Racist #1 - What Kind of Race are You?

I know, guys, I've once said that I don't do racist entries, but it seems like things are just way out of our control. I don't even know how the fuck did I write this entry since my hands are moving on its own and start typing on the keyboard while I'm literally trying my hard not to.

It was natural.

And you faggots should calm down, because I'm not gonna make serious entries about racism, still sticking to my principal, everything you do just for t3h LULzzzzzzzah.

In this world, do you ever wonder why God created us with different races and skin tones? There must have been a reason.

You could say that God need to test us humankind on how we could get along with each other even though clearly He made us different between races.

And even you could say that, by different races comes true unity and peace, because if God only create one type of a human race, let's just say us Malay, there'd no fukken way we could achieve true unity and peace, right?

Hey, don't jump into conclusions already, I'm not finished yet. Just because I said 'us Malay, there'd no fukken way we could achieve true unity and peace, right?' what, you think I was gonna offend my own race? Fuck you.

I was saying about if there's only one race in this world, yes, of course, there'd be no racism but uh, there would be no way that we could identify true peace between different races, 'cause you know, there's only one race, us Malays, so what's there to define unity between races?

Okay, I'm gonna stop using Malay as an example, you oversensitive bastards.

It's just weird, ain't it? So many good or bad reasons for the existence of so many different races in this world,

And fuck, I ain't giving a shit wakaka.

The main reason of it was to let me write an entry like this, that's why! :">

Geez, I think I'm gonna write random thoughts on different races.


Tarak agama, humble, pemalu, kuat bodek, jahil tp keje nokhorom kuat, work ethics, life tarak, alcoholic, workaholic, suicide rates tggi, masih Asia, sopan santun, bersungguh-sungguh dalam sesuatu hal dan juga bodoh. *no, I didn't mean that last word :"> *


Made in China. Ching Chong Nip Nong Nong.

Bodoh sombong, degil, susah bertolak ansur, taraf ego yang amat tggi, dan juga semangat yang kuat. Dan juga nafsu tggi. Sumpah makan kuat gile geng2 pak arab ni.

Ini... ini... PUKIMAK.

They score in being the cheapest people in the world. Plus sounds extremely unique when speaking English.

White people *American*
Look at these motherfuckers beer for life.

White people *British*

Such a small country which once ruled the WORLLLLLLDDDDDDD!!! And now ends up speaks their own language, English with the most awesome accent in the world, you can't speak the slang without making ugly faces, seriously.

When am I gonna have dicks like those? :'(

You sure got some nice curves, daaayyyyyummm!

Sangat hensem, berdasarkan Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Malay berasal dr keturunan Iskandar Dzulkarnain, sopan santun, macho, berkerjasama, sangat bertolak ansur, bijak pandai dan sgt menghormati asal usul dan adat melayu. oversensitive meleis. dgr arak babi sket, xhengat pny marah.

Well, see? I never intended to offend my own race, am I right? :)

Malays, are just the best in the world, aren't they? :)

Proud to be a Malay.

P/s : Sometimes it's not about forgetting the past, but it's about fixing and getting your life back to normal.


kamil said...

part nigger 2 mntap..lol

zedRadzai said...

true shit :'(

Aftuz said...

melayu->sembang lebih,hasil takde.

zedRadzai said...

whops i didn't said that, u did it ;))

Anonymous said...

nigga punya mmg sgt besar dan panjang ye?