Shit Cover #11 - She's Gone [SteelHeart]

I was hanging out like always in my buddy, Nazeef's house in Nagoya and we were totally bored and ended up making a cover that we planned for such a long time. :">

And this song is quite some bad-ass to make a cover out of it. Me myself also had some problems dealing with the recording and we had to record so many times until we kinda got fed up, but because of the commitment both of us gave, we managed to get it done by tonight.

Phew, this is such a pain in the ass :">

And I'm quite proud with Nazeef's skills as a guitarist, since he only learned to play the guitar once he stepped here in Japan a year ago.

And in one year, this is how he gets. Cool huh?

As for me, ignore the shitty-ass quality of my vocal from start to beginning. Seriously, this time it really is shit.

I know, this song is not suitable for me to be making a cover for it, but who cares? :">

Enjoy and thank you for listening.

Sigh, I dunno about Nazeef, but he seems to be shy to let me promote his skills in my blog. Fuck you, bratha.

So, apart from all the effort we gave, this is time to be satisfied about it.


P/s : Kemaktsu.


Shakaff said...

i know what u did thar...

pailang said...

nais la tuh...
laydehhh!!! layyyydehhh~!!

zedRadzai said...


lol teehee

syiera said...

wow zaid!hahaha

zedRadzai said...

haha wow mengapaaaaaa

syiera said...

haha! wow la sebab sedap!hahahaha..kemain ngn jacket kulit x bleh blah kan ko.hahaha

zedRadzai said...

haha last time duet dgn amalia org komplen xstylo.
nah kali ni amek korg, nk style sgt =))

syiera said...

ye la time tu kan ko tayang sume jenis jacket yg ko ade as background scene..hahaha :p

zedRadzai said...

tu btol jgk, tp this time pki jacket yg less fancy la kot. :">

Anonymous said...

sungguh ka ko yg nyanyi nih??? x cye jer~~~

zedRadzai said...

btol2. tmbh edit2 sket vocal kasi sedap sket pki application, jd la cmni.