Shit Cover #10 - Timeless [English and Korean Mix]


Here comes my 2nd attempt on making a cover song with another friend of mine called Nur Amalia. Yes, the Queen of The Night back in Soubetsukai 2008.

Those sweet days, ain't it?

Well, all the past stays in the past. Amalia was cool enough to collaborate a song with me. And she chose this awesome song which originally was produced by the duet Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini and then the Koreans - Jang Ri In and Junsu juga tidak mahu kalah. So uh. Cmtu-lah.


Amalia does really have the skills. You wanna know how fantastic her voice is? Check out this video of her on youtube.

Yeap, I know. Just awesome.


P/s : The worst thing about crossing a line is, when you don't know, you already have.


Anonymous said...

terbaiklah zed!wakaka

pepam said...

terbaik lah zed!

amalia said...

seriously lah terharu weh!!!!otsukare~sebab sanggup menyusah2 diri edit2 segala mcm n kena blaja korea sket even ak glak sket...sori weyh tak niat,tapi mmg lawak..haha


pailang said...

btol marc anthony la suara kau :))

zedRadzai said...

hee thx a lot.

yeah bro thx :"> and don't forget to wear a condom.

hahaha ya you too lia. really had a nice time editing. otsukare. :>

wow marc anthony hebat sgt tu pailang. :"> biasa broo

pepam said...

fallin for amalia ^^

zedRadzai said...

you're falling into her? great! ^^

Shakaff said...

aku tak dengar pon sebab aku tak denga lagu korea tanpa yellow hip dancers. but I'm sure it's great as always. two thumbs up =)

zedRadzai said...

lol next time nk kasi ko dgr kna kasi amalia mnari la kan =))

amalia said...

in your dream lah nak ak menari!!!!x akan~

raji said...

ko nyanyi ni kot webcam ke? bapak musykil aku. Amalia jom r nyanyi ngan aku lak..hehehehe

zedRadzai said...

hahaha lagi market lia klu ade menari2 tu. next time? :">

haha xde la, record audio dlu pki application. dh settle audio, rakam video plak, ala2 video clip, wat2 kua sore :">, then render dua2 video n audio pki application, voila!

Anonymous said...

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