What I Hate About Japan #5 - ....and kids



I have been quite away from letting my life get addicted into blogging, but seriously, I'm bored again and have been 'pleasing' myself into drifting to the most awesome themepark of all time.

The BoobyLand.

Well, fuck it. Who don't watch porns nowadays? I know, it's bad, and since I'm back to single again, :"> yes, single, who wouldn't know? Teeheee.

Nahh, screw me. It's my life, not yours. Let's just live the life by the-sad-ugly-truth idea given by Shakaff.

"Who need girls? We got porn."

So, I've been madly drooling my mouth just now by watching motivational websites. I kid. Yeah yeah I know, porn sites. Well, with that being said, actually I'm not that kind of an addicted porn-lover. And it's been a while since I watch one. Jadi bila kita sudah ada 'mood' utk menonton, why not letting it out to the best?

So, I've been browsing around various styles and races and to get extremely turned on, and heck, why not try Japanese?

And of course, you nufags should know it. Maria Ozawa. Heh. Lame. :">

Off topic, have you guys ever seen the trailer "Menculik Miyabi" movie by the Indonesians, starring her? Klu xtgk lg, tau la die ade berlakon kat Indon kan?

Well, no? Haven't seen it? It's just me? Fine then. You hypocrite fucks.

Let's get back to our topic.

Well, having watching around quite some various types of porn and being in Japan does make me feel wanting to like to know Japanese even better. :">

And I was thinking, you guys watch Japanese porn, don't you? Of course you do.

Well, don't.


Sebab menonton pornografi itu berdosa.

And I find it extremely annoying to be one of the adult entertainments out there. I know, Maria Ozawa

and uh, let's just say I happened to know another porn star like uh, Sora Aoi.

Padahal memang tau pon, cuma segan nk ngaku pada newfags mcm korg.

Saja la aku cari pic2 sopan sket. I don't want you perverts to get horny and fap for no reason and the sins get to me.

I know they're freakingly hot and sounds 'manja' everytime that 2" Japanese dick :"> penetrates her pusseh and all that kinda stuffs but uh.. Seriously.

Being used to watching porn, I tend to get annoyed with how abnormal those Japs porn is compared to other 'normal' porns like you know, uh Two Girls One Cup? Now that's normal! Watching two girls caressing each other and eating each others' shits and excrements and vomits and... WHOOPS! I'm gonna stop there. Fuck you Bean, you gave me a nightmare.

You know I kid, guys. That's fucking gross.

What, xpaham? Ok. Xpe. Forget all about it, will ya :)

HE HE HE HE HE *giggling again at newfags*

Back to topic, where was I?

Yeah, if you can compare Japanese porn to other normal porns, wouldn't other normal porn would be much better? Maria sounds like a supposed-to-be-Japanese-but-having-a-Pan-Asean-look puppy getting fiercely sodomized by a 9-inch cucumber and Sora. Yeap, she's hot as an Asian girl but that whole 'kawaii' act? Bajet comel? That shit for real? With that 'anime' type of voice, yeah, you know those squeaky voice and weird pouts and stuff...

Yes, it is real. Living here would make you realize that all you saw at those Japs porn is real. No kidding.

And, hey.. It's quite fun to start watching at the Japanese girls having 'action' in the porns because you know, Asians are known as a multiracial community yang lebih cenderung mempunyai rasa malu yang lebih compared to white people. Mcm kite jgk, jumpa .3gp bangsa sendiri. WOW! Best kan best kan nak tgk kan nak tgk kan?


But when the camera's starting to move to their private parts, they get blurry. WTF.

Yes, I had a WTF reaction when I had my first experience watching Japanese porn clip. Why do they censor it?

It's not like the guys have massive dicks anyway and the girls. Sigh. Refer my previous entry if you wanna understand more. Both of em' don't fukken shave their private parts. So instead of censoring them, wouldn't it be just cool to left em' uncensored? Because you know, you'd still be like FFFUUUUUU again watching how those 'bushes' covering up those parts.

All you need is one small and tiny pixel of it, and you're done. But noooooo fukken way they're gonna do it. They still gotta 'obscure' a whole big square of pixelated square to cover up everything. Because it's in their freaking laws. It's forbidden. If you produce an uncensored porn here, you might get in jail liao.


So that's what I hate about Japan.

And you know what? These kids nowadays are extremely spoilt, am I right? Our days dulu2 time baru mengenal erti kesenian pornografi ponnnnn, had mana la kan. Sigh. Still images. Only images. I dunno about you but I hit my virginity once ago by watching a nude picture of an unknown pornstar I get from my kind-hearted buddy who likes to share all his 'knowledge' back in primary school.

Yes, admit it, okay. It hurts to know kids nowadays get wide chances than us to compare to.

Unless you have a brother or cousin or neighbor who failed to hide his pile of cd stash of 'Pramugara Terlampau' and 'Pirates of The Caribbean : XXX Rated' and stuffs.

Or you might have parents who was still having their 'sweet' stage of performing sex wildly, so your dad bought porn stuffs and still, failed to hide it from you fucking pervert menaces back then.

Or you might have a slightly chance by watching 'porn' of themselves, because the thin walls kept you wondering what really is both of them doing in their room these nights saying OMG repeatedly. (what the fuck, are they praying that passionate?)

Or you might get curious and tend to peek your newlywed uncles and aunties to see how they 'did' it at their first night in your kampung.

WTF banyak la pulak contoh. Sume ni jadi kat ko ke Zed?

Nahhh. :">

Eh, siyes, tak la hahahh. Btol ni, btol ni.

But, no. These kids nowadays doesn't have to get through all that 'misery' because yes, they have the internet. They have youtube, and all those streaming sites of porn, and heck, they can also easily and accidentally 'bumped' to porn just by clicking certain ads that are not in the right place at the right moment. And fuck, they have rapidshare and torrents and... Fuck, I hate kids.

And I remember a moment I was wandering around KLCC and saw two kids, wearing fancy clothes and shoes and caps and playing around with their damn PSPs, fuck, I only gotten myself a PSP just when I got here. Sigh.

And time raya, dlu2 aku dpt duit raya sikit je wehhh dari sdara mara. Nowadays, kids get hundreds of ringgits just by collecting them from relatives and neighbors. Babi pe.

And they even have magazines for kids nowadays. You know, for latest fashion and stuffs. Bintang Kecil. Heh. Especially the girls. Suke sgt la baca bnda2 ni, konon2 remaja! They don't know once they hit puberty they're gonna 'lose' em' all.

I know I'm jealous. :">

But, still.

Damn kids.

P/s : Is this really it that I need now? Sorry, but I don't want anybody to get hurt.

Credits - Actually I got this idea after reading Humpathon's entry about it, and I kinda 'cilok2' sket ayat beliau, so forgive me Humpathon, if your reading this, ur writing's awesome!

But, seriously, I hate Japan more.

Try watching this. You'll be LOL'ing all around if you understand how it feels living here.


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