Sampah #6 - Eh Babinye Ko Ni..

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Eh babinye ko ni, wat entry psl makan babi plak. Babinye babinye. Jangan camtu, xbaik la. Main2 hukum ape sume. Fitnah lagi. Wat malu org Islam. Jangan2. Aku harap ko pdm la balik sume ni.

Okay2, since my previous entry turns out to be another great punchline of this shit blog since Seli Waha Part 1 and Part 2 era, I'm gonna thank you guys for 'supporting' me, because you know, I intended to do so.

Because like I've always said. We know Babi are Haram for Muslims. And so do I. I'm not that stupid, you motherfuckers.

And we, tend to get sensitive about every issue that are related to these forbidden matters. So dari ctu, memang byk la kemarahan yang timbul dari para pembaca. And even my fellow friends and family are among them, too. Yes, I know, you jackasses.

This time, entry ini bukan sahaja menimbulkan kemarahan para stranger, tetapi juga para sahabat dan family. Yela, sapa xmrh kan, ade ke patut g makan Babi.

Eh, truk jugak la kan bile pikir balik. Jangan cmtu bro. Bab2 Babi ni,.... hmmm....

I know it's wrong. No, eating pork is obviously wrong for us Muslims, but I know FAKING it was wrong, too.

Yela, seolah2 memfitnah kan? But don't it look dumb enough to be fitnah-ing my ownself?

Haha, btol jgk kan? Sebab itu ade org percaya.

Well, it do look dumb, though. Fitnah diri sdiri makan babi, bodoh sangat tu.

Unless there's another reason.

Maybe, I did it for t3h LULz? Teehee.

No, making fun of religions' hukum was not the part of my plan.


Seeing others get awfully offended was, indeed. To me, I think of it, as a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT.

And am very sorry for those who take this matter seriously, I never intended to make fun of my own religion. :|

I just wanted to see you guys go

fukken kill me RRRRAAAGGGGGGEEEEEEE FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU pantat nate berok mu make babi puki tiang jada ape lanjiaooo ko wat langsi bro tapak kasut, ko balik msia ko matiiiiiiiiiii! MATIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!111one!one!1!! Doremi~!

Itu je. Maybe I'm sick. Maybe I suffer from some strange disease which made me feel happy by giving pain to others. Maybe.


It's just I'm bored. To be honest, I'm bored. <---- Such a messed up excuse. But, don't you guys ever wonder how awesome it is that one word gives great effects if it were to be changed to another? Just like I did. If you've noticed one thing about that entry, I've said that

"FYI, maguro is pork."

Now, from that point of view, we see it as a




To the elites out there, I salute you for not trusting me. Because Maguro is not actually pork meat, dumbasses. It's tuna. Ikan tuna tu.

And because I've changed every maguro word in that entry to be related to babi/pork, it just felt wrong. And disgusting. And fucked up. Why would you go eat pork? Obviously, it's HARRRAAAAMMMM.

Why would it felt bad? Have you ever wonder that matter? Well, I do. Look how cool a word could get.

If I just rewind the time and change back every pork/babi word into ikan/tuna/maguro, there would be no fukken butthurts, right? It's just too potentiality <--- are there even a word? Too potentiality, to be making fun out of it. Still guys, I'm not making fun of my religioun. Sorry. And trust me. I would've never eat pork. I may seem like a bad muslim guy, but I do have my beliefs. :) ada la jugak truk2 tu zed.

Tapi, stiap org ade kelemahan die, bukan? But one thing for sure. That was obvious troll was it?

And some of you newfags fell for it. Sucks to be you.

Now don't get used to the phrase

"It's from the internet so it must be true"

No. You're doing it wrong. Have you ever heard the word sarcasm? People tend to get butthurt when they can't comprehend with these sort of odds.

And I know, this time, I've reached the limit. And that's why I wanted to write a sincere apology as an entry. I'm sorry. And I was wrong.

P/s : And I has a sad. Because you guys seem to be focusing on my pork-eating experience instead of reading my diary. Fuck you!

But still



amalia said...

kan bgus mcm ni...mintak maaf....hehe

Anonymous said...


zedRadzai said...

hee bgs kan :)

damnit I hate anons. an ID would be better.

Anonymous said...

then if u hate anon, enable comment post for people who have google acc only

pepam said...

then if he set things like that, where's the fun? no more things to mock.


zedRadzai said...

wow thx bro! that really helped me a lot.

pepam said...

somebody's gonna get hurt.!/photo.php?pid=4554672&id=639547502

Anonymous said...

erm.. erm.. naik sket level english aku.. hohooh!

Anonymous said...


zedRadzai said...

wtf anons? seriously.

letak nama yang aku knal pon xpe.

DzULhAFiZi said...

apology entry? LOL

doesn't sound like one...

but bagus dlm your quest utk menjejak keyboard2 warriors out there...!

ezareena~ said...

2 thumbs up zaid~ hahahaahha XD

zedRadzai said...

haha thx2 jgn emo tau tau. sye bukan hendak mempermainkan agama :">

maguroPork said...

eh..babinya kau ni.

kau dah jadik star sekarang. siap ada orang anti lagi. kudos.

zedRadzai said...

xstar sgt la.

lufkin said...

lol.. successful troll is successful..

AkuAyie said...

lol. terjumpe ur hate group in fb. was wondering why people hate ur blog. good thing i came across this entry :)

fitnah itu sgt truk.

people should investigate stuff before they believe in something. Tambah lagi kalau daripada internet.

pepam said...

somebody's still not getting it

zedRadzai said...

indeed. thx brah.

ya ya jgn prcaya bulat2. muka pendusta zmn cmni, meehuu la ckp benar :">

and who are you referring to?

walopn sengal bab agama xlekeh said...

what a heaven if your 'bored' reason is accepted, ha????!!


is it heals the wound with your "I'm not making fun of my religioun. Sorry. And trust me. I would've never eat pork. I may seem like a bad muslim guy, but I do have my beliefs. :) "

think 'PRECISELY' before making that 'bored-reason' entry!

"Dan jauhkanlah diri dari orang-orang yang menjadikan agama mereka sebagai permainan dan hiburan dan mereka pula telah diperdayakan oleh kehidupan dunia dan peringatkanlah (mereka) dengan Al-Quran itu supaya tiap-tiap diri (di akhirat kelak) tidak terjerumus (ke dalam azab Neraka) dengan sebab apa yang dia telah usahakan (dari perbuatan yang buruk dan keji). Tidak ada baginya pelindung dan tidak juga pemberi syafaat yang lain dari Allah dan jika dia hendak menebus (dirinya) dengan segala jenis tebusan, (nescaya tebusan itu) tidak akan diterima daripadanya. Mereka itulah orang-orang yang dijerumuskan (ke dalam azab Neraka) dengan sebab apa yang telah mereka usahakan. Bagi mereka disediakan minuman dari air panas yang menggelegak dan azab seksa yang tidak terperi sakitnya, disebabkan mereka kufur ingkar (semasa hidupnya)." (6:70)

zedRadzai said...

kk sorry tau tau.

Anonymous said...

nice entry
tp klu nak mntak maaf kn ah lek lok..
bkn kondem org 2 balik dlm diam...

Anonymous said...

allah maha pemurah dan pengampun...
tp sape jamin Allah ampun kan dosa kite??

just renungan

pepam said...

anon rules

zedRadzai said...

iye abang dan kakak sekalian, saye mntak maaf seikhlass hati.

Anonymous said...

Seriously zedRadzai.. you can do better posting in your blog...

Using so much profanity is so childish..

Learn from the master :

zedRadzai said...

you tak suke you keluar.

bosan weh. sudah2 la tu. it's been a week already.