Life #14 - The Lottery Theory

Actually I have no idea about writing this entry. It's just, clear to me for now. You know, the lottery theory?

Whaaa....? Never heard of it? It's from HIMYM series.

Geezz, who in the world wouldn't have watch the 'How I Met Your Mother' series? Those series are fukken awesome, baby! And it teaches me about almost every single thing in this world, like relationships, career, life, and yeah, even though I'm not in my highest point in my life right now, it still teaches me for being more of a reasonable person. :">

And you do know, guys, bak kata the Islamic way

"Setiap perkara yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya"

Just like every thing I was thinking about for writing this entry right now.

Because yes, there's always a reason for everything.

And it helps us human to accept the fact that life, as the way we see it now, totally screwed up and all, are based on one mysterious theory, which is


Now, just because we're muslim, don't get offended because I just said the word 'JUDI', er I mean 'LOTTERY', yeah you know how angry we people get when hearing the fact that there're gonna be soccer gambling issues for the World Cup 2010.

Yeah, yeah?? :">

It's 1Malaysia. Nahh, I'm not gonna comment on those matters :">

Back on track.

The Lottery Law. We know everything on it depends on luck and the possibilities are just way out of our control. Think of it as your life. Well uh, except for the fact that we can still do some effort for our lives to compare with this lottery shit... Nahh, fuck it, forget about that.

It's just, you know, take our love life. We all have our own problems dealing with it. And we tend to fukken give a shit when it never comes right.

But, we forgot one thing.

There would be no fukken way for a day without a couple getting a break up, and a couple getting a hook up.

And in China last year, there were 1.71 millions of married couples getting a divorce. Which means, the world as we see it right now, is awfully messed up.

And why did I gave a China thing example? Because

Nahh lammmeeeee.

So, because of that fact, we need to change our mindset to be thinking that couples break up and hook up all the time. I mean, look at yourself, and remind yourself how were you when you had your recent true heart-breaking break up.

You were extremely breakdown, weren't you? Yes, I did.

And because of that matter, you shouldn't be long enough to just being sad and all about then. Don't think of it as your own self only, you're being selfish. Open your mind wider and see the world as it is, and try to adapt it.

And after you've moved on, you're on to another level, fixing your life back to normal.

Because it's just the effect of The Lottery Theory. There's gonna be some failures before achieving the true victory.

And because of that, we all have our own 'packages' in our life. Take it like an ex or you losing your virginity or something, you just have to deal with it everytime you step into a new 'saga' of your life.

Oh there would be no fucking way that First Love or True Love works in the end, these days. Ain't it right?

When you and other person are really meant for each other, think of it like this, there would be no doubt that that someone wouldn't accept you just the way you are.

And as an example, you try to flirt on someone with your lame ass jokes. Unfortunately, it didn't work. She didn't even laughed and looked at you like you're some sort of a lame ass guy who were desperate for getting yourself into a relationship.

If she were really would be THE ONE for you, she'd happen to fall for that joke, no matter how stupid it is. Because it's just the way it works!

It's just an example.

There's always that possibility in life that you should take your chances into. But not into everything. Just like gambling. Judi!!!

Said by the Muslim Malay guy named zaidRadzai.

Yeah, this guy ----------------------------->

Go kill him.

Fuck you, I don't gamble.

P/s : Off to Nagoya. Rajin2 aku update la kot lg nnti ni.


Anonymous said...

How I Met Your Mother rocks!

ms.Owl said...

finally!haha..i was waiting for this entry btw.enjoy urself in Nagoya!

zedRadzai said...

yeah and they'll be back in september for season 6

@ms Owl
haha finally eh ;)