Life #13 - Hypocrite Fucks.

Have you ever knew people who was like so intense on keeping their personal life from being known to others?

Well, I'm not saying I do know people like those, but to be honest, I don't even know the word 'hypocrite' means to me now.

Am I too, being a hypocrite person? I thought I was just being myself everytime. Look at me, I messed up just because I was trying not to be hypocrite.

Yeap, sometimes you do feel confused whether or not what you did was wrong or right. And it's all beyond your judgment and how you thought something was the way it is when clearly it isn't.

But nahh, I ain't gonna talk about that. You know me, guys :)

So, you were saying...?

Alright. Back to business.

Like all of you readers, I hate hypocrite people. It doesn't mean that I'm that perfect for a person, but trust me, I'm trying my best not to. :">

But why the need to cover2 xhengat psl keburukan diri anda? If it's just your trueself, wouldn't it be better if you just admit it to others? You buddies and loved ones would certainly accept you the way you are.

Yes, because it's worth it to be honest.

Like, for instance, I was once really didn't want public to know I'm a smoker, but that was just at those times. When some shit just happened to me, I realized that being honest is not that bad after all.

But still, parent aku xtau lagi la WAKAKA peduli. Itu bukan hypocricy. Itu menjaga hati yang tersayang. Who would want them to know that their son here is suffering his life to fix it?

And yeap, at those times, whenever I tried to deny my smoking habits, I start comparing it to other persons who I know that was in the same shit as me, how did they deal with that denial?

Well, and as a result, I wasn't that bad either. My motive was only not to let my parents and the person who loved me at that time for not knowing it, but hey, when you're a smoker, admit it, trust me, it won't hurt.

Ini kalau sampai cover2 xhengat psl smoking semata2 jaga market xdpt laaa. And lies were told. I know chicks hate smokers, but who the fuck cares? You'll find your soulmate sooner or later and she'll definitely accept you the way you are.

And also, since I'm already a 'young' adult, I know I'm not yet acting like one, but in time, I realize that there's just something in me that has change for the past 5 years.

I became open-minded, I mean like really. I became a reasonable man. Wallawei.

Fuck you a zed, dok puji2 diri padia.

But seriously, those personalities that I develop within me taught me one thing, just be yourself. Even though you tried not to, just be yourself.

Actually I'm saying this because I remember a certain some one who was like so passionate when bad mouthing other persons behind their back but in front of them, he acts like an angel.

With his charms and all, sigh, maybe he liked to be nice at all girls, for his market and handsome looks, of course :">

But when hanging out with his guy friends, he's just as awesome like a normal guy I'd like to be friends with. Silly jokes, prank each other, supportive, sama2 jht dan nakal, and cool.

And bila dtg chicks, the person we know now turned into the nicest guy in the world when clearly before, he made pervert statements about peeping that girl's ass and tittehs and being so passionate about it.

Well, no, I understand, everyone has their own reasons, and that's why I don't even understand the word 'hypocrite' means.

But, fuck, is that really necessary?

Well, guys, I'm trying my best to just be myself in everything. :)

And this is all about just hypocrite fucks. Tggu la nnti bile2 psl conservative fucks and bipolar fucks plak.

P/s : Midterm <----- Hell, yeah.


kamil said...

Fuck you a zed, dok puji2 diri padia.

zedRadzai said...

lolol =))

pam said...

wakaka. cam cb la zed. sorry for being anonymous

zedRadzai said...

paham kan paham kan =)))))))