What I Hate About Facebook #7 - Which I Love

Hate Group : Kami Benci Saiful Izan Yang Menghina Uitm.

Click that link sementara ia masih available. Fuck aku bru nk post link time tulis entry ni depa dh delete dh. Haish.

Yes, last night was one helluva damn experience to be making fun of emofags over there. I really don't know how to imagine it to you guys, since last Huge Trolling I made were kinda offensive for some of you.

But believe me, if you don't agree with my methods, why don't you just go and fuck off?

Er, no, no you could stay, I'd love to argue sometimes for once in a while. Teehee

Okay, back to Saiful Izan's business. Who is this jackass?

He's no one. Just a fella student from UKM (UKM is it? Or UM. Not sure.) who were not-so-stupid-but-still-a-bit-brainless person to go bad-mouthing UITM saying that

Just that. As simple as that.

And he didn't even intended to troll all of those Melei emofags. GAHHHHH!!!

(Melei name copycat from Obe's)

But from that, one hate group were created and within a few hours last night, they managed to spread to all of those UiTm fellow students until it came to 2000++ fans.

Look how bangang they were. To go raging like

because of some shit statement. Emofags. Geez.

Tapi aku pon sama bangang jgk, sbb aku pon join. Teehee.

Yeah, I joined that group because I wanted to cause some havoc in it with some of buddies. Yeah, thx to Nazeep, and Pam. And Shakaff, Raji, and Pedo for joining a little late :|

Xpe la, ok la tu. Because we act like an 'army', and because of our own teamwork, everything was so much fun. Suka2 hati je nak maki orang xkenal. Peduli apa kan.

And deep down inside, I feel bad for them. Yeah, you know, why in the world would you have to go create a group like that? Just because of some sarcastic statement from nobody.

Because of that feeling, I decided to bantai2 la dorg. Boh wallpost maki2 sket. Kasi malu sket. Same goes to Nazeep. And our wallpost kinda gets attention too, for what it's worth. :">

Ade la jgk butthurt2. Tu yang syok.

I laughed so hard everytime I see one emo killing wallpost and Nazeep and I were kinda berebut2 nak masuk troll sape lagi power with our coolfaces. It was so hilarious.

Lagi best bile ade tiga empat orang stranger kat ctu yang perasan akan kehadiran ktorg and trasa jgk sama2 lawak and joined us with this weird kinda entertainment.

Aku malas la nk printscreen satu2 benda. Byk plak keje. But one thing that really made me laughed was this one fella, from that group who took advantage into making friends in all that hate-emo-rage fiesta group.

And he added me. I approved. And I gave him a wallpost.

And I really deleted him from my friend list.

Haha, ksian dia. Tapi aku xde la jahat sgt wey. Aku add die balik, and die pon approve and we talked like friends for a while. It all became some sort of a cool boy-to-boy friendship who met each other in a hate group. WTF

And that's not all.

When Shakaff, Raji, Pedo came to join the hategroup, suasana dalam tu pon dh xsepanas mana. Because that brat just already posted a big fat apology to all of them saying that he never intended to be making fun like that. He's just kidding with some of his friends and blablabla shits.

Well, I don't care about his reasons. I'm just happy to be seeing butthurts all around from non-anons and strangers in facebook. It became like some enjoicement (is there a word?) for me.

Jadi, dh sejuk, xbest la. So Shakaff Raji Pedo started their mission on hunting chicks.

And hey, if you may read all of those conversation they had, trust me, you would be laughing your ass off. Dengan Raji siap wat persiapan tukar profile pic die paling hensem lagi. HAHA

Lagi2 Shakaff dengan Tits or GTFO die. Adoi2. =)))))))))

Fortunately, they did manage add three or four girls in their friend list. LOLOL

Sigh, so much fun.

Till next musim of another hate group!


P/s : Cmne la skrg ni.


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pepam said...

fail attempt

pepam said...

baru aku perasan, creator group ni tak reti nak printscreen ka? semangat seh nak tangkap gamba bagai.

zedRadzai said...

loh xkn bru pasan lolwut.

Shakaff said...

aku ingat lagi ada sorang uitmfag reply pasal printscreen ni "Uitm bkan takat printscreen bro...uitm ni bapak screen pon boleh print"

lolwtfomgbbqsex diorang tau tak maksud printscreen ni?

zedRadzai said...

WAKAKA yaka? aku xpasan plok doh
haha adoi la lawak btoi

pepam said...

lol. i'm busy trolling. tak pasan