Life #12 - True Life of a Keyboard Warrior

What is a keyboard warrior? Everyone of us could be a keyboard warrior, as long as you have a computer in front of you, and the guts to fight!

Nahhh, today's entry is actually a serious one, so uh. Let's hear it out.

I've been thinking, there's just too many person in the internet who types like a troll, act like a troll, and troll like a troll. (which is uh, yes, of course)

They make other people mad with just the letters they type on the keyboard, and people hate trolls, which is obvious, you know, troll act like a person who never approves anything you think about.

Like an example with a friend here, when because of technical difficulties that had occured in the connections, you're actually talking alone in YM and on the phone which makes the other half wanted to laugh and make fun all day long about it and ended up making you go emo and crying, now that's trolling. :">

Awwww, such a crybaby.

Nahhh, I keed.

So now, about trolling issues, for instance, take the most sensitive subject out there, take religions, or races. And ask everyone in the internet to give their opinion about these subjects' problem that we face nowadays.

For sure, there would be some who take those things seriously, and would sacrifice or go 'Jihad' with their own opinion. *with their own keyboard*

And some of them, would prefer to not give a shit and not giving any opinion, because yes, they really don't give a damn, because all they think is about themselves, they have their own problems to think about than to be giving ideas and such for these random opinions.

And another kind of a person is, a special one, which still, is suffering from mental illness and problems in life that are way too much and as a way they could forget about their problems is - to hurt somebody else's feelings they don't know and don't care about. Now these people, we call them trolls.

Yeah, I know you guys hate trolls as much as I do, but we have to accept the fact that these motherfuckers do exist in the internet, and all they do is, just to let you guys feel bad and disappointed with their words of hate and bad jokes and such, but this one thing kept me thinking.

Every human has a soft spot.

Like me. Pfffttt. :">

Well, no. It's just when you're already used to every bad things that you do now, you're gonna realize that there's something about yourself that is still able to get it better when there's something that a friend of your taht you care about or, someone you love gets sad with their problems and turn to you and you get to comfort them, because yes, you love them. And those things makes you feel kinda

"Hey, I'm not that bad. People trust me. I tend to troll people, but this time, I'm using my trolling skills as a good one, to comfort the persons whom I care about."

Like I've said before, everyone has their own soft spot.

What I'm trying to say is, there's just too many shits people give when being trolled. They get highly emotional, and always go like RRRRAAAAAGGGGGGEEEE all the time when they meet these special species called troll.

It's normal to get angry, because you know, it's serious business. The internet is serious business /sarcasm

It's all about different opinions which leads to an argument of two or more persons who never did know each other. Yet, they still look at each other from these 'hate' subject from that argument which slowly became like a war which isn't necessary.

Think of it like you're having a cool argument with your best buddy about certain subjects. You're buddies, no matter hard the argument is, both of you would never will think of each others as an enemy, because you know them well and 'air dicincang tidak akan putus'.

But when you had an argument with a person you don't know and you don't care, you tend to just look at them at only this one 'bad' side, and think of them like the most fucking stupid douche bag ever lived.

It's how the world we live in works.

I know, everything has their own limits. Religions and other things related to that are not supposed to be making fun of. But, the thing is, the more you get angry, ask yourself, what do you get in return?

Yes. You get berserk, and keep on raging like a stupid person.

Because, trust me, trolls would never stop doing their job. All they were thinking is just for t3h LULz to calm themselves because of their problems in life.

And they would never give a shit about how you think, even though the fact is, they agree with you, but they just won't admit it. It's like a bully in high school. Can you ever win that sort of a person? They never give up. As long as they feel 'happy', even though it's kinda bad, though. And they would never care about your feelings at all, like I always said, who fukken cares?

Yeah, I know, troll is definitely the bad guy at the first place. But think rationally, does these trolls really is having a real life like the way they act in the internet?

Put yourself in their shoes, and have a talk with yourselves

"Awww, dude, I know you've been living a sad life. Your life sucks, your study/career life are just the worst, you failed in relationships with family or your loved ones. And because of those things, you tend to let the inner you which is full of hatred to let out and troll somebody else in the internet. But hey, you're not as bad you are actually. Have faith in yourself."

Trust me, if everybody could think like that, there would be no fucking way that these trolls would exist again in the internet and every one of them would live a happy life, fixing everything they could've fixed early upon having the most important thing in life and not screwing it up, which is.


P/s : I'm lacking these.


cikyangasekcakapsorang2 said...

am not a crybaby :(

zedRadzai said...

hahahh sure you're not.

helmet said...

jubur lu gemok bodoh.
konek pendek

zedRadzai said...

racist, pedophile.

and stupid.

helmet said...

uh serious :(

oh ya internet is serious business isn't it.

zedRadzai said...

sure it is. didn't you read my blog? :">

helmet said...

but imma keyboard warrior!
never stop kicking internet-whores black hot arsesssss....

zedRadzai said...

ya ma dick is big sebab itu saya berani post comment pakai username saya sendiri.

helmet said...

so what's the rational by using whatever whoever name?
u fucking ugly fatty

zedRadzai said...

so you keep coming back ey?

troll whatever you want, my friend. :>

i take ur action as a compliment.

thx btw.

pepam said...

when will u stop smoking zed....?

zedRadzai said...

you stop, i'll stop

pepam said...

i'll stop when i die

zedRadzai said...


pepam said...

your best buddy is actually a smoker. tetapi beliau jaga imej. ceit

Anonymous said...

My name is Legion. For we are many.

zedRadzai said...

lol no need. just be yourself in the real world :">

hi Legion.

*am starting to get annoyed with anons*

pepam said...

no i mean ur best buddy. ala. tumbuk2 pintu tuu

zedRadzai said...

oic. /end of conversation