What I Hate About Japan #4 - That Malaysia Don't Have

Well, actually, this entry is not about Japan. It's just I've been noticing this shit since I came here. Just wanna add up my 'What I Hate About Japan' series.

Back in Malaysia, I use to think dogs and pigs are just the most disgusting creature ever created by God. Yes, korang pon pikiaq macam itu juga.

But, day by day, I often watch dog appearances in the movies, and I was starting to wonder, why are those dogs look so damn cute compared to the real life in Malaysia.

Well, first of all, it's been long enough for me in here to slowly change my mindset from 'I fukken hate dogs' to 'Fuck, look at those furry cute little bastards'.

Yes, guys. Dogs here are so fukken cute, you'd be like really really want to touch them and play with them all day long, walk em out to the parks and such.

But, yeah, dogs are untouchable. Coz they're fukken dirty and disgusting. :">

Well, no. Those dirty-and-disgusting versions of dogs are just from our hometown, when you see dogs without owner wandering around lanes and market streets with their kurap2 sticking all around their body parts. Yes, dogs which we call 'anjing kurap'.

Ugh. Who would wanna touch that?

And in Malaysia, because of our religion, which strictly forbids touching dogs with our bare hands without getting it clean after that which we call the 'samak' process, we never did have the chance to actually let our mind think that dogs are actually kinda cute too.

So us Malaysians, prefer to think that

'Bodoh, tu anjing sial, mana boleh pegang'

'Pantat, anjing tu kejar! LARI WEH, LARI!!!'

'Adoh, kite lalu jalan lain la, ade anjing kurap ctu'

and shits that show that how paranoid we think about dogs and how much we hate them. But, in fact, dogs were never forbidden to touch, just you have to get it clean according to the right Islamic way. It's just the mindset in our community and our religion that makes us to treat them that way.

And even worse, it also become some kind of another swear word for us Malays.

'Ko jangan nk buat perangai anjing kat sini'

Poor dogs. They were never that disgrace to be considered even that far.

So that's why, most of us Malaysians prefer cats as our pets. Sebab kucing pon comel gila babi tak hengat, dengan telinga, misai, mata, kaki, bulu, kuku apa jada itu semua so kita semua (well, in fact, tidaklah Malaysian sahaja yang sukakan kucing, bukan?) fikir kucing sangat comel la apa la.

But hey, I used to think of it that way once, but cats are overrated. yes, their cuteness are just seducing, I'm approving that opinion, but you know what I don't like about cats that dogs have?

Dogs communicate with their owner more than cats do.

Well, actually I don't have any cats as my pet at home. So, do correct me if I'm wrong.

Cause you know why, in Japan, (and any place else) when you go out sight-seeing or just chilling out at the streets, you'd never see a dude or some hot chicks walking around their cats. You'll never see those kind of things. Because cats are not the type that can be walked around in the parks or such.

But dogs, yes, dogs, I dunno, I'm starting to be a dog person lately.

Dogs can be your bestfriend.

Like in the movie I Am Legend, starring Will Smith being alone in his city with only his dog as his friend. Well, you'll never see the sequel of that movie with a cat as his bestfriend. That will never fukken happen. Seriously.

Yes, watch the god damn movies. Have you ever saw one with cats that act like a dog with their owner? I know they're cute, but those 'personalities' are just not in their nature. Dogs are always running around with their owners, and for those lonely types, it is really a wise decision to have them as your pet. But cats, like to stay at home only. Am I right?

Dogs are just really cool with how overactive and easy going they can be with their owners. Don't you think that it's just cool and awesome to have dogs as your pet?

Don't gimme that look, you motherfuckers. Like I'm serious to have one anyway.

But, seriously, look at this one. Tgk lama2.

Cat+dog species? WTF

P/s : 4th week of this sem.


Shakaff said...

hate to say this but,

meleis babi pemalas pukimak anjing. anjing comel pon taknak pegang sebab malas nak samak. pastu buat ajaran anjing pukimak. butoh!



zedRadzai said...

thx dude. meleis as it is.

Anonymous said...

zed, cube check betul feqah sblm tulis...mmg xharam kalau sentuh..tp da msk part makruh...elok jauh bnde makruh kn.

zedRadzai said...

yes, i feel you mang.
tp makruh still =/ haram
you got my main point in this entry?
it's a hidden message.

Anonymous said...

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