Sexist #5 - Overprotective Girls

Sigh, it's been a while since I got in a really good mood nowadays. And hey, I'm still having a bad day for today. Why can't I just have a normal life? Starting from today, I'll try my best. InsyaAllah.

And since currently I'm not it the mood, so let's hear some rants. When we get mad, we're supposed to find things to let those rage flow away. Like the thing I'm doing now. Rants. On anything. :">

Well, the past few weeks made me realize about this particular matter.

Girls. I know the kind heart they have makes them really can get along with each other as friends.

They support each other well, they turn happy just by seeing their girlfriends happy, and they could also cry when their girlfriends cry. Ain't that sweet? Such friendship like those are just the friendship I'd like to have.

Well, no fukken way.

Girls' friendship with each other could be seen as the best from your point of view. But to think of it as a sexist one and a point of view from a guy, for instance me, I'm going to have to complain about you bitches.

Seriously, what's with the overprotective thingy between you girls?

You support each other well, I'm gonna approve that, but girl, do you have to go like threatening other guys who potentially could mess up your friend's life?

Think of it like a guy-to-guy conversation.

One got deeply disappointed when he finds out her girlfriend cheated on her and had a 'hati-ke-hati' session with his buddy. A good buddy.

Dude 1 : Bro, sumpah aku sedih, awek aku curang.
Dude 2 : La. Adui yeke?
Dude 1 : Tu la.
Dude 2 : Relax2, aku xnk paksa2 ko cite.
Dude 1 : Hmm.
Dude 2 : Ape2hal, chill ok. Talk to me about it when ur ready.
Dude 1 : Kk, thx bro.

And myb, two or three days after that, that sad guy would have open up his story about his cheating ex to that buddy of him.

Just like that. It ends like that. Fullstop.

Look how cool we guys are. Putting aside all the anger we had in our problems, we still manage to act maturely without getting the another person involved in their problems.


For you bitches.


Girl 1 : Aku benci lelaki. Npe laki msti curang dgn aku? Npe?
Girl 2 : Laaaa, Samad curang dgn ko ke?
Girl 1 : Ye la, aku bru tau td, aku nmpk dorg berdua kat taman. *sambil nanges2 xhengat pny*
Girl 2 : Saba2, ko kna saba. Ish, mana Samad tu? Meh aku cari die skrg!
Girl 1 : Sob3 sob3 *tidak berhenti menangis*

And there she goes to Samad and dgn penuh kemarahan and sound direct la kat die bla bla bla and shits.

"Npe laki mcm ko ni msti wujud kat dunia ni ha? Ko kasi kawan aku menderita, and aku xkn maafkan ko smpi bile2!"

Hadoi. It caused us guys to be showing our middle finger seolah2 macam tidak berniat.

You see, guys. That is some sort of a girl who I fukken hate. To meddle up in her bestfriend-for-life personal matters, and jumping into conclusions that that guy, who actually cheated, was like the most evil guy ever lived. Geeeez. Everyone have a reason, you know.

Just to show that she is very very supportive to her bestfriend. I know, that's admirable.

But from the actions you girls took, try comparing it to us guys. Do we sebok2 nk masuk campur urusan org lain? We do support each other like you do, but we do it in a better way, without getting involved.

Secara kasarnya, the style most guys like I do, are like

"What's between you and your problems, is between you and them. I'm just a friend to comfort you whenever you get depressed."

Sebab apa? Because getting involved would seriously mess things up even more.

Kang mule la gado2 penuh hatred laki pompuan. Babi ape. Nyampah sial.

And then, it doesn't end like that. Bile Girl 1 finally moved on, and found another guy, and then of course she would introduce him to her bestfriend, Girl 2.

And when her new boyfriend and Girl 2 get acquainted, there will be high possibilities that these overprotective bitches would go

"Aku xnk tgk die sedih, sbb sblm ni die sedih sgt2, bile ex die curang. So ko, aku mntk scara baik, tolong jaga die leklok. Kalau x, mmg aku xkn maafkan ko n siap la ko."

Oi WTF? Kawan tu baru nk kenal2 dgn awek baru die, dh dpt amaran mcm ni dr tah sape2. Babi ape. Tau la caring, tp... peduli ape.

It brings bad impressions, you know. I know, not all girls do that, but this is typical for those bitches whom I've heard of.

Kemudian, hidup la kawan tu dgn couple baru die dgn bahagia. Cuma... For certain moments,

Girl 1 : Eh u, I igt kan, nk try tgk movie itu la, besfren I Girl 2 kata best gile, nnti jom kite tgk?

Girl 1 : Eh u, I jeles la tgk besfren I Girl 2 gile sweet dgn bf baru die.

Girl 1 : U, tgk Girl 2 tgh sedih ni, I nk pujuk die kjap, u tido la dlu.

Girl 1 : Girl 2 slalu pesan, I ni sgt lawa n cantik, n sume laki ptt dptkan I, just I je yg jual mhl.

Girl 1 : I mntk maaf, sbb smlm I marah2. Girl 2 ckp kat I td, suruh igt yg tersayang. So, I sayang u. U should thank Girl 2 tau sbb I bole jd sejuk cmni.

Girl 1 : I mntk maaf, sebenarnya I dh terlanjur dgn Girl 2, I sayang die. Sorry because it took me a while to tell you that I'm actually a lesbian.


Everything was always about your bestfriend. No fukken way you should have shown your boyfriend how sincerely you feel about him without mentioning your fukken bestfriend.

For one or two times, it's okay, but when you hear it like a thousand times and everyday, just merely WTF is not enough.

Just an example I got from a good friend of mine :)

And for those girls who take things seriously, they could go even wilder and attack each friends, just friends of them who's making a crap out of them.

For instance, this particular gang of guys who are seriously bored on facebook decides to go trolling as a team to make fun of this certain girl.

I know, it's bad. But they did it for a reason, you know, maybe because they didn't like this certain side of that girl? And tried to change that side of hers into a better one using a method which could deeply make her think

"Am I that bad? I need to change myself laaa cmni"

Ok la ok la, maybe dorg memang saja nk cari pasal, just you know, for the sake of LULz? :">

And this time, they've crossed the line for that girl, and she was emotionally unstabilized and turned to her bestfriend and talked about it.

And that bestfriend of hers, sigh, came forward to be the hero. Hidup herooooo!!!

And ends up like declaring war with this particular gang. Because gang tu pon cam cibai jgk, xreti nk ngalah. So uhmm...

It's okay, you have the right to get mad. And we guys were always the assholes, aren't we? :)

Sorry for everything.

P/s : Writing a sexist entry doesn't mean I give a shit. Asalkan bhn blog ada, and butthurt is all around.


Anonymous said...

ad pengalamn kne bash ngn pompuan kah??

waktu muda2 dulu ye kot.but people grow up.and aq rse org bile da pnndai pk,da x mcm tu kot.

zedRadzai said...

me? nahhh, just a bit. coz i'm an asshole. :"> plus most of the story in my blog are heard from friends and foe.

yeap, true, most people became more mature when they have grown up, but trust me, there's still people who act like this nowadays.

and hey, would really appreciate it if you guys stop using anonymous names.

Anonymous said...

haha..tkot kne bash bile pki nme btol.. more anon for me..

are there guys like this too?random question~

zedRadzai said...

oh supey wakaka

from how I know my guy friends, there's be no fukken way we'd be so protective.

we're friends, and for me, friends don't easily get emotional with each other.

pailang said...

Girl 1 : I mntk maaf, sebenarnya I dh terlanjur dgn Girl 2, I sayang die. Sorry because it took me a while to tell you that I'm actually a lesbian. >>> gugur bulu ketiak aku wakakakak:))

zedRadzai said...

haha meluat weh.

dyana said...

ko tulis pasal ak ke ni?

Aku Sarah said...

kot ye pun nak mengate tu ingat2 la sedare2 kite kat Gaza tu...

zedRadzai said...

no name included. but there's always the butthurt form to fill.

kamil said...

wakakaka...nice entry dude..aku brstuju ngn komen pailang up yg mntap..haha..n i sensed butthurted...:">

zedRadzai said...

yeah haha thx2.

eykin said...

ntah pompuan ni. emosi jek kije nye -.- wakakak