0r how many dimensional world, how about imagining the Highest-Rank-Of-All dimensional world.


I just made that up :">

Which the Owner is The One and He owns all other worlds from all dimensions.

What if The One from there showed His Face to us, and how incredibly fast Angel Gabriel burn just by watching those views. and how those strong and huge mountains collapse when Prophet Moses requested for a view. Yes, you know what I mean.

We'd never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (times infinity) understand what it's like.

And now it's our turn to go like,


If you don't get it, might as well don't read my shit blog. ZZZZ.

Thx for reading this writing.

Congratz for those who manage to figure out the point from the beginning.

Ceh pdhal, aku dh explain kot point aku tu last2. Geez.

P/s : And again, don't overthink, or you might get pwned by imagining things that are beyond our imagination as God's creation.


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A serious one for today. Definitely a tl;dr (too long ; didn't read) one for those who aren't interested. But, who fukken cares?