Random Shit Story #8 - The Outcome

Yezzzaaahhhh, you do remember my previous entries about how I screw myself up with buying two flight tickets which I don't need, do you?

In case you didn't follow, here's the links. :">

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Heh, bajet gile la kan konon2 ade org ikot mati2 kisah xgune ni :">

Well, just for the record, it might have been some sort of a dead end problem but hey, turns out I, no, WE, managed to handle the problem right away by taking some action and effort which yes, turns out it's done.

It's done, babe!

Nazeep's part were done.

And me, as soon as Nazeep's part on changing the ticket's name to me were done, last night I immediately send another email to Thai Airways branch in KLIA to cancel my ticket as soon as possible :D

And today, right at this moment, I just received an email of an outcome from Thai Airways that they confirmed that they had already call off my ticket reservation and there would be of course, some cancellation fee that I have to pay. Nahhh, I'm not gonna worry about that, not that the fee wasn't that expensive, but it's my careless mistake, and the lesson is learned :">

Now, that's all. There's tonnes of problems I should've settle earlier about myself, which is still, nahh, I'm not gonna talk about it.

But, wait! Everything about flight tickets on my summer holiday are not yet settled completely. Because, this is all just for the return to Japan tickets. Yet, I still haven't bought my tickets from Japan to KLIA.

So uh, hope there's still problems like this that I could make fun with. Teehee. I kid.

And just for the unexplainable LULz,

P/s : Now's not a good time, ain't it?


DzULhAFiZi said...

wtf with the vid dude??

zedRadzai said...

toldya it's unexplainable.
just merely WTF is not enough LOL

DzULhAFiZi said...

ok then...


zedRadzai said...

wakaka RWJ FTW!

pailang said...

tak tido petang aku td tgk video tu pikirkan motifnye haha.
from FOA kan?

zedRadzai said...

haha yeap2 jmp kat FOA