Shit Cover #9 - Wither [Dream Theater]

It's been an honor to get into a collaboration with Leperd, one of my friends' rockstar guitarist senior in Nagoya.

Put aside all the effort we made, all I can say, me myself were also extremely satisfied with the outcome Leperd made with the video that he edited from both our recording which were made separately, yeah you know, I'm in Gifu, and he's somewhere else, Nagoya.

And since this is my first cover video that were created 'almost perfectly' with him, I was not yet have the full equipments like you know, recording headphone, mic stand, microphone pop filter and stuffs. So, I'm gonna get those stuffs little by little. :">

With that being said, all credit goes to Leperd, because he's the one who edited the full video, and I hope to make another cover of another song with him, or even with other talented friends like Shanti, Nazeep, Amed, Shakaff, Ezzra, Abul, and other buddies in the future. Yeah, dudes, you guys are freaking awesome!

N xdela aku bosan dok wat cover sorang2 HA HA, plus this is a great chance for me to develop my vocal skills, instead of stuck into only one or two genres of music. :">

So, enjoy!

You wanna know how cool Leperd is?

Go watch how fukken awesome he rocks in this video of him making a guitar solo cover from the song Protest The Hero - Bloodmeat.

Right? Right?? Ha, paham2 la cmne seronok aku rasa dpt wat cover sama2 dgn beliau.

P/s : This song suits me for now.


Anonymous said...

awesome. just awesome.

Anonymous said...

bleh mndaftar band annur dah ni zed.

zedRadzai said...

hoh tu mmg aku stuju sgt la tuh hahahh

adzuan aziz said...

ah shit cover!haha
aku nk pinjam mic ko!ntah2 sebab mic suare ko sedap.;D

thumbs up bro!

zedRadzai said...

hahahh mungkin jgk tu. pastu aku edit sore beb. kasi effect sket. so jgn pcayaaa :">

thx btw.

Anonymous said...

shitting.ha ha

zedRadzai said...

here comes the annoying orange