Sexist #4 - Girls' Stuffs

Hey all and I'm back with my promise to bash those sexist bitches! Told ya I'd get a point for y'all! Ptuih.

Well, actually I've been thinking about this matter since I've been chatting around with my girlfriend, Mate (not a lover, but a friend made from a species we call Female) :">

Relax, Mate. I know your reading this.

And actually, I haven't notice about that thing just when I talk with her, but I just had a long chat with my buddy, Asmaa yesterday. :)

And hell yeah, she really turns me on with this topic about girls that actually is pretty obvious if you communicate well with them girls :">


What really is this shit that I'm going to bash them, ey?

Better brace yourself girls, coz you might get hurt. So here begins.

What's with you girls that are so damn easy to get jealous with each other?

I mean like, yeah, I know there's just some girls that are hotter, and some are fuglier, but hey, there's nothing you can do about it, so deal with it! :"> and we'll get back to that later tee hee.

But, what if it was about something else, about something way much much more nothing compared to just looks and glamourous?

Like, for instance, two girls in the same house with the same course studying in the same university, and turns out one of em' performs better than the other. And guess what, there actually is a girl who would kinda get over jealous and act like bitches to the other one who is obviously the winner because, yeah, she scores better, right?

Is it really necessary to go feeling like that and get emotional like everytime till it affects the calm and peace relationship you have with a good friend of yours?

I know, guys, it really is cool to get jealous, and heck, there's also some good influence from that to keep motivating ourselves to get higher and better marks.

But won't it look stupid and annoying to overact about it?


Winner : (Goes out from the house just to stuff out some rubbish outside)
Loser : (The same moment, goes out too, but out to the cafe or something, so indeed she'd bring her key, of course. Sees the Winner outside, and pretend like didn't noticed and just locked the door)
Winner : (Get backs to the door and fuck, she's screwed! How'd she go inside? She didn't bring out her key)

Unless she have to wait for that saint friend of hers to get back to unlock the door.

Now that's cold.

I know, it's just some story you think I just made up, but in fact, it's a true story :|

And I know, you guys would think that the Loser probably didn't noticed the Winner outside, but actually, she did.

And myb, you guys would think like

'Ala, small matter la, itu pon nk kecoh'

Then, fuck you.

You do know how relationships works, do you?

It's small shits like this that would pile up become like an enormous shit of hatred flowing around in that poor heart of the WINNER and end up being in the internet and there it goes from a certain Yahoo Messenger Window to another user.

Yeap, of course, rant happens.

I do love hearing rants actually, but in a good way and humorous ones. But at certain situations, when you just know why actually the Loser acts strange, well, that would be another type of shit that you could easily detect from how you know your friend. A girl, I mean.

Cause, I hear rants about this like always, and craps like this would definitely end up being another entry in my shit blog. And the readers would be you. Please, go read another blog. I feel ashame of myself.

You girls (not all) are always like that. Don't ever deny it. There's always this something going around between you and other chicks around you when there's something to compare with, am I right?

It's like when I'm comparing this sexist entry into a racist entry, imagine I'm talking about Chinese and Indians and Malay, which clearly would make you understand how egoist we are with each other and never ever would tolerate peacefully with other races. I'm talking generally :"> but seriously, I don't do racism, guys.

Like before, okay, let's get back with the thing which I say about looks and glamorous.

1. She's hotter than you.
2. She communicates better with boys than you do.
3. Boys like her more than you.
4. You are Fugly, and she's beautiful and cute.
5. She has the perfect round ass and titties that would make guys get a boner in certain situations.
6. And you. Geez, guys look at you like you're just some kind of a retarded person.


What would you do then?


No offense to actually-retarded persons who read my blog.

Alrighty. Seriously, you can do nothing. Just put out all that jealousy away from that ugly heart of yours, and treat other people with respect.

And for those who WINS with their look, don't get over-excited and prideful. Because what goes around, comes around :)

Of course, guys look at you and imagine 'doing' it with you like all the time, but it stays in their dream for goodness sake.

We guys would never want bitches as our soul mate. So judge yourself.

There's nothing you can do unless the actions above.

But, if you fail, why don't have a fight? 'Cause fuck me, I'd love to see girls fight with their own kind.

P/s : Sarcastic entry is just sarcasm.


syisyi said...

hahahahah zaid!
1. thanks for listening
2.thanks for the entry
3.thanks for the cover too!
THANK YOU lah pendek kata!hahahahaha

weh sengal gle aku tergelak2 baca entry ko ni.hahaha

zedRadzai said...

hahaha all for you babe =))
my pleasure

syisyi said...

syisyi?hehehe :)))

zedRadzai said...

ikot suke aku je kan. ko dh kasi green light to call you anything hahahh

Anonymous said...

In the End the winners tAke
it all

zedRadzai said...