What I Hate About Facebook #6 - I Love Camwhores

Ini.. Ini......


It's been long enough for me to keep going on like raging towards all those camwhore-lovers out there who were brave enough to publish their best camwhore pics in their facebook account to attract attention from their friends and such.

Yes, apart from enjoying the new feature on facebook, from now on, you can also 'like' every comment wrote over there too! :">

Back to topic.

But, why the need to bash them? In time, I find they're kinda entertaining, though. The camwhores, I mean.

You see, everything has its pros and cons.

So, let me point out the pros for these camwhores.

Nahh, I'm not going to.

For all of you newfags, who possibly don't know the term camwhore means, well, let me explain it to you.

Camwhore is GENERALLY, (yes, generally, don't get offended now please) one variety of attention-whore person, typically a young and very stupid woman (though occasionally a twink or fags) who will do anything on a webcam in exchange for attention, money, items from online wishlists, or just to be generally slutty.

Now, if I were to be one of you camwhore lovers, I'd definitely felt offended by the meaning itself. But to be precise, those are in general, by all means, international. Wtf.

And when it comes to us Malays, it become another branch of another type of camwhore. Because, we Asians, you know, well-known for our shy personalities and all, would be such a humiliation if we act and post a pic of ourselves camwhoring to be slutty, wouldn't it?

Lebih kurang, kita orang Melayu ni, suka camwhore tapi tahu la malu sikit, xgitu? Xde la dok tayang2 badan scara umum utk tarik perhatian orang. Tak2. Kita tayang muka ja.

So, let's look into the bright side.

And for me, camwhoring isn't just about taking pictures of yourself. It's about how you intended to attract people with how you pose.

And there's many other types of camwhore.

1. The most popular one is cleavage.

Which is supposedly suitable with the name itself --> whore. Because these type of a camwhore would struggle at their best to finally find a shot from the camera to show how sexy their boobs are.

For instance


And guys like me, used to enjoice these type of camwhore, because it's just the way God created us.

Ugh. For the love of God.

2. Kissy face or duckface

These are another kind of camwhore who are really obsessed with showing to the world how sexy their lips are. Yes, I know it, your lips are hot, but you girls are just too naive to be thinking about what would be on our guys' pervy mind when you made your lips looking like these


Yes, I know, tidak lain dan tidak bukan.

You're offering a blowjob. Now that's not appropriate to do. You know how stupid we guys could get when you show off your pink lips like those. We imagine MOOAAAARRRRRR from you, you bitches. Give us everything you got! Huarghhhhh!

Which cause us to go fukken BRB and *Fap*

Ughhh. :">


3. Throwing up a peace sign.

Now, this type of a camwhore are everywhere. It's like these people are just really into peaceful material or something that they would show their two fingers everytime a camera would take a shot on them.

Seriously, it's like you're stuck with those images, and we can't do nothing to help get you back to normal when taking pictures.

Peace, my ass. Tp kadang2 xcukup dgn peace, ade je cara lain nk buat dgn ape2 je, xpeeee, asalkan ade gaya tgn tuuuu. Wat bentuk heart ke, bentuk suh senyap shhhhhhhh keee.

Xpe2, janji comel :">

4. The feigned surprise.

Pura-pura terkejut. Wahh, konon2 nampak lebih natural beauty la kan, tunjuk mcm candid pny style. Padahal pura2. Xpe2 la, klu dh cun tu, kita leh kata ape kan?

Just kalau... Hmmm...

Terlebih2 tu yang pelik kan?

5. The classic what-everrrrrrr

Ya you know this style. The biyooottttccchhhh style when you have to do these type of faces.

Ni pon bole jgk la kan, asalkan mata tu kna buat gaya cmtu. Pandang serong ke atas sket. Style!

Xpon, dgn gaya mata cmtu, letak tgn kat dpn mulut. Awwww, smoking hot, bitch!

Ini pon bole.

Seriously, to me, this face reminds me of a bitch I knew back in highschool.

6. Mouth slightly open

And this is quite another style that are yet still popular within us Malays. You have to quite a bit open up your mouth, not all of it, just a bit, like imagine it that you're trying your best to seduce whoever you wanna seduce.

And you should also add some variety in it, you know, depends on your style, to show off your tongue or something.

Or to bite your own finger to show how 'manja' and 'naughty' you look, like

Because, clearly, that type of face, brings a 'Please Fuck Me' impression to us guys. Which we are gladly enough to help you with.

7. Eyes focused on something very interesting happening on the other side that isn't on the picture.

Yeah, true shit, isn't it? Everyone does this style, and it kinda gets lame though, but who cares right? Janji stylo.

Nahh, there's nothing quite wrong with this style, and it still is cool btw. :">

8. Head tilted a bit to left-down side of your face and eyes up to the camera being held high by your own hand.

This type of style are usually for the newfags. Yeah, you know who I mean. It's you yourself. Remember yourself when you 1st got your own camera built-in handphone and you were excited enough to be taking pictures of yourself with it and send it to your lovers or even worse, make it as your own handphone wallpaper. WTF?

It's just because, camwhoring is an art. And every art has to be learn. And to get the upmost greatest effect of your actual fugly and fat face to look a whole lot nicer, you just have to learn to achieve the perfect angle for your face. Remember, tilt your head down a bit and you HAVE to hold your camera high in the air and try your best to look at it with your eyes.

And if you're confident enough with your own beauty, you don't have to hold the camera high. Like this, see?

Still beautiful what. Cuma memang perlu lagi kna sengetkan muke tu sket2. Xleh view dr depan btol2, mcm dlm pic passport. Bukan?

It brings good effects, okay. Trust me, camwhores.

9. Mirror effect

I know, camwhoring in front of a mirror may give you full control of yourself to pose just the way you wanted the outcome should be.

It's just cool to be taking the pictures of yourself in front of your OWN mirror, but in the public toilets?


You feel me?

Enough for today. I hate facebook, but I couldn't live a day without it.

P/s : I dreamed about you last night and it was romantic. Yet I woke up, I was wet.

Picture Credits to A friend who was cool enough to be saving all those camwhoring pics and save it into 'Siapa Kata Gadis Melayu Tak Menawan' Folder.


N30Cramanc3r said...

I fapped at least 4 times on this entry.

Thank you,good sir.

zedRadzai said...

it's an honour.

adzuan aziz said...


ni camwhore jenis ape bro?;D

zedRadzai said...

wtf. alien style? WAKAKA

kamil said...

wtf gmbaq wanie...wakaka

pailang said...

aku rase sume orang offended dgn #8.
jangan tipu2 :)))))

zedRadzai said...

wakakaka aku xbajet pon die leh ade dlm collection

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tepat skaliiiiiiiiiii

Hasbul Ikhwan said...

fuck ar post kali nih...
ko betul2 nak hate fb ker saja nak ltak collection pic awek2 hawt beb??
haha...babi ar cam bkak website blue plak...
smart ar pic2 ko plih...
terjaga adikku...

Teh Moose said...

Eep... Fap worthy pics indeed! Under your no. 6 category, that 3rd picture. I say dayummm. If her face wasn't so distorted, I bet she's actually hot.
Anyway, I think you can also add those hoes who put on HUGE ass sunglasses and take pics of themselves. What are they hiding behind it!?

zedRadzai said...

haha jgn cmtu, ini bkn pornsite :">
tp xpe, aku phm perasaan ang.

@teh moose
yeah, but trust me, i'd tap all of em'. :">
lol to HUGE ass sunglasses. haha i dunno, myb it's just one of their effort to hide their actual face problem? teehee

Anonymous said...

gmbr 1st ni cam apex..kan

zedRadzai said...

apek? zaim, wiVz? dh muke mcm cina bole la ada la skett.

Shakaff said...

i see uitm_shah_alam_isap_kuat.3gp

zedRadzai said...

where? ah ang tau saja.

Shakaff said...

oldfag shud have watched this siham's .3gp


zedRadzai said...

wakaka you're the man

gegardo said...

apsal yang last skali muka familiar?
budak kelantan kah?

zedRadzai said...

you know her? good.

Anonymous said...

mana gmbr teman se'cover'??

zedRadzai said...

don't you dare....

bukan penggoda said...

ahahahaha. true all the way. lol.

Anonymous said...

budak2 baru nak kenal facebook mcm tu la..tak kenal dunia lagi..takleh pikir jauh

Emora Valeria said...

Haha..nice entry btw,terhibur seketika.Sebab all of the above ternyata betul.

Frodo Baggins said...

ok ok

Frodo like this post!


cam cilake, sambil mnyumpah
wa cuci mata! ngahahahha

pepam said...

Pepam like(s) this post too.

once a typo, always a typo

@yuE said...

aku tercari-cari gak gambar aku...


nasib takde...

aku kena tukar profile pic nih...

zedRadzai said...

hahahh no worries! but still, ko kna tuka jgk profile pic tu. kucing zzz.
teehee :">

cubaan getting someone offended tiada reaksi lagi

@frodo baggins
haha thx dude, it really was to make people 'menyumpah' while enjoicing at the 1st place.

@emora valeria
true shit right? :"> thx for the compliment btw.

er. and you're regarding to who?

@bukan penggoda
sgt shitbrix kan? yeah.

pepam said...

hehe. nahh. just trying to be a perfectionist

zedRadzai said...

bgus2. update blog cpt.

cabut bulu said...

ade yg x letak gambo sndiri mcm gambo tengkorak,rumput,hero dlm katun,gamba plakon korea tp org btol nye adlh ah choi

zedRadzai said...

@cabut bulu
wakaka aku fuck lagi sbenarnya cmtu, tp klu ang yang buat, shakeel, aku xtau la, xle nk fuck =)))

cabut tits said...

2 cth last tu kalo ak wat ak cabut tits aku

zedRadzai said...

@cabut tits

adah budak skema said...

so true ! heee ;p

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...muke ko sendiri macam syial..ade hati kutuk org amik pic dorang sendiri...lagi bagush le dari ko bapok nak amik gambo konek sendiri send kat awek ko....hahahaha...waklu bro...sempit sempit...cakap mcm cilanat konon2 ko menci tgk awek tayang tetek...mcm bitch kat skolah ko la konon...hahaha..xpun ko geget jari sbb xdapat konkek die...hahahahahaa...gua geli aaa...

Man- Jantan yang mengaku dirinya jantan tanpa sebarang prejudice (aku x belagak alim) blah aaar...

zedRadzai said...

troll harder dude, because clearly your skill sucks. typical melei.

pepam said...

nahh.. he won't improve. first lesson of trolling is the guts to put in your name. anon? ftw

Anonymous said...

hai zaid <3 im fan of yours..